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Do Deer Eat Cosmos? Best Hacks To Keep Deer Away!

Cosmos can glorify your garden with their vibrant colored blossoms from summer to fall, but herbivores like Deer can destroy them in no time if they trespass on your garden.

Generally, Deer do not prefer to eat Cosmos due to the bitter taste and unpleasant odor due to the essential oil present in the flower. However, they can still consume parts of the plant and kill them during food insufficiency.

Domestic Deer do not feed on Cosmos, but the wild ones may have good adaptation to eat anything they find during the scarcity.

So, go through this complete article to know who is eating your Cosmos and how to deter Deer away from your Cosmos garden.

What Animals Eat Cosmos?

Due to the attractive petals, most of the pollinators love cosmos flowers. Arthropods like butterflies, ants, bees, wasps, etc, roam around the beautiful blossoms.

These insects lure towards the blossom due to the vibrant colors and sweet nectar inside the flower.

chocolate cosmos
Chocolate Cosmos is one of the popular Cosmos varieties among the house plants.

Moreover, the long-beaked birds like hummingbirds also visit this flower more often. Even if the nectar lies inside the tubular section, the elongated beak can reach easily.

Other birds, like sparrows, Robins, Finches, etc., are also attracted to this flower. It’s because the flower attracts pests and insects whom these birds feed upon.

Besides birds and insects, mammals like Rabbits, hares, etc., also feed on Cosmos flowers during food scarcity.

Do Deer Eat Cosmos?

Basically, Deer are opportunistic herbivores who feed upon a variety of food items, from grasses to flowers.

However, Deer do not prefer eating Cosmos as they taste bitter and unpleasant due to the essential oil present all over the plant.

Moreover, feeding on Cosmos does not benefit them with the nutrients they need for their survival. They face additional difficulty in digestion after eating Cosmos.

deer near the cosmos garden
Deer trespass the properties if there are plants and greenery.

So, as long as other food sources are abundant, Deer do not eat Cosmos.

However, during dormancy, the green grasses and other cereals do not grow well. In such scarcity, Deer can eat Cosmos for their survival.

So, Cosmos is not Deer resistant, but due to the components like essential oils, Deer do not prefer feeding on them.

How To Save Your Cosmos From Deer?

Deer that are adapted to the Cosmos not only feed on them but also damage the flowers, destroying your garden’s aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, they also feed upon other vegetation. So, deterring them away is vital if the population of Deer is higher in your area.

  • Install at least an 8-foot tall fence around your lawn. You can also use electric fencing.
  • Use commercial Deer repellents to make them avoid eating your Cosmos due to unpleasant odor.
  • You can also prepare natural repellents from garlic, onion, pepper, neem oil etc.
  • Cover your Cosmos with nettings. This will make it difficult to access the plants.
  • Plant Deer-resistant plants around Cosmos surroundings. You can also plant the cereals that allure Deer to distract them.
  • Use the objects with motions like scare devices to scare Deer away. Using horns and huge sounds can also deter them.
  • If you have pets, allow them to roam around your garden. Deer avoid visiting areas with activities.

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Deer-Resistant Plants to Plant Around Cosmos!

There are several Deer resistant plants, including Rosemary, Coneflower, Ferns, Catmints, marigolds, etc., that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden,

Moreover, the aromatic properties present in the leaves and flowers can be valuable as a Deer-deterrent.

However, these plants are not Deer-proof. So, regular monitoring is compulsory to save your Cosmos.