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The Ultimate Tomato Showdown: Celebrity Vs Early Girl

Do you know Early Girl Tomato ripens 2 weeks earlier than Celebrity Tomato, with around 5 times more fruits per plant?

Generally, both Celebrity and Early Girl Tomatoes belong to a common family and have common growth requirements. However, both hybrids (Celebrity vs Early Girl Tomato) differ in plant size, fruit size, fruit amount, harvesting times, and pruning requirements.

Celebrity Tomatoes have strong vines bearing 10-12 fruits per stem, whereas the Early Girl bears 25-30 fruits per stem. 

So, if you are a Tomato lover but confused about choosing between Celebrity Vs Early Girl Tomatoes, this article will definitely help you.

Celebrity Tomato & Early Girl: Similarities

Celebrity Tomatoes are low-maintenance Tomato cultivars that produce medium-sized tomatoes with uniform fruits.

Similarly, Early Girl Tomatoes are hybrids that produce medium-sized, bright-red tomatoes all season long.

Celebrity Tomatoes on left and Early Girl Tomatoes on right
Celebrity Tomatoes bear lesser Tomatoes later than Early Girl Tomatoes.

Both varieties belong to the Nightshade family and bear many similarities.

  • Both varieties bear medium-sized fruits with a sweet and acidic flavor.
  • They share common culinary uses like slicers, salads, snacks, etc.
  • These varieties resist common Tomato diseases like verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt, and tobacco mosaic virus.
  • Sometimes, Celebrity Tomato bears fruits all season long, behaving like Early Girl Tomatoes.
  • Like Celebrity Tomatoes, Early Girl requires full sun and nutrient-rich soil.
  • Moreover, both varieties need stakes or cages for support as they grow.
  • You can plant both varieties 6-8 weeks after the last frost date.

Celebrity Tomato Vs. Early Girl: Differences

With some similarities, the two can be different via considerable factors mentioned below!

1. Plant Size

As a determinant variety, Celebrity Tomato stops growing as they reach a fixed height of about 3-4 feet.

Meanwhile, Early Girl is the indeterminant variety that continues growing until the freezing winter kills them.

Unless you prune Early Girl, it may grow for a whole growing season. Some Early Girl can grow up to 9 feet tall.

2. Fruit Size 

Celebrity Tomato produces medium-sized tomatoes equal to the size of a cricket ball and is 4 inches across. 

Moreover, this hybrid allows you to harvest Tomatoes weighing about 8 ounces with a sweet and mild flavor.

Whereas the Early Girl Tomatoes are smaller than Celebrity Tomatoes with a 3-4 inches diameter that weighs 4-6 ounces.

When you taste this bright-red, petite fruit, you may feel a strong and sweet Tomato flavor. 

3. Harvesting and Yield

Celebrity Tomato takes about 65 days of planting to harvest, whereas you can harvest Early Girl Tomatoes within 50 days.

As Celebrity Tomatoes reach a fixed height, they can produce a limited number of fruits, i.e., 30-40 fruits per plant.

Meanwhile, Early Girl Tomatoes produce 200-300 fruits per plant as they continue growing throughout the growing season.

4. Plant Pruning

Despite of similar growing requirements, Celebrity Tomatoes has a limited size, but Early Girl Tomatoes has no size limit.

Moreover, Early Girl Tomatoes continue growing, so you need to prune them in a timely manner.  While pruning, remember not to trim off the main branch.

But, there is no need to prune Celebrity Tomatoes due to their fixed size unless some pests or pathogens invade the branches.

Below is the summary table!

CharacteristicsCelebrityEarly Girl
NameSolanum Lycopersicum cv. “Celebrity”Solanum Lycopersicum cv. “Early Girl”
Growth PatternDeterminate Indeterminate
Fruit DescriptionMedium to large weighing 8 ounces, 4 inches in diameterMedium globe shaped weighing 3-4 inches in diameter
Plant Size3-4 X 3 feet9X4 feet
Time to First Fruit70-75 days after planting50-60 days after planting
Number of Fruits30-40 fruits200-300 fruits
UsesSnacks, slicers, sandwiches, bruschettaSnacks, slicers, sandwiches
TasteStrong, mild, sweetRobust, sweet
Growing RequirementsFull sun, nutrient-rich soil and a cage or stake for supportFull sun, nutrient-rich soil and a cage or stake for support
PruningNot requiredRequired

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Celebrity Tomatoes Vs Early Girl: What To Choose?

As Celebrity Tomatoes are determinant, they produce and ripen fruits at once during the growing season.

But Early Girl Tomatoes produce many Tomatoes throughout the growing season and lets you harvest faster than Celebrity Tomatoes.

So, if you want to harvest many fruits faster, you can choose Early Girl. But choose Celebrity Tomatoes if you want fewer Tomatoes with a sweet flavor.