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5+ Dwarf Nandina Varieties From Australia & Texas| Nandina Domestica Plants

Dwarf Nandina or Sacred Bamboo plant varieties focus more on their bright coppery red foliage to disperse their beauty and are perfect for miniature gardens!

Generally, most dwarf Nandina varieties are non-invasive and make excellent ground covers. Some varieties include Blush Pink, Harbour, Gulf Stream, Fire Power, Heavenly Bamboo, Flirt, Obsession, and many more.

Dwarf Nandina varieties are popular for their pinkish, copper, or red foliage rather than blossoms.

So, don’t be late and read this entire article to choose the best dwarf Nandina varieties for your outdoor garden.

7 Dwarf Nandina Varieties You Will Love Adding To Your Garden

Nandina varieties can grow well in containers or groundcovers and need minimal maintenance as the varieties are dwarf.

Moreover, you can grow them anywhere if you live in USDA zone 6-10, but the foliage color may depend on the amount of sunlight.

1. Blush Pink Nandina

As the name suggests, Blush Pink Nandina also emerges in pink color with green-colored foliage upon maturity.

Moreover, the foliage changes reddish after summer when fall appears and regrows pink-colored buds in spring.

Nandina variety with pink and red foliage
The Blush Pink variety bears pink leaves in spring and red during the rest of the year.

However, this variety does not produce any flowers or fruits but equally beautifies your lawn edges like other varieties.

Blush Pink Nandina grows 2 feet high and spreads 2 feet wider after the plant matures.

2. Harbor Dwarf Nandina

Harbor Dwarf Nandina can be an excellent ground cover if you want color change in your lawn every season.

This amazing compact variety comes in pink color when young and gradually turns green on maturity.

In spring, Harbor Dwarf Nandina produces star-shaped white blossoms; when they fade, you can see them fruiting with red berries.

Furthermore, the leaves turn purplish pink to red color making your garden colorful all season long.

This dwarf variety can grow about 2-3 inches long and 2-3 inches wider and is perfect for covering empty spaces and lawn edges.

3. Gulf Stream Nandina

Gulf Stream Nandina is the only variety that bears foliage with copper hues when the plant is young.

Along with the stunning copper foliage, clustered white flowers appear in spring. The foliage turns reddish during fall.

Despite bearing flowers, Gulf Stream Nandina produces no fruits or berries. Also, attractive copper foliage is its main attraction.

This dwarf Nandina variety can reach a height of 3-3.5 inches and spread about 3 inches wide on your lawn.

Thus, it’s best to plant this ground cover as your lawn borders, foundation plantings, or mass plantings.

4. Fire Power Nandina

Fire Power Nandina is one of the compact varieties popular for its eye-catching reddish foliage.

The leaves of this variety appear red during spring, and the color turns brighter and firey during fall and winter.

However, you won’t see any blooms or berries as the plant is non-flowering. The attractive foliage is enough to beautify your lawn.

Fire Power Nandina reaches a height of about 2-3 inches and spreads about 2-3 inches wider with long-lasting colors.

Planting this variety as groupings will renovate your garden to a whole new level.

5. Heavenly Bamboo Nandina

Heavenly Bamboo Nandina is a unique variety with greener foliage than other varieties and bears white or pale flowers.

Don’t be confused Heavenly Bamboo for Lucky Bamboo

These flowers are delicate, bear a beautiful star-like appearance, and grow in clusters during spring.

After the flowers fade, the plant bears small green berries that turn red during summer.

heavenly bamboo
Heavenly Bamboo Nandina is the tallest among Dwarf Nandina Varieties, perfect for your garden edges.

Like other varieties, the foliage emerges pink, bright green during summer, and orange or red during fall and winter.

This upright variety is perfect for decorating your garden- edges as it reaches 5-7 inches in height and spreads about 3-5 inches wider.

6. Obsession Nandina

Obsession Nandina is the upgraded version among all Nandina varieties with bright red foliage.

Moreover, the red color remains in the foliage from summer until cold winter when other flowers are dormant.

However, this variety grows taller than other varieties, with 3-4′ height and about 3-4′ widespread.

Thus, it’s better to apply them as mass plantings to add a beautiful texture to your landscape.

7. Flirt Nandina

Flirt is the best among all the dwarf Nandina varieties, perfect for your lawn in either way you plant.

The foliage of this variety maintains its reddish color all year round cerise vibes whenever you visit your lawn.

Nandina Varity with reddish foliage
Flirt Nandina retains its red color for a whole year.

Flirt varieties produce white blossoms and red berries, but the next-level beauty of the foliage underlies the blossoms.

Moreover, this variety grows 1-2′ high and spreads about 1-2′ wide, allowing you to grow them as mass plantings, edges, and flower pots.     

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Know More About Dwarf Nandina Varieties!

If you love birds chirping on your lawn, it’s better to plant non-fruiting Nandina varieties, as the berries may be toxic.

Moreover, all varieties are non-invasive except Heavenly Bamboo. So, be cautious, as it can crowd and invade other plants.