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Everything You Need To Know About Cat Grass Kit

While keeping cats distracted, a cat grass kit helps your furry companion with digestion and clean gastrointestinal tracts.

Growing a cat grass kit is a failsafe method to prevent cats from eating other delicate, toxic houseplants. Also, cat grass kits are easy to grow and require minimal care to thrive. But before buying one, analyze the kits’ quality and the cats’ nature.

Read along to learn the basics of owning a cat grass kit and find the best one for your pets.

What is Cat Grass Kit?

The cat grass kit is a small container filled with various nutritional seeds that you can grow without conscientious effort.

Alongside the seeds, cat grass kits have the necessary tools to grow and care for the grass.

Each cat grass kit can contain common non-toxic grass types like wheat, oat, barley and ryegrass to meet diverse nutritional needs.

However, some cat grass kits offer just one variety of cat grass which is relatively expensive.

Nonetheless, all cat grass is beneficial for cats and even edible to humans with nutritional values.

Here is some cat grass benefits you can leverage while keeping them distracted from toxic plants.

  • Cleaning Hairballs: Fibers of cat grass help clean the hairballs in cats’ digestive tract.
  • Alleviate Indigestion: Cats prefer to eat grasses to vomit out non-edible things they ate.
  • Smoothens Digestion: Cat grass’s laxative property helps cats digest foods.
  • Nutritional Value: Cat grass contains vitamins A, B or D and Folic acid, so they are healthy to eat.
  • Lowers Intestinal Parasitic: The regurgitation of grass helps cats to control intestinal parasites.

How Long Does Cat Grass Last?

When provided with optimal care, a regular cat grass kit can last over two to three weeks of munching.

Depending upon the variety of cat grass and growing conditions, the lifespan of the cat grass greatly varies. That said, they will not last forever.

Likewise, cat grass’s consumption rate and wear & tear are pivotal in determining how long cat grass will last.

Regardless you can prolong the lifespan of cat grass by regularly pruning and keeping them in a refrigerator when your furry pals are out.

The cat grass kits come in small shallow bowls that quickly get crowded with grassroots within a few weeks.

Therefore, use a wide, deep pot and ideal nutrient-rich soil mix to extend cat grass life for about a month or two.

Know Which Cat Grass Type You Need

You can pick suitable cat grass types depending on your cats’ preferences and nature.

If your furry pal is relatively aggressive, aim for a cat grass kit consisting of rye cat grass, which is more durable and flexible.

Likewise, give flavourful oat grass for your sweet-loving cats and nutritious wheat cat grass to those who need an extra nutrition boost.

Alternatively, barley grass is a fail-safe option, as almost every pet love to munch on them.

Otherwise, you can opt for cat grass kits with a balanced blend of all cat grasses to leverage all benefits.

Types of Cat Grass Kits

Cat grass kit comes in different types. Let’s briefly check them below.

  • Planting Kit: Comes with all the necessary components. Just ensure you assemble them appropriately.
  • Self Grower: Perfect for busy people who would like easy-to-set cat grass. It is ready, and you only need to add some water.
  • Kit with Reusable Planter: Comes with everything you need to get healthy cat grass. The container is entirely reusable.
  • Compostable Kit: These kits are very eco-friendly. All the components of this kit are biodegradable.
  • Kit With A Toy: Some cat grass kit comes along with a toy for your pets. Get two for the price of one!
  • Bulk Seed: This starter kit has only seeds and no other starter components. It can be ideal for someone with a kit and who wants seeds.

Things to Consider While Buying Cat Grass Kit

Before buying cat grass kits, you must ensure a few things so that they last longer and are healthy and safe for cats.

Thus, ensure the cat grass kit is organic and completely chemical-free.

Other than that, here are a few things to consider while buying a cat grass kit.

  • Ensure to buy cat grass kits from reputable stores only.
  • Aim for the right container of appropriate sizes as per your need.
  • Ensure the pots have drain holes to prevent root rot.
  • Keep an eye on the descriptions of the growing substrate used for the kit.
  • Check the type of grass seeds in your cat grass kit.

6 Best Cat Grass Kit

I have scoured the internet and have enlisted the best six cat grass kits that have won the hearts of many cats and their cat owners.

Product NameSeparate Container Need
SmartyKat Sweet GreensKit comes with a biodegradable container
Pet Greens Pet Grass KitCat grass can be grown on the bag itself
Cat Ladies Grass KitKit comes with cat face fancy mug
Petlinks Cat Grass SeedsYou need to find a separate container to grow the seeds
Cat Ladies Cat Grass Bag KitCat grass can be grown on the kits grow bag
Van Ness Oat Garden KitKit comes with a small bowl

1. SmartyKat Sweet Greens

SmartyKat cat grass kit comes with organic oat seeds in a fancy box that requires no additional hassle to make them grow.

All you need to do is add some water, and within a couple of days, you will have oat grass ready to get munched.

SmartyKat Sweet Greens
SmartyKat Sweet Greens

The SmartyKat sweet greens cat grass is tested for safety and is safe to keep around the kids.

Moreover, the package is biodegradable so that you can throw them into compost.

2. Pet Greens Self-Grow Pet Grass

If you want an effortless cat grass kit, get a Pet Greens Self Grow Pet Grass.

All you have to do is open the packaging and give it some water, and your pet will have something to nibble on within a week.

Pet Greens Self-Grow Pet Grass
Pet Greens Self-Grow Pet Grass

If your cats are gluten sensitive, this is a perfect pick. Additionally, this will help your pet get rid of smelly breath.

3. The Cat Ladies Organic Cat Grass

The cat ladies’ organic cat grass offers a beautiful cat face mug alongside organic cat grass seeds.

Instead of resorting to one type of cat grass, it offers a blend of wheat grass, oat, barley and rye.

The Cat Ladies Organic Cat Grass
The Cat Ladies Organic Cat Grass

Unlike other cat grass kits, you must put a soil disk, add water, and sprinkle seeds on top to grow cat grass.

Petlinks Nibble-Licious only has seeds, unlike other cat grass kits, so you must buy soil mix and planter separately.

If you are not thinking of planting the seeds right away, you can save them for later.

Petlinks Nibble-Licious Cat Grass Seeds
Petlinks Nibble-Licious Cat Grass Seeds

Remember, the seeds are meant to be planted and grown, so do not eat or feed them to your cats.

5. The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Compostable Grass

If your pets are heavy feeders, you might want to invest in this bulky The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Compostable Grass.

The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Compostable Grass
The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Compostable Grass

It consists of three different kinds of seed packets. It contains rye, oats, wheat, and barley seeds.

6. Van Ness Oat Garden Kit

It is a small grass kit with a container, seeds, and a growing medium. All you need to do is add some water and wait a week.

Van Ness Oat Garden Kit
Van Ness Oat Garden Kit

Van Ness garden kit is ideal and perfect for beginners as it is small and the container is not very deep.

Cat Grass Grow Kit Instruction

Most cat grass kits are ready-to-use, meaning tear the packaging and pour in some water.

Wait for a week or so, and voila! Cat grass is ready to munch.

But again, a little extra effort will not go to waste, so here are some steps to efficiently pull off the growing cat grass kit.

  • Take out the seeds and soak them overnight for at least 12 hours to speed up the germination process.
  • If the kit has no container, find a small but deep container with a few drain holes and fill it with a growing substrate.
  • Sprinkle the soaked seeds over the topsoil and gently cover it with a thin layer of the soilmix.
  • Water the seeds using a spray bottle and spray the kit at least twice daily to moisten the soil.
  • Avoid placing the cat grass kit in direct sunlight but aim for bright indirect sunlight.

Within a week or so, you can notice new growth sprouting out and will be ready for your furry pals to eat.

How to Care for Cat Grass?

Despite the easy care needs, there are a few care loopholes to extend the life of the cat grass, so your pets can enjoy them longer.

  • Watering: Water only when the topsoil is slightly dry, and avoid making the growing bag wet.
  • Limited Munching: Do not allow your furry pets to munch all cat grass simultaneously, as it can stress the plant and affect its growth.
  • Light: Ensure to place them in bright indirect sunlight and avoid keeping them in the dark places to avoid yellowing or wilting foliage.
  • Temperature: Maintain the temperature relatively warm at about 60°F and 70°F.
  • Air circulation: Place the cat grass kits in a well-ventilated, airy location but protect them from cold air drafts.
  • Regular Prune: Ensure to keep the cat grass well-pruned by cutting at least one inch of grass as it encourages new growth.
  • Inspect Pests Invasion: White worms, slugs, and aphids can invade cat grass, so regularly inspect and manually remove them.
  • No Fertilizer: Although fertilization benefits cat grass, avoid adding fertilizers as they harm cats.

From Editorial Team

Pruning Yes! Fertilizer No!

To make cat grass last longer, you must not fertilize it as it harms cats, and the slightest consumption can cause poisoning.

Therefore, use a sterilized pruner to prune away the cat grass to keep them healthy regularly.

All The Best!

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