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Is Ghost Fruit Better Than Light? Learn The Best Answer!

While playing Blox fruits, most gamers often face a dilemma in choosing a better fruit between ghost fruit and light fruit, as both possess unique abilities.

Generally, ghost fruit and light fruits are the incredible devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits that are different in appearance, themes, abilities, playstyles, utilities, synergy with environments, and many more.

So, go through the following article to know the potential difference between ghost fruit and light fruit and determine the better fruit while playing the game.

Ghost Fruit & Light Fruit [Similarities]

Both Ghost fruit and Light fruit are the incredible devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits, popular for their unique supernatural abilities.

Ghost fruit on the left and light fruit on the right
Ghost fruit has escaping abilities, while light fruit protects the team from damage.

Moreover, you can avoid or stay away from enemies with the help of those abilities in the game.

  • Both fruits have defensive and supportive abilities, helping you to protect your team.
  • Moreover, consuming these fruits blesses you with healing and protective abilities.
  • Both fruits are rare and valuable, making people desire them more.
  • Additionally, both light and ghost fruits have special mobility functions on the battlefield.
  • Consuming both fruits allows you to adopt the best strategies to compete with your opponents.
  • Both are versatile fruits, enhancing your playing abilities.

Ghost Fruit Vs Light Fruit [Differences]

Here are some considerable differences!

1. Appearances and Themes

Ghost fruit has a semi-transparent or translucent appearance that looks like it’s going to vanish soon. Moreover, the fruit is shaped just like an image of a ghost.

In contrast, light fruit has a bright theme with a glowing appearance. You can see the beautiful golden, silver, or whitened glow coming from the fruit.

2. Abilities

Although both fruits help you to defend by avoiding enemies, both have totally different abilities.

Using ghost fruit, you can be invisible and pass through the object. You can sneak away and hide from the opponent by choosing ghost fruits.

Meanwhile, using the light fruit, you can get the protective and healing abilities that help to support your teammates during dangerous situations.

3. Playstyles

After choosing ghost fruits, you adopt the sneaking qualities to stay away from enemies rather than causing damage to them. Also, you will get hit-and-run and surprise attack abilities.

In contrast, you will adopt offensive behavior compared to choosing ghost fruits. Moreover, you can also get protective and healing capacities after you choose this fruit.

4. Utilities

Ghost Fruit uses utilities like teleportation and invisibility to escape the enemies on the battlefield during the fight.

Meanwhile, Light Fruit has many utilities, like teleportation, high-speed light movements, healing powers, etc., while fighting with the opponent on the battlefield.

5. Synergy With Environments

You can find ghost fruits mostly in the dark and threatening places. The shadows can become a great help in escaping the opponents and attacking surprisingly.

In contrast, you can find the light fruits in a bright, lightened place where the glow can perfectly flex. The light and the glowing ability can become your advantage in the game.

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Ghost Fruit Vs Light Fruit: Which Is Better?

Choosing between ghost fruit and light fruit depends on your playstyle and the situation you are facing while playing the game.

If you are in the situation where you cannot be offensive to the opponent, it’s better to choose ghost fruit that helps you to easily avoid them.

However, if you want to control the game by causing damage to your opponent with the light blast, heal your team, and illuminate the dark, it’s perfect to choose light fruit.