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Cleveland Botanical Garden Reviews: Attractions, Costs & More

Relish the Madagascar desert’s feel while vibing through the Costa Rica cloud forests at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, American cities’ first civic garden center.

Cleveland Botanical Garden lies in the University Circle neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, covering 10 acres and containing around 350 species of plants, 50 species of animals and swarms of butterflies.

Moreover, the Hershey Children’s Garden can be an excellent escape for parents to visit during holidays with their children.

So dig into the article to learn about the directions and expenses, including the ticket prices that may incur during the tour to the Cleveland Botanical Garden.

Quick info about Cleveland Botanical Garden

Dating back to 1930, the Cleveland Botanical Garden commenced its horticulture journey in a converted boathouse on Wade Park Lagoon.

The Garden initially served as a library, school and workshop hall for gardeners and was originally named Garden Center of Greater Cleveland.

Later in 1966, the Garden was moved to its current location on University Circle, formerly famous as Cleveland’s original zoo.

Meanwhile, the location was renovated to form the Center’s Herb Garden, Japanese Garden, Children’s Garden, Topiary Garden, Rose Graden, Ohio Woodland, and Perennial border.

Nevertheless, the peaceful, serene surrounding of Cleveland Botanical Garden, an entity of Holden Forests and Gardens, hosts about 350,000 visitors annually after being open to the public since July 2003.

Top Attractions & Features

Amongst the Graden Center, the Cleveland’s Garden has become one of Northeast Ohio’s treasures that not only entertains the species but also boosts the mood of the tourists.

Some mood boosters include the “Orchid Mania” held by the Cleveland Botanical Garden from January to March (the event for 2023 has expired), which displays about 100 different types of orchids.
A collage with 4 different varieties of Orchid growing in the Cleveland Botanical garden
The Orchid Mania also goes by Orchid Forever, which includes four highlights of plant culture.

Another is the 18,000-square-foot Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse showing the magic of nature.

Here, you get to see two different biomes. One is with species like Baobab trees, spiny succulents, and jasmine found exotically in the Madagascar desert.

Meanwhile, another displays the diversity of tropical Costa Rica Rainforests, with varieties like coffee, papaya, avocado, and colossal strangler fig.

Some of the additional features of the Botanical Garden are:

  • Hershey Children’s Garden: A collection of a honeybee hive, frog ponds, herb gardens with anemones, and an imaginative treehouse.
  • Gateway Garden: The area contains ornamental trees, shrubs, and grasses like lyme grass ‘Blue Dune’ with annual petunias and coleus.
  • Perennial Garden: The border incorporates classical perennials like hydrangea, hosta, foxtail lilies, and pink crape myrtle.
  • Restorative Garden: A peaceful surrounding with the trickling sound of water, mosses, lavender, mint, and geranium with large trees like blue oak.
  • Inspiration Garden: Create your backyard by incorporating the beauty of the kitchen garden, butterfly garden, and sun patio.
  • Japanese Garden: Savor nature and culture in a single space by looking at the rocks, evergreen azaleas, beach stones, tea gardens, Austrian pines, Japanese maples, and Asiatic lilies.
  • Rose Garden: Filled with dozens of rose varieties, attributed by an octagonal pool, fringe tree, and benches.
  • Topiary Garden: Deciduous plant sculptures consisting of young trees of spruces, arborvitaes, false cypress, and shrubs.

Things to do at Cleveland Botanical Garden

Be ready to propose to your loved one or enjoy family and friend gatherings amongst the lap of nature in Cleveland Botanical Garden.

Also, make your travel worth by enjoying some of the to-do-list.

  • Stroll the gardens to fill your camera and mind’s memory.
  • Attend different seminars and educational workshops to improve your gardening skills.
  • The art museum just opposite the Botanical Garden can be a nice escape to learn the history and culture of Cleveland.
  • Also, the Japanese Garden is best for holding wedding ceremonies.
  • Host family or friends gathering in the gorgeous venue, Gris Terrace, which features a Family Reflecting Pool filled with aquatic varieties like water lilies and lotuses.
  • Take a break from your busy schedule while enjoying the fresh air of the trees.
  • Moreover, gardeners and plant enthusiasts can take as much information from the library.
  • Not to leave out, the serene natural environment can balance the extremities caused due to stress and calms you down.
  • Meanwhile, you can buy different houseplants during the spring season from the garden store.

Take reference from the video for a view of the Garden!

Best Time to Visit Cleveland Botanical Garden

Whether it be home or a Botanical garden, the course of plants remains the same as they enjoy the cool breeze and hot spring and summer days.

So the best moment to appreciate the view of the Botanical Garden is during the springtime starting in January, to catch up with the orchid event till March, with the annual blooms lasting till May.

However, keep the garden hours in mind as the time varies depending on the weekdays and holidays.

  • Mondays: Closed
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays: 10 am – 5 pm, extending up to 9 pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Sundays: 12 pm – 5 pm

Also, check out the official site of the Botanical Garden to know about any closing day, highly possible during Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Different events are often conducted in the Cleveland Botanical Garden, with the ongoing Houseplants display from March 18 to May 21.

Meanwhile, the Frankenplants! Grafting for Beginners events is scheduled for April 29 in the Cleveland Botanical Garden.

Costs to Visit Cleveland Botanical Garden

After concluding your thoughts on visiting the Botanical Garden, you might need to know the costs that may incur during the entry.

The entry price lists are below based on age and membership.

CategoriesEntry fees
Children(2 and under)Free
Children(3-12 years old)$14
MembersAlways Free

Meanwhile, the Garden provides a $1 discount for booking, which applies to children and adults and a 50% discount to military members.

Other discounts include $12 off to senior citizens above 60 but on Tuesdays only, while a group above 10 participants is given a 25% discount.

However, extra parking charges add to your costs if you travel in your vehicle.

The Botanical Garden has a parking garage, but not for free if you exceed 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, the parking charge becomes $12 for 2 hours, rising further by $1 for each additional 30 minutes but cannot exceed $18 as it is the maximum daily rate.

Directions to Get Cleveland Botanical Garden

The Cleveland Botanical Garden, located at 11030 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio, is easy to reach by public transportation.

The nearest landmark for the Botanical Garden is the Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport which is 13 min away by car.

For the bus user, you can catch one of the free shuttle services that loop around the University Circle and passes by the Botanical Garden.

But the time to reach the place may vary depending on the weekdays and holidays.

As for the self-car visitors, take help from the given map to reach the location.

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Extra Tips!

Do not mistake the Holden Arboretum for the Cleveland Botanical Garden, as Botanical Garden prohibits the entry of dogs.

Nevertheless, the Garden can be a great source of inspiration while enjoying seasonal events in about 11 different Gardens under the single Cleveland Garden.