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Cat Eye Fruit: Everything You Need To Know

Cat Eye fruit is popular among people for its incredibly sweet and tart flavor, but the versatile fruit has several health secrets inside the small round bodies.

Generally, Cat Eye fruit has several potential health benefits like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cardiovascular properties. This fruit also helps in weight loss, improving your skin and hair health.

Cat Eye fruit (Diospyros lotus), or Date Plum, is a small round fruit with white or cream white flesh. The outer skin is yellow or orange in color.

Go through this entire article to know everything about Cat Eye fruit and its health benefits in detail.

Top 5 Cat Eye Fruit Benefits

Cat Eye fruit has a sweet flavor with a mild tartness, giving a pleasant feeling to your tastebuds. However, eating raw fruit may cause dryness and unpleasant sensations.

This fruit is juicy, and the flavor resembles a combined taste of dates and plums. However, the taste of the fruits depends upon the ripeness.

Opened Cat Eye fruit
You must eat the fleshy white portion under the skin of Cat Eye fruit.

Here are the proven benefits of Cat Eye fruit.

1. Antioxidant Activities

Cat Eye Fruit is loaded with various antioxidant compounds like flavonoids, polyphenols, and other compounds.

These compounds help to control the unwanted free radicals activities. The harmful free radicals damage your cells and tissues.

So, the anti-oxidant activities in this beneficial fruit protect your cells and tissue from damage due to these radicals.

Moreover, these compounds also help to heal the damages caused by those free radicals. So, the anti-oxidant activities help in improving the overall health.

2. Anti-inflammatory Properties

The compounds in the Cat Eye plant also have anti-inflammatory benefits, relieving you from swellings and inflammations.

The inflammations may result from internal or external injuries. If the inflammations become persistent, your body may suffer from chronic diseases.

Additionally, the pro-inflammatory compounds in this fruit help to regulate the cytokinin level that induces inflammation.

The Date Plum also helps to reduce the pain caused by injuries and inflammations.

3. Cardiovascular Health

The anti-oxidant properties in Cat Eye fruit help in repairing the damage in blood vessels and prevent further damage.

Moreover, this fruit is a high source of potassium, which helps to regulate high blood pressure.

Additionally, you can also be free from the risk of different heart diseases caused by cholesterol as the compounds also regulate cholesterol levels.

The inner lining of blood vessels helps in passing the blood easily. Consuming this fruit regularly helps in improving those inner linings in the vessels.

4. Skin And Hair Health

Cat Eye Fruit is rich in water that can provide you with good hydration after you consume it. Hydration is the main component in promoting healthy skin.

Moreover, anti-oxidant compounds in this fruit also help to fight against skin issues like acne, pimples, etc.

Additionally, this fruit also contains collagen fiber that can prevent your skin from wrinkles. You can also be free from skin allergies, rashes, carbuncles, etc.

Furthermore, if you are irritated with dark spots, dark circles, and uneven skin tone, using this fruit as a dietary supplement helps as a brightening compound.

5. Helps In Weightloss

Cat Eye fruit is very low in calories and can be the perfect dietary item if you want to lose weight.

During the weight loss journey, this fruit also helps in providing you with proper hydration. Hydrating yourself is very important if you want to lose weight.

Cat Eye Fruit in a plate
The presence of sweetness and tartness in Date Plum creates a balance in flavor.

Like Raspberry Cheesecake fruit, this fruit is rich in fiber and other essential nutrients. You can be full for a long time after eating this fruit.

Additionally, consuming this fruit on a regular basis also helps to improve your digestive health and improves metabolism.

During your weight loss journey, if you crave sweets, it can also be a good natural sweetener.

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Cat Eye Fruits Can Be Harmful To Your Pets!

Although Date Plum fruit is very beneficial for humans, it may not be a good dietary supplement for your pets. As this fruit is rich in fiber, it’s better to feed them with a very small amount.

Also, do not let your pets chew and swallow the seeds of this fruit, as it may lead to choking and other problems. Moreover, make sure they are not allergic to this fruit.