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5+ Best Vertical Garden Wall DIY Decor Ideas For 2024

Do you want to renovate or fill the vacant space indoors and barren patio outdoors with gardening ideas?

Generally, there are several DIY vertical garden wall ideas to decorate your indoor and outdoor walls. Some include vertical loft ladders or pallet gardens, vertical indoor herb gardens, suspended vertical gardens, upcycled gardens, and many more.

According to your plant’s optimal requirements, you can use this idea anywhere in your indoor or outdoor space.

So, read this entire article to utilize your plain walls and build a stunning vertical garden wall to decorate your living space.

Best Vertical Garden Wall DIY Decor Ideas For Indoors & Outdoors

These idea helps fill airy spaces with vibrant house plants indoors and outdoors, especially attached the walls. 

1. Vertical Loft Ladder Or Pallet Garden

A spare loft ladder allows you to create a stunning vertical loft ladder garden with herbs, greens, flowers, etc.

A vertical pallet garden with colorful pots
A vertical Pallet garden is easy to maintain as you can move it anywhere according to your choice.

Or, if you don’t have a spare ladder, a DIY pallet planter will work as an excellent vertical garden.

  • Get a spare loft ladder for a DIY vertical garden and place it along the wall, window, or balcony.
  • Folding it in shape will let you place more planters.
  • Extend the stairs if the pots are bigger in size.
  • Paint the loft ladder with contrasting colors for a better look.
  • Arrange the flower pots, herbs, succulents, etc., depending on where you place the ladder.

Moreover, you can also move this garden to different locations indoors or outdoors based on your convenience.

2. Vertical Indoor Herb Garden

A DIY vertical indoor herb garden is perfect to place beside the kitchen wall for easy availability of herbs and greens for cooking.

It’s better to create the garden on the wall beside the window as herbs and greens have high light demands.

  • Attach the wall-mounted pot holder equal to the pot size of the kitchen wall.
  • Place one pot in each holder and fix the pot tightly.
  • Provide artificial lights if no direct sunlight reaches the pots.
Therefore, in a vertical indoor herb garden, you can plant herbs like parsley, mint, basils, rosemary, and greens like spinach, lettuce, etc., at a low cost.

3. Suspended Vertical Garden

Suspended Vertical Garden is the easiest and cheapest among vertical garden types suitable for every plant.

Moreover, you can grow as many plants as you like creating this DIY suspended vertical garden.

  • Attach two wooden rods vertically on the wall distancing them from each other.
  • Tie the strong wire horizontally along the rods. You can tie several wires if you own many pots.
  • Suspend the pots with plants on the rope and grow your herbs, vegetables, and flowers in a suspended vertical garden.

Hence, use lightweight pots with handles to hang the pots for a suspended vertical garden. 

4. Vertical Hanging Window Graden

Vertical Hanging window garden is for those who don’t have enough indoor or outdoor space for gardening.

You can plant herbs, flowers, and succulents needing direct sunlight easily in DIY vertical hanging window garden.

  • Attach a wooden rod to the wall above the window horizontally.
  • Get hanging baskets and place them hanging on the wooden rod.
  • Place the pots on the hanging baskets and grow your favorite plants in a space-friendly way.
Tip: Don’t place the low-light plants in this vertical garden, as the plants will be directly exposed to sunlight.

5. Vertical Balcony Garden

A DIY vertical Balcony Garden is for plants with maximum sunlight requirements, like flowers, xerophytes, herbs, and greens.

You can use a spare loft ladder or attach the shelves to the balcony wall to create a vertical balcony garden for your plants.

  • First, place the wooden boards or spare ladder vertically along the wall.
  • Fix the boards providing a certain distance between them.
  • Or, extend the ladder rungs with wooden boards to place the plants.
Therefore, sun-loving plants like herbs, greens, flowering perennials, and light vegetables will fit perfectly on this balcony garden in a very low space.

You can also create a DIY living wall or green wall garden by placing many planters together without spacing.

6. Hanging Basket Planter

A DIY vertical garden on hanging basket planter using spare baskets is a fabulous idea to utilize the old things.

You can hang those baskets indoors or outdoors along the wall based on your living space.

  • Get the spare baskets and fix the wires or ropes to hang them.
  • Attach the wooden rods or hangers on the wall to hang the baskets.
  • Plant your favorite plants after putting the suitable potting soil.

Also, if you have wider baskets, planting vegetables like tomatoes will best fit this garden. However, remember to place this hanging basket on the outdoor walls.

7. A Floral Planter

If you are into vibrant-colored blossoms, you will love the idea of vertical floral planters on indoor or outdoor walls.

Ensure to choose a wall that faces direct sunlight to encourage the blooms before arranging any flowering plants.

  • Attach wooden shelves or wooden boxes vertically along the wall.
  • You can fix wooden boards with glue guns and create the shape of the box.
  • The box size must be 2 times bigger than the potted plant.
  • Arrange the boxes on the wall, spacing them 6 inches apart.
  • Place the potted flowers or cut flowers in the vase with vibrant colors.

Thus, you can enjoy the beautiful blooms in your vertical flower garden with a cup of coffee every morning for positive vibes.

8. Upcycled Garden

The upcycled garden is a chained vertical garden where you place the pots one above another at a certain distance with each other.

Also, you can utilize old PVC pipes, bookshelves, unused cardboard boxes, etc., to create your DIY upcycled garden.

  • Get the spare pots or boxes and wires to tie them together.
  • Make holes in the corners, fix them with wires, and tie the boxes together in a chain sequence.
  • Ensure to provide 4-5 inches of spacing between each box.
  • Attach the wooden rod on the wall to hang the chained boxes.
  • Place the pots with herbs, greens, flowers, succulents, and more according to their growing habits.

Low-light plants like pothos varieties, spider plants, peace lilies, etc., will suit the indoor vertical garden facing indirect light.

Moreover, use sheer curtains to arrange those plants in your DIY vertical wall garden to prevent these plants from direct sunlight.

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Some Pro-Tips for DIY Vertical Wall Garden!

You can also decorate your bathroom walls creating a DIY vertical garden giving it a stunning natural look.

This fabulous idea beautifies your bathroom and purifies the air, removing the nasty smell.

However, choose plants with high humidity requirements, like Boston Fern, Pothos, Peace lily, etc., and avoid succulents.