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Is Blue Lemon Real? Everything You Need To Know

If you want to give your summer drink a trendy, cool blue vibe, get innovative and get some Blue Lemons!

Generally, the natural color of Lemon is the greenish-yellow, so Blue Lemon is not real. However, you can prepare Blue Lemons with the help of food colors and additives. 
Read on to learn more about the colors of lemons you need to know.

What Is Blue Citrus?

Blue Citrus indicates liquor or a cocktail with blue colors and is prepared with Citrus fruits.

Moreover, this Chinese herbal formula treats liver stagnation, blood stagnation, and phlegm.

Blue Lemons
You can change the color of Lemon by injecting some food color.

You can make this drink from Citrus fruits such as Lemon, Lime, and Orange, and it also contains ingredients like Vodka and Tequila.

Furthermore, you can get the blue color of this drink from the artificial food color or from the citrus that is blue in color, for example, Blue Java Citrus.

Blue Curacao, Blue Moon, Blue Margarita, Blue Hawaii, and Blue Lagoon are some drinks that you can call Blue Citrus.

Additionally, these blue cocktails have a sweet-tart flavor with an ocean tint.

Everything You Need To Know About Colors Of Lemon

Lemons are generally known for their yellow, vibrant colors. 

But other colors of Lemons are in high market demand.

  • Yellow Citrus: A most common yellow lemon variety, known as the Eureka Lemon, becomes bright yellow after ripening.
  • Meyer Lemons: These are sweeter and less acidic varieties of Lemon. They are smaller and rounder than Eureka lemons; people use them in desserts and cocktails.
  • Pink Variegated Lemons: These are commonly known as Pink Lemonade Lemons, with pink flesh. However, their skin is green with yellow stripes.
  • Ponderosa Lemon: Ponderosa Lemons have thick skin with somewhat irregular shapes.
  • Sorrento Lemons: Sorrento Lemons are generally native to Sorrento, Italy. These Lemons contain oil glands that give an impressive amount of essential oil.

However, the natural color of Lemon is greenish-yellow when it gets ripe. The color varies according to the climate and the growth conditions.

Even if Blue Lemons have an unnatural color, such Lemons have seeds that are true to their parent plants.

Are There Real Blue Lemons?

Simply, there is no real Blue Lemon. The natural color of Lemon is green when unripe, which turns yellow after ripening.

However, if you see Blue Lemons, that results from artificial coloring. Besides Blue Lemons, there are other ones that look weird.

Generally, people change their original colors for the purpose of making them attractive.

Some of those weird lemons are listed below.

  • Buddha’s Hand Citrus: Buddha’s Hand Citrus (Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis) is a weird-looking citrus fruit with a finger-like shape and a yellow color.
  • Nepali Oblong Lemon: This juicy Lemon is oblong in shape and slightly sweet in taste.
  • Rough Lemon: Rough Lemon (Citrus jambhiri) is a mandarin Orange and citron hybrid.

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Some of the rarest Lemons in the world! 

Some examples of the rarest Lemon are Sanbokan, Bonnie Brae lemon, and Galgal.

The Bonnie Brae Lemon is rare due to pests, disease infestations, and global climate change.