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What Fruit Contains A Single Seed? Everything You Need To Know

Fruit usually contains a single seed, but since they are hidden inside fleshy layers it’s difficult to determine until we cut them open!

Generally, the presence of only one seed is the basis for identifying single-seeded fruit. The fruits that contain single seeds include mango, cherry, avocado, peaches, olives, and many more.

Basically, the hard pit protects the seed, and the fleshy part is for nourishment for successful germination.

So, dig into this complete article to learn about single-seeded fruits and the names of different fruits containing a single seed.

What Is A Single Seeded Fruit?

Single-seeded fruit is the type of fruit that comes from only one carpel, which is a flower’s female reproductive organ.

The flower that develops from a single carpel bears a single seed in which the carpel surrounds the ovule.

avocado cut fruit
Avocado contains a single seed.

After fertilization, the ovule develops into the seed, and the ovary that surrounds the ovule develops into the seed.

So, the single carpel develops the single-seeded fruit, where the fleshy part of the fruit surrounds the seed inside it.

Thus, the pulpy fruit covering a single seed inside the fleshy part is called monocarpellary fruits or drupes.

Difference Between Fruits With Single Seed And Multiple Seeds

The presence of only one seed in a single-seeded fruit and two or more seeds within multi-seeded fruits is the major difference between these two fruit types.

However, there are many factors that make single-seeded fruits different from fruits with multiple seeds.

  • Single-seeded fruits are drupes, whereas multi-seeded fruits may be berry, pome, or aggregate.
  • Seeds are inside the fleshy part of the fruit in single-seeded fruits. But, seeds may distribute to any part of the other fruits.
  • The fruit texture is fleshy in single-seeded fruit, but multi-seeded fruits may have a fleshy, juicy, or fibrous texture.
  • All types of single-seeded fruits contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Meanwhile, the benefits vary within multiple seeded fruits.
  • Multiple-seeded fruits do not contain high nutritional benefits as single-seeded fruits.

What Fruit Contains A Single Seed?

The standard aspect of identifying single-seeded fruits is the pulpy outer layer surrounding the hard endocarp containing the seed.

1. Mango

Mango is a flavorful tropical fruit popular for the awesome taste of fleshy pulp or endocarp.

Moreover, it is also a stone fruit where a fleshy mesocarp surrounds the stony endocarp enclosing the seed.

The overall fruit has a thin covering called an epicarp that turns yellow and soft when the fruit matures.

2. Avocado

Avocado is a pear-shaped fruit having a single seed within the creamy flesh with a butter-like texture.

The hard pebbly skin with colors ranging from green and black surrounds the whole fruit, and the seed is in the center.

Moreover, the texture of the seed is hard and smooth, surrounded by the eatable portion.

3. Cherry

Cherry is a small round fruit with an awesome red color and sweet, tangy flavor often used as dessert toppings.

This flavorful fruit contains small round seeds in the center of the pulp covered by a soft and thin layer.

Moreover, the hard covering or pit surrounds the seed making Cherry a typical stone fruit.

4. Peach

Peaches are the juicy stone fruits, and the pulpy flesh is the edible part surrounded by a fuzzy covering.

Inside the pulp, you can find a smooth and hard pit, also known as a shell having curvy patterns on the surface.

Additionally, the soft, smooth, and almond-shaped single seed is present inside the stony shell. 

5. Olive

Olives are small fruits with characteristic green color popular for Italian cuisines like pizza and pasta.

Moreover, the seeds of olive are also famous for being the healthiest olive oil for home cooking.

These hard and stony seeds are inside the fleshy layer and have a round shape with brown color.

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Know More About Single Seeded Fruits!

Besides the above-mentioned fruits with single seeds, there are more popular varieties like Plums, Apricots, Dates, and many more.

Interestingly, Coconut is also a single-seeded fruit where the fleshy part called coconut meat is the seed inside a hard shell.