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Erica Flower Meaning: Everything You Need To Know

Do you know you can grow Erica flowers in hanging baskets, containers, beds,  and pots? With a beautiful appearance, Erica flower has special significance in various cultures.

Generally, Erica flower has several meanings depending on the flower color and places where it is grown. Overall, it offers meanings and symbolism, including love, protection, grace, new beginnings, a bright future, loyalty and devotion, a sense of peace, harmony, well-being, etc.

If you cultivate Erica plants, they can get between 12 and 20 inches, making them one of the adorable flowering house plants.

The highlight of the plant is a flower that has rich uses and meaning, and here is the article for you!

What Does Erica Flower Look Like? 

Erica flower hails from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, containing over 850 species.

Some varieties include Spring Heath, Pink Heather, Cross-Leaved Heath, Cornish Heath, and Tree Heath.

Native to moorlands, woodlands, and coastal areas, Erica flower looks like a small bell-shaped bloom in multiple colors, including white, pink, purple, and red.

These are four-petal flowers at the base in the cluster at the branch tips. Each blossom measures around 0.5 cm to 1.2 cm, depending on the variety.

heath flower
These flowers bloom in small evergreen shrubs.

Erica plants bloom throughout the year, in late winter or early spring, while others flower in late summer or fall. 

If you want to retrieve the fresh Erica flowers, you need to deadhead spent flowers. Also, trim at the flowering spike base immediately after blooming to avoid the lifeless steams.

Erica Flower Meaning 

In fact, Erica is also called “heaths” or “heathers,” and Erica flower has different and multiple meanings based on the color and interpretive communities all over the world.

Generally, Erica flowers are associated with beauty, good luck, and protection since the 16th century after the discovery of the flower.

Some cultures also celebrate their Gods and Goddesses with these flowers. For instance, Greek people associated Erica flowers with Artemis, who is the goddess of the hunt and the moon.

Unlike others, Celtic people use Erica flowers in amulets and talismans to protect against harm. Also, they take Erica flowers source of fairies and elves.

In modern times, Erica flowers serve wedding bouquets and other beautiful floral arrangements and gifts to express love and appreciation.

Also, in Japanese culture, Erica flowers symbolize solitude as these flowers often grow in rural areas, including moorlands and mountains.

Here are some Erica flower meanings and symbolism based on colors. 

Erica Flower ColorMeanings and Symbolisms
WhiteInnocence, purity, and new beginnings
PinkLove, affection, and gratitude
PurpleWisdom, royalty, and mystery
RedExcitement, passion, and courage
YellowFriendship, joy, and happiness

Besides, Erica flower has special space in different fields. 

  • Art and Literature: Love, purity
  • Dream: Peace and tranquility
  • Numerology (No. 3): A new journey of self-discovery and personal growth
  • Spirituality: Positive or powerful energy
  • Astrology: Romantic and emotional energy in life

From Editorial Team 

Erica flower is truly meaningful and worthy!

Besides the aesthetic meaning, the Erica flower offers multiple health benefits such as antiseptic, antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antitumoral properties. 

To get these benefits, you need to take care of the Erica plant with 6-8 hours of light, 2-3 times of watering a week, feeding once 6-8 weeks in growing seasons.