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Exploring Bush Tomato Varieties: Delights for Your Garden

If you do not have enough space to grow large vining Tomatoes, opt for any of the Bush Tomato varieties.

Bush Early Girl, Big Boy Bush, Bush Champion, etc., are some of the popular Bush Tomato varieties with a compact average plant height of 3-4 feet. Though not always, most determinate type Tomatoes are bushier with predetermined compact size.

Thus, stick with the article till the end to understand the dynamics of Bush varieties of Tomato plants.

What is Bush Tomato?

Bush Tomato is a determinate type of Tomato plant ideal for small spaces, thanks to their compact, bushy growth pattern.

They have a predetermined size, meaning they usually grow over 3-4 feet tall, then stop growing.

After reaching mature height, the fruits form at the branch’s end, indicating no further growth.

Unlike the indeterminate vining Tomato, Bush plants only produce one big flush of fruits and get done with it.

However, not all indeterminate Tomatoes have vining growth; instead, some vining Tomatoes can be determinate.

Nonetheless, the determinate Tomato type tends to be more compact and bushier than the indeterminate one.

Thus, Bush Tomatoes are the ones with smaller internodes, bushy growth, and considerably smaller or dwarf size.

Best Bush Varieties of Tomato to Grow

Bush varieties of Tomato plants are ideal if you have limited, small space and do not want the hassle of staking.

Here are the top five Bush varieties of Tomato to grow.

1. Bush Early Girl

With just one and a half feet or 18 inches in height, Bush Early Girl Tomato is a hybrid cultivar closely related to Early Girl.

It is a determinate type, true Bush Tomato variety that takes 54-63 days for fruits to mature and harvest.

bush early girl tomato
Bush Early Girl is a close hybrid of Early Girl Tomato with compact growth.

Despite the compact, bushy size, Bush Early Girl has large red fruits almost 10 cm or 4″ wide, weighing around 200-250g.

Furthermore, the fruits have a meaty, juicy texture with a delightful classic Tomato flavor.

2. Big Boy Bush

The F1 hybrid cultivar of Big Boy Tomato, Bush Big Boy, shares all traits of the parent plant but grows for about half the size.

They are an annual determinate Tomato cultivar that grows about 3-5 feet tall, even in a container.

Like Big Boy, Bush Big Boy fruits are bright red, flattened globes weighing about half a pound with a sweet flavor.

3. Bush Champion

Staying true to its name, Bush Champion grows two feet tall without compromising its large, meaty fruits.

It is a determinate Tomato with bright red fruits weighing 250-340 grams and offers a balanced sweet and sour flavor.

Furthermore, the disease-resistant Bush Champion Tomato matures within 60 to 65 days.

4. 506 Bush

506 Bush is one of the true Bush Tomato varieties that reach 15-18 inches tall.

They produce moderately large Tomato fruits that offer a subtle hint of sweetness.

Furthermore, 506 Bush Tomato is determinate and drought tolerant. Also, the plant takes almost two months to mature.

5. BushSteak Hybrid

Bushsteak Hybrid is a compact Tomato cultivar growing about 1.5 to 2 feet tall, making them container-friendly Tomato.

They produce 250-350 grams of meaty, large, flavorful Tomatoes that are popular in sandwiches and salads.

Editor’s Note

Compact Bushy in Size But Faster, Early Growth!

Some Bush Tomato varieties, like Bush Early Girl, are early determinate Tomato that matures and produces fruit much earlier than regular Tomatoes.

However, they achieve faster growth by compromising fruit size, producing relatively smaller fruits than indeterminate Tomatoes.

All The Best!

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