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Is Blue Apple Fruit Real? Wait! What? Are There Any?

You may have seen Red Apples, Green Apples, and god swear there are Black ones too, but can you believe that Blue Apple fruit can also be real?

Actually, the Blue Apple fruit is real, but they are not entirely blue, as seen in social media. There are Apple varieties known as Black Diamond and Blue Pearmain, with a faint hue of blue.

Let’s debunk the mystery behind the Blue Apple fruits from the article and how you can turn any Apple into a blue one!

What Colors Are Apple Fruits?

Apples (Malus species) are fruits that hail from the plant family Rosaceae. They are the second most popular fruit in the world, behind only Bananas.

Loaded with nutrients, Apples have historical use in medicine and diverse cuisines.

Basically, Apples are Red in color, but there are also Pink, White, Yellow, Green, and Striped.

The red color is due to the presence of anthocyanin, a pigment that protects Apple fruits from direct exposure to UV radiation.

Furthermore, the amount of anthocyanins in Apples depends on the variety, the growing conditions, and ripeness.

Do you know the best way to grow an Apple tree is by planting Apple seeds? A work of patience, to be exact!

Is Blue Apple Fruit Real?

Besides the typical colors, Apples are also available in Blue, but they are not available in commercial cultivation.

Generally, heirloom growers and Apple enthusiasts grow them as a part of ornamental gardening rather than for retailing.

Image illustrates the Blue Apple varieties
Black Diamond and Blue Pearmain are two varieties of Apples that are blue.

The most popular Blue Apple fruit varieties include Black Diamonds and Blue Pearmain.

Black Diamond Apple fruits are not entirely blue but have dark purple with a slight blue shade and creamy white flesh.

Similarly, Blue Pearmain has a reddish to purplish-blue tinted skin and pale white flesh.

Hence, they are not totally blue and only have a slight blue hue that gives off an impression of blue color.

Can You Turn Any Apple Into Blue?

There are many ways to turn an Apple into a blue one.

However, this color will wipe off once you wash the Apple, as the color is not natural like the true Blue Apple varieties.

Further, the nutritional feature of Apple won’t be enhanced, nor will it change.

  • You can use the solution of blue food coloring and soak the Apples for several hours.
  • Also, you can directly paint the Apple blue using the blue food coloring dye and leave it to dry.
Image illustrates Apple tanghulus
You can prepare Apple tanghulu using simple syrup dyed with the food coloring of your choice.
  • You can also prepare tang-hulu by dipping your Apple in blue sugar syrup. 

However, by dying your Apple blue, you will risk the taste and quality of the fruit.

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Although Blue Apples are not commercially available, you can buy them from heirloom growers.

Alternatively, you can buy the seeds of these Apples from the growers and grow your own Blue Apple tree!