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Is Congo Snake Tree Real? Internet Has Burst To Query!

Footage about Congo Snake Tree is viral on social media nowadays, but the fact that such giant snakes really exist is still unsure.

Generally, the story of the Congo Snake Tree started in 1959 A.D. When Colonel Remy Van Lierde published a book claiming that he saw a giant Snake from a helicopter in Congo Rainforest. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove whether the existence of such a snake is real or imaginary.

Moreover, the snake is also similar to fictional and imaginary creatures such as ‘El Chupacabra.’

So, go through this complete article to know if the viral Congo Snake Tree exists in reality or if the story is just content to be viral on social media.

Is Congo Snake Tree Real?

The rumor about Congo Snake Tree started in 1955 A.D.  when Colonel Remy Van Lierde was returning from a mission in a helicopter and saw a giant tree shaped like a snake.

Snake on a Congo Rainforest
Congo Snake was said to be 50 feet bigger with a triangular head.

However, he was unsure whether the giant object was a tree or a real snake.

Colonel also claimed that he saw the object while flying across the Congo rainforest, and thus he published the story in his book in 1959 A.D.

Besides Lierde, there are many reports of people that they saw giant snakes in the Congo Rainforest.

However, there is no scientific evidence or photographs of the giant snake or a tree in the Congo Rainforest to prove that the Congo Snake Tree is real.

How Big Is a Congo Snake?

According to Colonel Remy Van Lierde, Congo Snake was above 50 feet big and was crawling beside the trees in Congo Rainforest.

Moreover, the snake was greenish-brown in color with a frightening triangular head.

However, the largest known snake till now is Titanoboa cerrejonensis which is about 45 feet long. So, the Congo snake was probably bigger than Titanoboa cerrejonensis.

Furthermore, there is another snake African Rock Python which is about 23 feet long with greenish-brown body color.

But the Congo snake cannot be an African Rock Python as the Python has an oval head rather than a triangular one.

What Is The Mysterious Snake In Congo?

As there is no proper photograph or evidence about Congo Snake, no one can say what the object really was. Thus, it’s neither a fictional plant like the Vivisteria flower nor exists in real life.

Probably, the snake seen in the Congo rainforest from a helicopter was just an imaginary story, as the colonel is also a well-known fabulist.

Otherwise, he must have seen the giant Baobab trees with a snake-like appearance in Colonel Rainforest.

It’s because there are no such trees in any botanical books or scientific literature, and neither such big snakes exist in real life.

Additionally, the snake or the snake-like tree claimed by many people is seen only in fictional movies and mythical stories.

In fact, the Mysterious snake in Congo is only a cryptid that is claimed to exist, but there is no scientific evidence of its existence.

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How did Congo Snake Tree Get Viral?

Although the Congo Snake tree was first popular in 1959 after Colonel published his book, the snake’s footage got popular through social media like Reddit and Tiktok.

Probably, the footage is fake as no one has got a clear video, photo, or reliable source to believe this story. The edits are probably the mission to get viral on Tiktok.