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Death Cap Vs Straw Mushroom: Differentiating Facts For Safety

Knowing Death Cap vs Straw Mushroom is necessary to differentiate between deadly and edible Mushrooms and avoid consuming toxic mushrooms out of confusion.

Generally, Death Cap Mushroom and Straw Mushroom share similar groups, cap structures, and growing conditions. However, both varieties have different cap structures, gill colors, stem appearance, toxicity, and habitat.

So, go through this complete article to know the difference between two similar-looking Mushrooms, Death Cap and Straw, to be safe before experimenting with your health. 

Death Cap Vs Straw Mushroom: Similarities

Both Death Cap (Amanita phalloides) and Straw Mushrooms (Volvarilla volvacea) share a similar group, Basidiomycetes. Both appear similar at first glance.

Death Cap Mushroom on the left and Straw mushroom on the right
Death Cap Mushroom is bigger than Straw Mushroom.

Here are some resemblances between the two!

  • Death Cap and Straw Mushrooms bear similar flat and rounded caps.
  • Annulus rings are present in stems of both Mushroom varieties.
  • Moreover, both Mushroom varieties bear a volva sac on the base of the stem.
  • Death Cap and Straw Mushrooms grow in warm and moist conditions.
  • Stems of both Mushroom varieties are long, slender, and white.
  • Similarly, both varieties bear gills under the cap.

Death Cap Vs Straw Mushroom: Differences

Although the groups are similar, Death Cap belongs to the Amanitaceae family, whereas Straw Mushroom is from the Plutaceae family.

Furthermore, the Death Cap Mushroom is from the genus Amanita. Meanwhile, Straw Mushroom belongs to the genus Volvariella.

Knowing Paddy Straw Mushroom vs Death Cap is vital to avoid deathly conditions due to  curicity and confusion.

1. Cap Structure

Despite the similar-looking caps, you can differentiate Death Cap Mushrooms due to their convex caps. The caps contain a bump in the center.

Death Cap Mushroom vs paddy straw mushroom
Straw Mushrooms (Left) are domestic, whereas Death Cap (Right) grows as wild.

Meanwhile, Straw Mushroom bears caps smaller than Death Cap Mushrooms. Also, the caps are without bumps.

In terms of cap color, Death Cap Mushrooms have yellowish-green caps with smooth and shiny textures.

But, the caps in Straw Mushrooms are brown or tan in color with no shine.

The caps in the Death Cap Mushroom are about 2-6 inches in diameter. But Straw Mushrooms have smaller caps with 0.5-3.5 inches in diameter.

2. Gill Color

Underneath the caps, both Death Cap and Straw Mushrooms bear gills, but the gill color of Death Cap Mushrooms is purely white.

Straw Mushrooms also bear white gills when young, but the gill color changes to pink upon maturity.

Furthermore, Death Cap releases whitish or light-colored spores, while the spores in Straw Mushrooms are pinkish or light brown.

3. Stem Appearance

Death Cap Mushrooms have tall, slender and cylindrical stems reaching about 4-8 inches.

Comparatively, Straw Mushrooms bear shorter and smooth stems with heights ranging only about 2-4 inches.

Furthermore, The stems are white but sometimes can bear yellowish or pale green color in Death Cap Mushrooms.

Meanwhile, Straw Mushrooms bear whitish stems that may turn pinkish or cream.

Additionally, Death Cap Mushroom bears a flaring annulus, but Straw Mushroom bears two ring-like structures as an annulus.

4. Mushroom Toxicity 

Toxicity is the major difference between Straw Mushrooms and Death Cap Mushrooms, as Death Cap Mushrooms are highly Toxic.

In contrast, Straw Mushrooms are edible and loaded with nutrients like anti-oxidants, proteins, vitamins, calcium, etc.

Amatoxin in Death Cap Mushrooms can cause severe stomach upsets, diarrhea, organ failure, and liver damage.

Meanwhile, the Straw Mushroom is useful for making delicious dishes and bears medicinal value.

5. Habitat And Availability 

Both Death Cap and Straw Mushrooms prefer natural habitats, but you can see Straw Mushrooms growing in Paddy Straws.

Meanwhile, Death Cap Mushrooms flourish well in grasses, meadows, etc, and under oak or beech trees.

You can find Straw Mushrooms widely in grocery stores, but people do not sell Death Cap Mushrooms due to toxicity.

Straw Mushrooms can grow on agricultural wastes and straws easily.

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Paddy Straw Mushroom Vs Death Cap: Difference In Volva Sac!

If you enjoy self-plucked Mushrooms, remember that Death Cap Mushrooms bear a cup-like volva on the base of the stem.

Meanwhile, Paddy Straw Mushrooms don’t bear volva sacs but a delicate structure resembling volva.

Volva in Death Cap Mushrooms is more puffed and strong than Straw Mushrooms.

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