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Does Portobello Mushroom Cause Cancer [Gourmet To Grave!?]

Apart from the poisonous Mushrooms, you still have to be careful consuming the edible type considering the risk associated, like Portobello Mushroom, which might cause cancer.

Generally, Portobello Mushroom is edible and among the most preferred ones for culinary use. However, it contains agaritine which is a potential cancer-causing element, so people have started questioning Portobello’s health benefits.

Besides, a little attention and a proper cooking method can make you assured against Portobello Mushroom side effects. 

So follow along to learn in detail about this recent popular Mushroom.

What Is The Negative Effect of Portobello Mushrooms?

Portobello Mushroom has been a popular choice for culinary use for its big chunky size, meaty texture, and nutritional value. 

Besides the taste, Portobello is packed with healthy nutrients, vitamins, protein, and dietary fiber. 

But like with any food, Portobello Mushrooms do have some side effects, especially if you are allergic to them or have sensitivity.

Most of the Portobello allergies are due to its spores. The spores can enter your respiratory tract and can irritate the nose, throat, and eyes. 

Four Portobello mushroom randomly placed on a wooden chopping board.
As healthy as they are, Portobello Mushrooms can have severe allergies.

Further, symptoms of an allergic reaction can range from hives to itching and swelling. And elevate to difficulty in breathing and anaphylaxis. 

Not just allergic, but Portobello Mushroom has more side effects. 

  • Digestive sensitivity: Due to the high fiber content, Mushrooms, in general, are likely to cause bloating or gas after consumption.
  • Kidney problems: Portobello Mushrooms contain purines, which break down into uric acid in our body. High uric acid can len lead to kidney problems, such as gout and kidney stones. So, you need to limit your Portebello intake. 
  • High FODMAPs: FODMAPs, short-chain carbohydrates, is high in Portobello, which can cause digestive problems. They cause serious problems like stomach cramps, constipation, nausea, and vomiting.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend and encourage the consumption of Portobello Mushroom to experiment their side effects. 

Can Portobello Mushroom Cause Cancer?

The rumors of Portobello Mushroom Cancer causing possibility came with the hypothesis of how they could be explosive.

But there is no trace of information about the Portobello Mushroom’s explosive nature.

However, these Mushrooms contain agaritine, a potential carcinogen, so Portobello Mushrooms have been linked to cancer. 

According to research conducted, the agaritine extracts from raw Portobello were found to be significantly carcinogenic in mice. But the research on humans is limited. 

So, unfortunately, we still lack solid evidence to prove if Portobello Mushroom cause Cancer. 

Despite that, the research concluded that the amount of agaritine was less in the cooked Portobello than in the raw mushrooms. 

Tips To Eat Portobello Mushroom Without Cancer Risk

When it comes to edible mushrooms, the key to having them is by cooking them at perfect heat.

Unlike the poisonous Death Cap, cooking the Portobello Mushroom at least at 135°C (275°F) at high heat makes them cancer safe. 

Let me make it simple. High heat breaks the agaritine in the Portobello Mushroom.

So, cooking thoroughly can help to reduce the amount of agaritinie, which is already less in this Mushroom. 

Moreover, we have our own recipes to cook the Mushroom. But you can best enjoy them by grilling, baking, or even sauteing them with a little salt and butter.

Baked portobello mushroom with vegan cheese and red bell peppers.
Portobello Mushroom is a vegan delight when stuffed with potatoes, fresh peppers, and greens.

Apart from the cooking, here are some additional tips for enjoying Portobello Mushroom and minimizing the potential health risk.

  • Go for fresh, high-quality Portobello Mushrooms from authentic sources to ensure they are safe for consumption.
  • The taste of Portobello is enticing, but make sure not to overconsume the Mushroom. Limiting portions helps to avoid digestive problems.
  • If you are under medication, consult with a healthcare professional before adding Portobello to your diet.
  • Drink plenty of water to aid the digestion of the Mushrooms. 
  • For added benefits, you may combine these Mushrooms with foods rich in antioxidants, like greens, tomatoes, and vegetables.

Fun Fact: In the Asian household, especially in the Mountain region, it is a must to add sichuan pepper while cooking any Mushroom. They believe sichuan pepper to cut the poision in the Mushroom if any. 

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Avoid Cross Contamination!

Even after you bring some fresh Portobello, the chance of their contamination still persists. 

When you leave them in warm, humid conditions, they start to rot and develop mold. Not to forget the contamination due to the use of the same cutting boards used for other foods.

So, store the Portobello separately in a cool area or refrigerator to preserve their edibility and prolong their freshness. 

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