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13 Amazing Coconut Palm Benefits

The useful Coconut Palm has many benefits, can be used for home gardening, is a food source for quenching thirst and hunger, and has restorative properties!

Coconut Palm has many benefits as ornamental, purifying the air, the tree bark is valuable, and we can produce Coconut milk, oil, etc., from the fruit, to state a few.

After reading this article, you might give in to the benefits and charms of the Coconut plants and want to go to your nearby nursery and get yourself a Coconut Palm.

So, let’s dive in.

Coconut Palm Overview

But growing them indoors can be challenging and may deprive you of many benefits you’d otherwise get if the plants were outdoors.

As the plant requires at least six hours of direct sunlight for optimal growth, you will not get fruits; the plant will remain small and have a short lifespan if you keep it indoors.

But, keeping the plant indoors has its benefits. This plant is non-toxic for cats and dogs and provides aesthetic beauty to your home.

Similarly, if you keep this plant outdoors, the Coconut Palm is relatively easy to grow as it doesn’t need regular looking.

Let’s look at the basic overview of the Coconut Palm.

Scientific NameCocos nucifera
Common NameCoconut Palm
NativeTropical Islands of Western Pacific
Growth ZoneZones 10 and above
Plant TypeEdible fruit bearing, flowering tree
Growth SizeGrows up 30 feet tall and 10 feet wide in cultivations.
Can grow up to 100 feet in its natural habitat
Growth HabitFast growth in juvenile state.
Growth slows down as the plant grows
Grown ForEdible fruit and water inside it
FloweringInflorescence with clustered male and female flowers
Flowering SeasonYear round production
AvailabilityCan be found worldwide on coastal areas

Benefits of the Coconut Palm Tree

The massive, gigantic Coconut tree, swaying in the wind, has certain benefits. Let’s discuss them.

1. Aesthetic Value

The Coconut Palm is one of many trees that provides you with fruit and still helps to boost the aesthetic value.

They have a long and big tree that flaunts big leaves and fruits in clusters. The leaves sway with the wind, and looking at that may satisfy you.

The trunk of this plant is usually light gray and has leaf marks from its juvenile days.

In a report by, they have mentioned that Coconut Palms are used as ornamentals and have decorative value in Hawaii.

Its leaves are shaped like feathers, with their beauty added to them.

Due to the leaves, the Coconut tree will make an excellent background for your photographs.

2. Air Purifier

Some people grow certain trees for their fruits, and some do it for decorative purposes. You have hit the jackpot if you have a Coconut tree in your garden.

Coconut trees provide both the above things with a bonus; it also helps to purify the surrounding air.

According to Hortology, Coconut Palm filters formaldehyde, carbon monoxide toxins, and benzene from the environment.

These tropical giants take carbon dioxide and other harmful ions from the air, giving oxygen like other green plants. All that for free!

Also, a Coconut tree gives out more oxygen compared to other trees.

The Berkeley College of Natural Resources says, the amount of oxygen released is proportional to overall mass of the leaves (Leaf Area Index).

And you have seen the leaves of Coconut. They are huge and more in number.

3. Use of Coconut Trunk and Barks

Coconut Palm’s benefit is not limited to its fruit and aesthetics; the tree trunk also plays a significant role.

The big strong trunks of Coconut can be used to make canoes, houses, boats, furniture, and bridges.

Although the strength and durability of the trunks vary with the variety of Coconut Palms, it is still considered stronger than most other trees.

According to Agriculture and Food Organization, Coconut timber is suitable for making windows, doors, frames, walls, joists, etc.

The barks can be pretty valuable as well. You can use the plainer side of the barks to make paintings, carvings, etc.

Some people thin down the bark more and even make paper out of it.

Coconut Palm helps other plants as well. During the harsh winter, you can use the tree bark as mulch to prevent heat from escaping the plant.

4. Symbolism and Meaning of Coconut Palm

Feng Shui is a tradition practiced in China, now in the modern world, that claims to harmonize people with their surroundings, using energy forces.

According to Feng Shui, Coconut trees planted in front of the house can bring good luck to the whole family.

Plants like Coconut Palm can bring on the positive energy of nature inside your house.

Having a little Coconut plant inside your house will reward you with a good ambiance and serenity.

So, if you believe in Feng Shui, you must immediately get a Coconut Palm tree for your garden and boost the good fortune of yourself and your family.

5. Thatching Purposes

Thatching is the process of covering a building or its roof with straw, grasses, and similar materials.

People consider certain plants in different parts of the world suitable for thatching.

The leaves of Coconut are widely used worldwide for the process of thatching as they are dense and too many in number.

You just have to take a few Coconut leaves and start weaving them together to prepare a roof for your house. Pretty convenient, right?

According to, Coconut Palm thatches usually last a maximum of 7 years and are used mostly for temporary structures.

There are added benefits to thatching. They are easy to replace and repair, and the best part is that they don’t even cost you much.

But don’t replace your concrete roofs with thatches because they have few benefits.

Look below for its benefits and drawbacks and decide for yourself.

They are easily available and cost effective.Dried leaves are highly combustible. So there is always a risk of fire.
Less prone to earthquake damages.The thatching process has not been mechanized, so inexpensive labor is needed.
You can easily repair and maintain them.The roof made by thatching is highly vulnerable to wind damages.
Due to their high insulation, they are more suitable in warm climates.Thatching is usually not suitable for urban areas.
They can blend easily with the nature and look attractive.Although the initial cost is less, the regular repairing and replacement can cost you a fortune.

Benefits of the Coconut Palm Fruit

The Coconut fruit is tasty and has a sweet-tasting liquid inside. Let’s look at the fruit’s other benefits.

1. Coconut Milk

Some people may raise their eyebrows when they hear the word ‘milk.’ Well, calm down, vegans.

This thick milk is not extracted from some farm animals we all love but from the grated pulp of the flesh of the Coconut fruit.

Coconut milk is good for reducing the cholesterol levels in your body and also helpful for reducing your body fat.

We are not just splurting this out! An article on supports our claims.

According to BBC Good Food, A 100-milliliter serving of a can of Coconut milk contains the following:

  • 697 Kilojoule Calorie
  • 1.1 grams protein
  • 16.9 grams of fat
  • 14.6 grams of saturated fat
  • 3.3 grams of carbohydrate

Coconut milk is white, tasty, and opaque because of its fat content.

Let’s take a look at a few other benefits of Coconut milk.

  • Coconut milk is lactose-free.
  • It has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties.
  • This milk may also support cardiovascular health.
  • Say bye-bye to stomach ulcers, as Coconut milk could reduce them.
  • It has medium-chain fatty acids.

2. Coconut Oil

Known primarily as a “health food,” Coconut oil has recently gained popularity in the US.

In a survey conducted in 2016, 72% of people believed Coconut oil to be healthy.

Coconut oil has many benefits and is widely used as a nutritional supplement, cooking oil, hair and skincare agent, biofuel, etc.

If someone asks, “Why Coconut?” you will have a list of benefits to mention, but Coconut oil will top that list.

This oil has many other benefits as well. I have listed a few of them.

Other benefits include: Good for dental health, helps in weight loss journey, good for liver health, etc.

However, Victoria Taylor from The British Heart Foundation suggests switching sources of saturated fats like Coconut oil with those of unsaturated fats.

3. Tasty Coconut Water

Imagine the sweet taste and feel of Coconut water in your mouth. Oops! Did that notion flood your taste buds? Sorry 

Coconut water is like holy water. It has less fat and cholesterol, is low in calories, is hydrating, and has good potassium.

It is the transparent fluid inside a Coconut with a distinct but sweet taste.

Let’s look at what nine months of mature Coconut water comprises.

Water (mL)518
Fructose (mg/mL)32.52
Glucose (mg/mL)29.96
Sucrose (mg/mL)6.36
Potassium (mg/100mL)274.32
Sodium (mg/100mL)5.60
Magnesium (mg/100mL)20.87
Calcium (mg/100mL)15.19
Iron (mg/L)0.308
Protein (mg/mL)0.042

Coconut water doesn’t only taste good but has a lot of benefits to consider. Look at the list below. (Confirmed by BBC)

  • It is an organic and natural source of minerals and nutrients.
  • It may contain antioxidant properties.
  • Coconut water can also work to prevent kidney stones.
  • It also manages the blood sugar level.
  • Gives the athletes the required boost.

4. Beneficial Coconut Coir

We usually go for the fruity part of the fruit and discard the rest. That is not the case with Coconut, though.

The fibrous part of the Coconut fiber/Coconut coir can be helpful in many ways.

Many plant enthusiasts prefer Coconut coir for the plants in their gardens because of its high water absorption quality.

Not only in gardens but Coconut coir is sometimes used to promote fire as it catches fire pretty quickly.

But why do most people prefer Coconut coir in their gardens? Let’s look at its features.

  • Coco coir is quite affordable to everyone.
  • Provides good drainage and aeration.
  • Readily available and organic.
  • Good absorption and water-holding capacity.
  • It strengthens the root and promotes root growth.

The Coconut coir is also used to make ropes, mats, mattresses, brushes, brooms, etc.

All that from something that you would throw away. Talk about being handy.

5. Beneficial Coconut Shell

The long list of Coconut Palm benefits doesn’t end yet. Even the hard shell protecting the flesh and water inside has its advantages.

The hard Coconut shell has many uses and benefits of its own. Its hard shell is one of the reasons why the Coconut can survive a fall from a great height.

A thick layer of coconut husk also protects that shell.

Let’s look at some of the uses of the Coconut shell.

  • You can use the Coconut shells as a simple plant pot. Remember to make holes at the bottom.
  • It can also be used as a bird feeder. Just hang it somewhere.
  • You can clean and polish the Coconut shells and use them as a bowl to hold light things.
  • Follow your aesthetics and make a candle holder out of your Coconut shell.
  • If you have plants that love hanging, Coconut shells give you that privilege.

6. Tasty Coconut Flesh

While talking about all the things Coconut provides us, you cannot miss the Coconut flesh.

It is a white substance that you’ll find stuck to the inside wall of the Coconut shell. It’s juicy when raw and oily when it is dry.

You need to use the Coconut flesh to make two of our previous headings, Coconut milk, and Coconut oil.

Coconut flesh is very handy as you can use it to make different products for consumption, like dry Coconut, biscuits, Coconut cream, etc.

The main uses of Coconut flesh are as follows:

  • You can shred it into bits and pieces and sprinkle it over your salad.
  • Smoothies can be made tastier by adding coconut flesh.
  • Dry them and eat them as dry fruit.
  • Manufacturers use Coconut to make different day-to-day products.
  • You can prepare other sweet dishes using Coconut.

7. Healthy Coconut Flower

The Coconut flower may be the gateway to the delicious, all-benefit fruit, but they have their fair share of benefits.

A Coconut flower develops inside a spathe containing both male and female flowers. The male flower resembles lilies, and the female flowers resemble tiny fruits.

Almost every part of the “tree of life” is consumable, so it is pretty safe to consume Coconut flowers.

According to The Coconut company, Coconut nectar derived from the flowers contain a good amount of iron and zinc with 17 different types of antioxidants and amino acids.

Another website,, mentions that Coconut nectar provides the following benefits.

  • It is low in fructose, which means that consuming it will reduce the fat content in the body.
  • Coconut nectar is high in inulin which aids in the digestion process.
  • The nectar has no external additives, making it good for health.
  • It contains many nutrients and minerals and is healthier than refined sugar.

Besides the health benefits, we can get other benefits from the products made from Coconut flowers.

ProductsWhat They are Used for
Coconut Flower Nectar1. Sweetening Agent
2. Garnishing Salad Dressing
Coconut Flower 1. Used in baking and cooking
2. Sweetening tea and coffee
3. Dissolves completely in water
Seasoning Sauce1. Used in dressing
2. Uses as seasoning of rice, pasta, etc.

8. Healthy Coconut Embryo

Wait! The tale of Coconut Palm benefits does not end here. You can even use its embryo to get benefits.

Coconut embryos are small, fleshy balls found inside Coconut that form when the Coconut is mature and ready to sprout leaves.

It is basically the cotyledon of Coconut formed during the germination of the zygotic embryo.

You might find it strange how everything.. literally everything the Coconut offers has at least one benefit. The Coconut embryo is no different.

In a video by famous blogger Peppe-Foodie, he revealed how the Coconut embryo is famous in India’s Chennai.

According to Science Direct, the Coconut embryo provides the following benefits.

  • It contains a high amount of carbohydrates (almost 66%), which are responsible for boosting energy in the body.
  • The number of nutrients, minerals, and dietary fibers is relatively high in Coconut embryos.
  • It proves to be the primary source of phenolics and has a high antioxidant capacity.
  • If your baby is lactose intolerant, you can feed them an infant formula created using Coconut embryos.

Health Considerations to Keep in Mind

Even the purest of angels have a bit of darkness inside.

In the same way, though this plant is an angel of the plant kingdom with many Coconut Palm benefits, it is still clouded by some drawbacks.

Although the fruit can affect some people, the effect may depend on one of the following factors:

  • Any previously diagnosed disease
  • Allergic reaction to Coconut
  • Quality of the consumed food

Coconut is not straight-up evil fruit. You must know what portion and time you should consume the fruit to be on the safer side.

According to Harvard, due to the fat content, Coconut and Coconut-oil cannot be considered to be healthy for heart.

While also states that Coconuts are one of the culprits for raising the cholesterol level in a human.

Other Possible Risks Associated with Coconut

Besides the risks mentioned above, watch for the following hazards.

  • People at BMJ Journals suggest that people with cystic fibrosis should not consume Coconut water to quench their thirst.
  • Athletes should not drink Coconut water to rehydrate after a tiring session as it contains low sodium but too much potassium.
  • Coconut water may also act as a laxative, eventually producing urine citrate.
  • If you have a high blood sugar level, you must avoid drinking more than one glass of Coconut water daily, or it could be fatal.

So basically, most of the problems related to Coconut come from its fat content. Until and unless you are not allowed to consume fat, you might be okay.

But hey! You are at your own risk.

Where to Buy Coconut Palm Tree?

After reading all these, you may want to get a Coconut plant for yourself.

Worry not; we have amassed a list of where you can buy the all-purpose Coconut plant for yourself.

WebsitesShipping Details
Fast Growing TreesShips in 1-2 business days
TreesShips almost immediately if the order is seasonal
AmazonDelivered in 7-14 days
Everglades.farmDelivered in 4-10 business days

From Editorial Team


In some parts of Asia, people call Coconut the “Tree of Life” due to its significance to human civilization.

You can use everything you get from the plant somewhere for something.

Coconut palm benefits? No, the coconut palm is the synonym for benefit! There, I said it.

Go get one now!

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