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Can Deer Eat Celery? Everything You Need To Know

Deer are opportunistic feeders that can eat and digest almost every plant, even the sturdy vegetation Celery is not safe from them.

Generally, herbivores, including deer prefer eating celery in the garden during food scarcity. However, Celery is not the favorite food source for Deer as it does not contain nutrients needed for their growth.

During the unavailability of the appropriate food sources, they roam here and there searching for the greens and eat whatever they find.

So, go through the full article to learn about the food items that Deer prefers to eat and how to get rid of them.

Can Wildlife Eat Celery?

Celery is an easy-growing plant in many countries and is also a food source for many herbivores, wildlife, birds, etc.

Wildlife such as Rabbits, Squirrels, Deer, etc., prefer eating celery from your garden during food scarcity.

Deer eating Celery
Deer eat every part of the Celery plant if you let them.

However, Celery is not the preferred food type of wildlife including Deer as it does not contain essential nutrients.

During the lack of preferred food items, Deer can eat Celery to survive. They can digest these plants due to their strong digestive system.

Additionally, Celery is loaded with water, and wildlife, including Deer gets attracted to this plant to stay hydrated.

Also, if the Deer is young and curious, it can invade your garden to eat the small Celery plants.

What Vegetables Do Deer Eat?

Other than Celery, Deer prefers eating leafy greens like Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, etc., as they are highly nutritious and have high water content.

Moreover, these cunning animals need protein and fiber to build muscle and stay strong, they also eat Green Beans, Lima Beans, Soybeans, etc.

Additionally, fruits like Apples, Pawpaw fruit, Strawberries, Grapes, and Pears are also preferred food sources for Deer. These fruits have high water content and are rich in vitamins and minerals, perfect for Deer’s growth.

If these nutritious vegetables and fruits are unavailable, Deer search for grasses that not only make them full but also keep their digestive system healthy.

Furthermore, Deer can also eat vegetables like carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels, Sprouts, etc. However, they are not Deer’s favorite but they nibble them when no food sources are available.

How To Prevent Deer From Eating Celery & Other Vegetables?

Preventing clever herbivores like Deer from eating vegetables and celery from your vegetable garden can be challenging as they can adapt easily to the surroundings.

However, you can apply several strategies to save your vegetables from Deer and other herbivores.

  • Use about 8-foot tall fence so that it will be difficult for Deer to jump over them.
  • Block Deer access to vegetables and celery by using netting or mesh covers.
  • Plant Deer-resistant herbs like Garlic, Rosemary, Onion, etc.
  • You can also prepare Deer repellents from garlic, pepper, and water and spray the mixture on your vegetables and celery.
  • Plants like hostas and lilies attract Deer towards them. So, it’s vital to remove them from your garden.
  • Harvest the vegetables, fruits, and celery as soon as they are ready to eat.
  • Use motion-activated devices to scare Deer from your garden.

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Mix Everything Up!

While these methods make your garden Deer-resistant, it still isn’t Deer-proof as Deer always find a way to invade your garden.

Thus, to make your garden safe from herbivores including Deer, you can use all these ideas above to deter Deer from your garden completely.

However, regular maintenance of your garden and frequent visits are necessary to keep the vegetable garden safe from every harm.