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Flowers that Look like People [5+ Wonders that Occur Naturally]

Flowers that look like people are the most amazing thing you can notice to make your day exciting.

Generally, the Naked Man Orchid, Dancing Girls, Snapdragon Pod, Angel Orchid, and Devil’s Hand are some flowers that look like people and their body parts.

So without further ado, look at the article below to learn what makes flowers resemble people. Get the visual tour!

Flowers That Look Like People

The adaptability of any plant is more vigorous than humans and undergoes vital mutation for generations.

Such adaptability and evolution have made flowers and plants change their outlook and adjust to this dynamic environment.

Thus, you get to see some weird-looking flowers with bizarre characteristics. Some are listed below.

1. Naked Man Orchid

First on the list is the Naked Man Orchid (Orchis italica) which has densely clustered flowers arranged in a single robust stalk.

The petal lips of the Orchid are lobed, making it resemble a naked man. Meanwhile, the petal and sepal arrangement constitutes a “hat” figure, which adds a helmet to the flower.
The purple and white flowers of Naked Man Orchid that look like a body
Each flower’s lobed lip mimics a naked man’s general shape.

Moreover, you can enjoy the Naked Man Orchid flowers in shades ranging from pink, purple, and white.

Also, the captivating plant can attain a height of 20 inches and is readily found in woodland and swamp areas.

2. Hot Lips

The intriguing red lips of Psychotria elata, also known as Girlfriend Kiss or Hot Lips, are great attractors for butterflies and hummingbirds.

The Hot Lips plant looks like human lips due to the red bracts, a modified set of leaves joining from both corners.
The red bract of Hot Lips flower growing in a garden that look like a lip of people
The bracts are the glossy red part of the flower.

Many think of the red bracts as the plant’s flower. But the flowers of Hot Lips are white small, and star-shaped without any aroma that emerges from these very red bracts.

Nevertheless, deforestation has endangered the plant and can be found only in Tropical America.

3. Garden Pansy

Viola tricolor var. hortensis, also known as Garden Pansy, has a flower that looks like a smiling face.

The smiling resemblance is because of the flower arrangement of two slightly overlapping petals, two side petals, and one bottom petal.
A purple garden pansy flower
The garden Pansy may have a smiling or sad face depending upon your perception and imagination.

The flowers combine at least two or more colors of white, yellow, violet, and blue, making the alignment seem like the eyes, cheeks, and mouth of a face.

You can easily notice this plant around rocky outcrops, meadows, banks, gardens, and wastelands in the USDA zone 2-9.

4. Dried Snapdragon (Seed Pod)

Fresh Snapdragon has stunning flower spikes which look like a dragon’s nose. But once pollination occurs by bumblebees, the seed pod changes its structure.

A dried seed pod of Snapdragon flowers looks like human skulls. It is due to the change in color and texture which occurs while the seed forms inside the seed pods.
The skull-like seed pod of Snapdragon flowers
The seed pod is green at an early stage but turns tan and brown as it matures to form skull-like.

The dried Snapdragon shrinks and turns brown, making it have a small skull-like structure. You can notice it in late summer or early fall.

Moreover, they are short-lived perennials that can grow easily in mixed border gardens, flower boxes, and patios.

5. Ballerina Orchid

A native of Western Australia, the Ballerina Orchid (Caladenia melanoma) is a unique and endangered flower with a unique appearance.

The 40-60 mm flower petals of the Ballerina Orchid have lip-like labellum with curved tips, making the flower look like a girl.
A white ballerina orchid flower in a single stalk
Ballerina Orchid is a rare species listed as a Declared Rare Flora in Western Australia.

Also, the petals are white with red stripes, spots, and blotches that make it as white as a Ballerina dancer.

Nevertheless, the Ballerina Orchid is a deciduous perennial that blooms from late summer to early fall.

6. Devil’s Hand Tree

Another on the list of flowers that look like human body parts is the Devil’s Hand Tree, which showcases an open hand.

The Devil’s Hand (Chiranthodendron pentadactylon) is a flowering tree with red flowers that have stretched petals. The outstretched petals of the Devil’s Hand look like a human hand with stretched fingers and long nails.
A red flower of Devil's Hand Tree that look like hand of people
The red flower even makes the Devil’s Hand Tree look like a monkey claw.

However, you cannot find the exact facial resemblance in plants as the resemblance is just because of the intricate structure.

You can notice the appearance of the bloom from late spring to early summer in the USDA zone 8-11.

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Additional Facts!

Most members of the Orchid family seem to have a certain resemblance to humans. It also holds plants like the Monkey or Dracula Orchid, whose flowers look like monkey faces.

Meanwhile, Pampas Grass, Pussy Willow, and Cat’s Whiskers are some flowers that look like cats due to the resemblance with either their tail or ears.

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