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Warrior Helmet In Blox Fruits: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Do you know Blox Fruits is the game inspired by the popular anime One Piece, which features a Warrior Helmet to battle against enemies?
Generally, the Warrior Helmet is one of the players’ wearables, allowing 12.5% extra damage or melee and sword invasion and a 5% cooldown decrease on melee and sword spells.
If you want to get the Warrior Helmet in Blox Fruits, keep reading the article entirely.

What does the Warrior Helmet Do in Blox Fruits?

The Warrior Helmet is the rare tool played in the popular Roblox game “Blox Fruits.”

It resembles the traditional Spartan helmet with a smooth, metallic surface with a central crest heading along the top, offering the fierce look. 

Warrior Helmet As Spartan Helmet
Warrior Helmet mirror Spartan Helmet.

The helmet’s eyeholes are narrow and slit-like, increasing its menacing appearance. The Warrior Helmet features metallic grey or silver color in a dome-like shape.

Also, the crest offers a regal and intimidating appearance with a plume of feathers of horsehair.

As the gaming gear, it helps recover the player’s melee and sword damage. Those who get into close-quarter combat prefer Warrior Helmet.

In fact, the Warrior Helmet allows players to leverage 12.5% extra damage or melee and sword invasion, along with a 5% cooldown drop on melee and sword attacks.

The Warrior Helmet also aligns with Buddha’s fighting style, which focuses more on dealing damage up close.

However, it cannot induce health and energy and is not for those who prefer Blox Fruits and Guns.

How do I Get the Warrior Helmet Code?

You cannot acquire a Warrior Helmet code in Blox Fruits for free. Instead, you need to participate and complete the Colosseum Quest to get the helmet.

Here are some steps you need to follow:

  • Get the minimum level requirement or overall level 850 to start the Colosseum Quest.
  • Next, Locate the Bartolo at the cafe in the Kingdom of Rose in the Second Sea.
  • Accept the Colosseuym Quest from Bartilo that assigns you to overcome 50 Swan Pirates and slay Jeremy.
  • Now, reach the Swan Pirates’ location and eliminate them all.
  • After getting over the Swan Pirates, get Jeremy into the battle and slay him.
  • Finally, you must retrieve the partial and claim the Warrior Helmet.

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What is the Fastest Helmet in Blox Fruits?
The fastest helmet available in the Blox Fruits is the Pilot Helmet, which offers the 130% boost to movement speed, defeating other helmets, including Pretty Helemt and Warrior Helmet.

The swift helmet helps dodge the attacks, chase down the opponents, and map to the game world.

It can recover 10% faster health, offer 250 energy, and induce 250 health.