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Into You, Into Nature: Discovering Ariana Grande’s Garden

I have a garden in my backyard that’s completely organic, which I’m proud of,” says Ariana Grande with her fans, but which property is the singer talking about?

The 29-year-old singer and Grammy Award winner, Ariana, is said to have the finest taste in real estate, with more than three properties at the moment.

However, each has a common part: the greenery, as the villa holds a backyard garden while penthouses and apartments boast poolside lawns and potted indoor plants.

A picture of Ariana and Dalton lying by the pool side.
Ariana’s husband, Dalton, has deactivated his social account after the wrong allegations about his sexuality.

So dig deeper into the stunning properties and garden and uncover Ariana Grande’s love interest besides her husband, Dalton Gomez.

Ariana Grande Journey with Garden

The Billboard chart-topping star of 2019, Ariana Grande, had a comfortable life thanks to the mother nature surrounding her since birth.

Amazingly, the garden journey of Ariana Grande started when she shifted to the $1.6M home in 2004 with her family, featuring a lawn full of Palm and bushes bordering the stone pavement.

A house with greenery surrounding it with some trees.
Ariana hates the beach pampering she received in Florida while growing up and would love to enjoy cold, clammy days.

Climbing the ladder for Billboard in 2013 from her hit list ‘The Way’ to the album ‘Positions’ in 2020, Ariana continued nurturing new homes throughout the journey.

The recent, most viral home was the Tudor-style mansion in Montecito, formerly owned by the TV show chat host Ellen DeGeneres, bought by Ariana in 2020.

The interior of the English-style home might be the hook point, but did you notice the villa surrounded by giant trees and the garden in the yard?

Well, the flourishing velvety purple flowers of the Verbena Homestead Purple make the property a fairytale wonderland, indicating Ariana is a plant enthusiast.

A backyard with about three chairs surrounded by the purple flower and green shrubs.
Ariana is allergic to bananas, shellfish, and tomatoes, so they are nowhere to be seen.

Also, when we hear about Ariana Grande with a garden, we always think of Madison Square Garden, where she has performed since 2013, showing her connection with the word “Garden.”

Interestingly, Ariana’s last name, “Grande,” is the anagram for “Garden.” Maybe the most connective part for Ariana.

Not to leave out her recent live performance of the album “Positions” for Vevo, where we could spot her surrounded by greens and flowers.

Plants Around Ariana Grande

Distract your eyes from the beauty of the star singer and notice the sanctuaries beside Ariana.

The most common that you could see around the corners of most of her former and recent houses would be Fiddle Leaf Fig. I think it’s her favorite, given the Fig’s benefit.

Ariana Grande is facing backward and the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant is growing in a pot by the corner
With a few paintings and the Fiddle leaf Fig plant, Ariana approaches a minimalistic life.

Scrolling down the official account, you can notice a silhouette of Ariana facing the window with the lens focusing on her backyard full of plants.

However, it is a bit blurry. So, as a gardener, why not ask her to talk about the plants in a fan meet next time?

Window having the shadow of Ariana Grande with some plants visible outside it.
Ariana has a tattoo of a plant on her midriff where a leaf covers the word “Always.”

Also, the 748 sq. ft cottage owned by Ariana since March 2021 has incredible views from the pool and patio, with the border holding potted Spider plants.

And not to leave out the unique feature, the property has a garden filled with varieties like Aloe vera, Corn plant, Pothos, and Cactus variety to welcome the guest.

The giant trees beside the gateway make the property ultra-private for Ariana and her husband Dalton to spend some personal time.

How to Create Your Own Celeb Garden Like Ariana Grande?

Walking in the idol’s footsteps is what Arianators dream of their entire idolizing life.

So why not start by capturing the list of potted pets and spreading the green like Ariana Grande does to keep herself re-energized after her busy schedule?

For a gardener Arianator, start by buying the mentioned plant and for novice gardeners but die-hard fans, look out for the tips below so as not to make any mistakes.

  • Like Ariana, start with easy-growing plants like Spiderplants, Snakeplants, Aloe vera, Bird of Paradise, and Fiddle Leaf Fig.
  • Also, look out for other plants keeping the USDA zone in mind, as every plant has its unique requirement.
  • Approach organic gardening as Ariana does by avoiding inorganic pesticides and fertilizer and adapting to neem oil, compost and manure.
  • Mix up different varieties of plants featuring vibrant blooms like Hydrangeas, Orchids, and Roses.
  • For the best result, give priority to native plants.

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Tying knots with the LA-based real estate agent, Dalton, Ariana might be looking to snap discoveries in the property.

So let us wait to see what the pop star Ariana Grande has to offer and observe her choice keeping yard and garden in mind.