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Boysenberry Vs Mulberry: What You Need To Know

Distinguishing two similar-looking berries (Boysenberry vs. Mulberry) helps you uncover their unique abilities, incredible flavors, and fascinating origins.

Generally, Boysenberry and Mulberry share similar color, appearance, and texture. However, both fruits are different in native regions, size, taste, nutrition, family, growing season, harvest time, and many more.

Boysenberry is from the Rosaceae family, whereas Mulberry belongs to the family Moraceae.

So, read this complete article to know the potential difference between similar-looking berries, Boysenberries, and Mulberries.

Boysenberry Vs Mulberry [Similarities]

Both Boysenberry and Mulberry are aggregate fruits and are similar in appearance.

Boysenberry on the left and Mulberry on the right
Boysenberry has a higher sugar content than Mulberry.

Moreover, You can eat them fresh or use them in a pie, smoothies, cakes, cookies, etc., to make your meal more flavorful and delicious.

  • Both berries come in purple, red, or black colors, depending on the variety.
  • The taste of both fruits is sweet with a soft, juicy texture.
  • Both have similar nutritional value, i.e. vitamins and minerals.
  • You can find both varieties widely in the market.
  • When you pick the fruits, both Boysenberry and Mulberry do not last long.
  • Both fruits have lower acidity levels, making them perfect for beer, wine, and juices.
  • Moreover, both fruits do not come under the true Berry category.
  • Trees of both fruits are susceptible to issues like chlorosis, leaf fall, leaf spots, yellowing, and many more.

Boysenberry Vs Mulberry [Differences]

Boysenberry is a hybrid that came after crossing various fruits like Raspberry, Blackberry, Loganberry, and Dewberry.

Moreover, Boysenberry is ready to harvest later than Mulberry and has a comparatively shorter life after you pick the fruits.

AppearenceElongated with dep purple or rede colored fruitsRounded, also bears white fruits
TasteSweeter than MulberrySweet with sourness
TextureFirmer than MulberryVery delicate fruits
NutritionBear higher carbohydrates and calories than MulberryLow in calories
Fruit Size1-2 inch long0.5-1 inch long
HarvestJuly- AugustJune- August
Growing SeasonSummerSpring-summer
Native RegionNorth AmericaAsia

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Boysenberry Vs Mulberry: Which One Is Better?

Both Boysenberries and Mulberries are edible fruits with high water content. You can also use the purple or red juice as a dye.

Focusing on edible nature, choosing between both depends upon your personal taste. If you want to add a sweet and tart flavor to your dish, Boysenberry can be a perfect choice.

However, if you want your food to be slightly tangy, go for Mulberries. You can also use each other as a substitute in your recipe.