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Dark Fruit Vs Light Fruit (What’s the Difference)

In the amazing world of Blox Fruits games, both light fruit and dark fruit contain unique qualities creating confusion between people and compeling them to evaluate one vs another.

Generally, both dark and light fruits are versatile fruits to enhance your abilities in the game. However, both are different in appearances, themes, abilities, playstyles, offense, defense, utilities, and many more.

So, go through this complete article to know the potential difference between two popular fruits, light fruit, and dark fruit, to choose the best one according to your playstyle.

Dark Fruit & Light Fruit [Similarities]

Dark and Light fruits are versatile in the Blox fruit world. Moreover, both fruits can cause huge damage to the opponents.

Deak fruit on the left and light fruit on the right
Dark fruit has a dark theme, while light fruit appears bright.

These powerful fruits can enhance mobility by pulling the opponents towards them and facilitating swift movements.

  • Both Dark and Light fruits grant great abilities to the users, making them highly desirable.
  • Moreover, both are the types of devil fruits that provide the tools to enhance the battle experience.
  • Both fruits bless you with different moves that can adapt to several playing styles.
  • You can enhance the abilities of both fruits and unlock new moves by upgrading them.
  • Both fruits are rare and valuable in the game.

Thus, the balance in the power of dark and light fruits contributes to fair and enjoyable gaming experiences.

Dark Fruit Vs Light Fruit [Differences]

In the world of blox fruits, both dark and light fruits are opponents of each other. These fruits have the ability to fight against each other on the battlefield.

1. Appearances and Themes

You can identify both dark and light fruits by their appearances. Dark fruits have the darker theme with threatening appearances.

In contrast, light fruits have warm and generous appearances to match their light and bright theme.

2. Abilities 

As dark fruits are related to darkness, they grant evil and destructive abilities to the users who take dark fruits. Moreover, dark fruits contribute to causing damage to the opponents.

Meanwhile, light fruits grant the users cunning, healing, and supportive abilities. These abilities are related to goodness, brightness, and light.

3. Playstyle

You must adopt destructive, threatening, and aggressive playstyles if you choose dark fruits. Moreover, these playstyles focus on attacking and defeating enemies.

In contrast, choosing the light fruits makes you more protective towards yourself and your team in the game. 

4. Offense and Defense

As the dark fruits are more damaging and destructive, the players who choose them are often offensive as they only focus on damage and destruction.

However, light fruits are more defensive towards the damage caused by the opponents. Also, these fruits fight the battle due to their protection and healing against the damages.

5. Utilities

Dark fruits contain different utilities to fight the battle, such as creating shockwaves, immobilizing opponents, and damaging the opponent’s team.

In contrast, light fruits have bright-themed utilities like teleportation, high-speed movements, and healing power for the damages.

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Dark Fruit Vs Light Fruit: Which Is Better?

As dark and light fruits are powerful fruits that enhance your abilities, choosing the best fruit for you depends on your playstyle.

If you want to cause damage to your opponents, dark fruit is better for you, whereas light fruit can be a perfect choice if you want to protect your team and control the battlefield.