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Do Strawberries Continue To Ripen After Being Picked?

Strawberries remaining green even after being picked is its characteristical feature that might continue for days until they rot instead of ripen.

Generally, Strawberries do not continue to ripen after being picked because the line connecting the ripening gas and fruits cut off once removed from the plant. However, unripe Strawberries are still useful, so do not throw them away.

Scroll down the article to learn about Strawberries and ways to utilize the green ones.

Are Strawberries Berries?

Berries are fruits that develop solely from a single ovary and hold the seed within its flesh so they do not disperse. Also, they do not have a stone or pit inside the flesh.

So botanically, Strawberries are not berries. Instead, Strawberries are false fruit that people use as a berry in the culinary world, considering berries as small fleshy edible fruit.
A person is holding on Strawberries
The Strawberry is a pseudocarp with more than 200 achenes on the skin.

However, that is not the true definition of berries. Here, the outer flesh holds multiple seeds that can produce individual fruits.

Moreover, Strawberry is an accessory fruit produced from the flower receptacle instead of the ovary.

For easy comparison, take a grape, tomato, banana, and cucumber as true berries resulting from a single flower ovary. While apples, blackberries, and raspberries are not berries.

Do Strawberries Continue To Ripen After Being Picked?

Ripening is reaching maturity to make fruits edible until the end of the season. This mainly occurs while fruits are attached to the parent plant.

Meanwhile, some fruits ripen even after being picked. It includes banana, avocado, and mango, commonly famous as climacteric fruit due to their access to ripening gas.

However, you cannot expect the same from Strawberries as the ripening ethylene gas cuts off after removal from the plant. So Strawberries do not continue to ripen after being picked.
A person is showing Strawberries that are yet to ripen
You can pick the berries after 90% of its body turn red.

You need to wait until the fruits turn plumpy and bloody red to avoid the sour and citrusy taste of underripe fruits.

Strawberry Ripening Myth Busted!

Rumors have that one can successfully ripen the Strawberries at room temperature by placing them on kitchen counters.

Some even tried to ripen Strawberries using paper bag methods and see the results just overnight.

However, a fruit without ethylene gas can never enter the ripening stage after being picked. Instead, they are perishable fruit that might turn yellow due to rotting.

So better to store them in the refrigerator whether the Strawberries are ripe or unripe. This will at least prevent the rotting for a week.

Meanwhile, those trying to maximize sweetness can replicate the ripening process by placing berries at room temperature. It can be useful in making the fruit slightly sweeter.

What Can I Do With Unripe Strawberries?

Red shiny ripe Strawberries are juicy, giving the most savory taste to enjoy raw. However, unripe Strawberries are no less than ripe ones.

You can use the unripe Strawberries in different delicacies to give a sour and tarty flavor. Some of the tips are as follows.

  • Roast them: Roast the unripe Strawberries by adding olive oil, pepper, and salt in an oven for at least 20 minutes. Let them have a slightly caramelized flavor, and remove them when they turn slightly brown.
  • Pickle them: Because of the acidic flavor, you can pickle green Strawberries like a cucumber. You can have the pickled berry with seafood, salads, or as a sandwich layer.
  • Prepare salads: Unripe Strawberries have a crunchy texture whose acidic taste suits salads. So you can use it to complement veggies like kale and apples by applying some dressings.
  • Make a smoothie: Mix the white parts of the unripe Strawberries with other sweet fruits to balance the taste. Or mix it with kale and spinach to prepare the smoothie. 
  • Macerate in sugar: Toss the unripe Strawberries in sugar to prepare syrup or candide them to use as a topping for sweet dishes like shortcakes, tarts, and crunches.
  • Ingredient for cocktails: You can also blend green Strawberries in cocktails like white sangria or gimlets. Or use it as a garnish on the rim of a glass.

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Additional Tips!

The best time to pick Strawberries is during the summer, when harvesting can start in May and go through September.

Meanwhile, the only way to fasten the ripening process in Strawberries is by providing them with ideal growing conditions.

Sandy, well-draining soil that stays constantly moist, full sun, and berry fertilizer in active season is all that it demands.