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Gerbera Daisy Meaning & Symbolism [Complete Guide]

With the beginning of spring, Gerbera Daisy has started making its way to the top amongst the florists around the U.S., and that must make you wonder why.

It’s because the deep meaning and significance of Gerbera Daisy add up to its beauty and long-lasting nature.

Gerbera Daisies are used as a cut-flower in decoration and bouquets and often correspond with innocence, purity, cheerfulness, and loyal love. Further, each color of Gerbera (white, blue, red, and orange) has a distinct significance.

Follow along to learn more about the Gerbera flowers before you decide to fetch a bunch for your loved ones. 

Cultural Significance of Gerbera

Ever since the discovery of Gerbera near Barberton, South Africa, in 1884, different cultures and civilizations worldwide seem to have embraced it.

Currently, this ornamental plant is ubiquitous across the globe, with various significance based on their traditions. And is popularly known as African Daisy and Transvaal Daisy. 

To Egyptians, Gerbera represents proximity to nature and devotion to the sun or ‘Ra,’ a solar deity.

While according to Norse mythology, African Daisy is a sacred flower that ‘Freya,’ the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty, carried. 

Further, there is a widespread belief among the Celts (an umbrella term referring to the culture of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany) that the beautiful blooms of Gerbera help you with mental serenity.

No wonder Gerbera is one of modern tattoo designs’ most popular floral symbols, signifying peace and love. 

The same reason is why you’ll predominantly see Gerbera as a decoration during the Easter holidays. 

Did you know that the Netherlands produces over 900 million Gerberas each year in 600 different colors, shapes, and sizes?

Gerbera Daisy Meaning

Technically, the onset of African Daisy remarks the beginning of the spring season. 

But belonging to the daisy family Asteraceae, people often intertwine Gerbera with the general meaning of daisy flowers, i.e., purity, innocence, joy, and fondness.

However, the various color of the flower has a different meaning.

This air-purifying indoor plant can grace your home with vibrant colors like white, orange, pink, red, and many more.

A collage of four photos of Gerbera.
The majority of the Gerbera variety grows in late summer to early winter.
  • Red Gerbera: Red is a bold color that elicits powerful emotions and passionate love. Likewise, a bouquet of Reb Gerbera signifies your intense feelings, especially romantic interest toward someone.
  • White Gerbera: These daisies primarily mean purity, innocence, holiness, and spirituality and are commonly used in weddings and christenings. However, you can use white flowers to express sympathy and condolence during grief.
  • Pink Gerbera: Pink Gerbera is a token of admiration and approval. Most appropriate for the first date to elevate the budding love. 
  • Orange Gerbera: Available in large and miniature varieties, Orange African Daisies voices the strength of love and the beauty of sharing. 
  • Yellow Gerbera: This variety of Gerbera stands for optimism and joyfulness. It is also associated with a fresh start and celebratory achievements. So how about sending some Yellow Gerberas to your recently graduated friend?

Now that we know the profound underlying meaning of different colored Gerberas, it might entice you to get one.

On top of the vibrant ambiance and spring vibes that the African Daisy bring, they are non-toxic to pets making it a perfect house plant. 

Don’t believe me! Well, the ASPCA backs it up.

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It is difficult to let go of any gift, especially a Gerbera bouquet with so much meaning.

To enhance the shelf life of cut flowers, re-cut the stem under water to allow the flowers uptake more water. This helps with Gerbera’s stem getting blocked, causing flowers to wilt.

Or, you may simply remove spent leaves for prolonged freshness in your bouquet.