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Collecting Dahlia Seeds – Updated Guide 2024

Dahlia plants offer various flower forms and can be used for collecting seeds efficiently for propagation even after wilting.

For collecting Dahlia seeds, let the flower mature for 4 weeks and cut it below the sepals. Use your index finger and thumb to separate the seeds from the grouped petals and dry them on a plate before storing them in a cool, dark place.

So, if you want to grow Dahlias from seeds, you need to harvest them first, and this article can be the perfect guide for you. 

Can You Get Seeds From Dahlias? [Seed Overview]

Within 12-16 weeks after planting, Dahlias become ready to bloom throughout summer and fall.

After extensive flowering, Dahlia blooms become prominent brown, and crisp, exposing the papery petals (ray floret) and central round structure (disc floret).

Each minuscule flower has a basal ovary (with a single ovule), and overlying fused pollen-loaded anthers. After pollination, the ovule transforms into a single brownish-black flat, elliptical to club-shaped seed.

The disc floret in the Dahlia flower head is an assortment of closely organized, small bisexual flowers.

Image illustrates the flower structure of Dahlia
Florets present in the central part of the Dahlia flower change into seeds.

The seeds remain attached to the flower head, which you can harvest after deadheading or directly picking from the dry blooms.

However, the number of seeds from a single flower might vary from 4-5 to 20-30.

The seed number also depends on the number of florets in the central ‘disc’ region of the flower.

You can take the help of the table below if you want to learn more about Dahlia seeds.

ShapeElliptical to club-shaped (thin at one end and broad on another)
SizeAbout 0.5 inch long
Harvest TimeFall
Weight0.009072 to 0.009080 gram
Sowing MethodAbout 0.5 inch deep in the soil
Seed Sowing Time6-8 weeks before the last frost or in the early spring
Germination Time7-12 days after sowing
ToxicityHighly toxic to pets

Mildly toxic to human in large amounts

When Do You Collect Dahlia Seeds?

Dahlias undergo pollination and fertilization after 2 months of blooming, around mid-summer.

The pollination is carried out by bees and butterflies, which hover around the flowers for nectar.

Hence, the perfect time for collecting Dahlia seeds is in late fall.
Image represents dried blooms of Dahlia
In Dahlias, the seeds are only visible for harvest when the flowers dry and brown up.

If you find it difficult to recognize the perfect time, Dahlia shows specific signs that they are ready to shed the seeds.

  • All the outer petal rays turn brown and crispy and then fall off.
  • The pod at the base of the flower changes to light tan-green.
  • Dahlia flowers begin to droop and wilt without any recovery.
  • Seeds change their color (green to brownish-black).
  • Flower heads create a watery fluid.

How to Collect Dahlia Seeds From Flowers?

The seeds of Dahlia hide between the dried petals.

Hence, you must harvest the seeds to prevent them from being lost by the winds or rain.

 Here are the steps to collect Dahlia seeds.

  • Look out for spent flowers with drooping signs and the petals turning brown.
  • Use your hand or sterilized scissors to snip off the flower head, along with the disc floret.
  • Put the heads over a clean plate and gently rub off the petals.
  • The seeds intermingle between the papery petals, so be alert while rubbing the heads.
Image represents the method of collecting Dahlia seeds
You can collect Dahlia seeds by rubbing the dried flower heads with your fingers.
  • Afterward, place dried seeds with the petals in a clear plastic zipper bag and jerk it.
  • Then separate the seeds from the group of petals.

If the flower heads create a watery fluid, cut the heads along with the stalks, and keep them in a glass containing water.

Then, let them dry out by keeping them in a warm, untouched place for at least 4 weeks. 

You can also collect the Dahlia seeds from the mature cut flowers.

Or let this video clear your confusion.

How to Store Dahlia Seeds?

You can let the seeds attain full maturity for a month by leaving them in the flower heads affixed to the plant body.

However, if you deadhead the flower, follow these instructions to store the seeds.

  • First, space the collected seeds in the plate and allow them to dry.
  • After 4-5 days of drying, transfer the seeds into labeled paper envelopes or jars.
Dahlias seeds are viable for only 2 years. Hence, it’s better to sow them immediately after harvest for best results.
  • Place the seed in a cool, dry place (such as in an old shoe box) away from moisture.
  • You can use silica gel packets in the box along with the seeds.

You need to keep the storage bag away from the reach of insects and pests.

Also, avoid plastic bags as they capture moisture and lead to molding and seed decay.

Image represents the process of collecting Dahlia seeds
You can harvest Dahlia seeds after the flower head dries up.

Dahlia Seeds for Sale

Do not panic if you are new to growing Dahlias or if your Dahlias have failed to produce seeds.

Look at the links below to buy the best quality Dahlia seeds.

Sites/ ShopsDelivery/ Shipping Period
AmazonWithin 4-5 days after placing an order
Johnny SeedsWithin 1-5 days after placing an order
Swallow Tail Garden SeedsWithin 1-2 days after placing an order
Eden BrothersWithin 2-9 days after placing an order

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Leave the flower blooms attached to the plant for one month before the first frost and harvest the seeds during late frost.

Moreover, you can sow the seeds immediately or store them in a cool place to maintain their viability.

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