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Azucena Flower: Overview, Meaning, And For Sale

Enjoy the elegance and beauty of the true Lily, Azucena, whose flower is as unique as its Spanish name.

Generally, the Azucena (Lilium candidum) flower is a perennial bulbous white Lily that contains both male and female reproductive parts, making it a hermaphrodite. The White flower has various symbolism, representing chastity, purity, innocence, and grace.

There is more on the list of Azucena flowers and their level of toxicity. So go through the article to get it all.

Overview Of Azucena Flower

The Azucenas flower is a member of the Liliaceae family, where the word ‘Azucena’ is Spanish, meaning Lily.

This popular plant holds great significance as people make Azucenas flowers tattoos on various body parts. They also mistake it for the Nardo flower (Polianthes tuberosa).

However, Azucena is a long-day herbaceous bulb with tubular flowers, which refers to different types of Lilies in the Lilium genus. Even the Lily flowers in Spanish are called Azucena or Flores de lirio.
The white tubular flower of Azucena
The bloom of Azucena is famous for its sweet and heady fragrance.

Meanwhile, Azucenas flowers in English are known as Madonna Lily or White Lily. But here, Azucena specifically refers to this very species.

Look at the overview table for further details on Azucenas flowers.

Scientific NameLilium candidum
Common NameMadonna Lily
White Lily
NativeBalkans and Middle East
USDA Zone7-11
Plant TypeBulbous perennial
Plant SizeHeight: 6 to 7 feet

Width: 1 to 2 feet
Flower FeatureTrumpet-shaped pure white flower with six petals and yellow pollen at the center
Flower Size2 to 3 inches long
Bloom TimeLate spring to early summer
Leaf FeatureDeciduous leaves that are smooth and are arranged spirally
ToxicityToxic to pets

Where Do Azucena Flowers Commonly Grow?

Originating from the Balkans and Middle East countries like Turkey, Azucena flowers have spread to various parts of the world.

These waxy flowers commonly grow in temperate areas and parts of North Africa and Mexico. It covers European countries like France, Italy, and Ukraine. 

Meanwhile, the Madonna Lily prefers full sun to partial shade, slightly acidic to neutral, and evenly moist soil with warm temperatures to bloom.

Also, provide Azucena with an inch of water weekly, slow-releasing balanced fertilizer every spring, and temperatures around 65 to 80ºF to see them grow anywhere in USDA zone 7-11.

Nevertheless, Azucena flowers can grow in borders, rock gardens, patios, or containers under optimal growing conditions to naturalize themselves.

Azucena Flower Symbolism [Meaning] 

The origin of Azucena dates back 3,000 years and has different meanings depending on the culture.

In Roman and Greek, the Azucenas flower represented the Goddess Hera, symbolizing purity. Meanwhile, the Roman culture associated it with innocence.
The cluster of Azucena flower
The Azucena flowers appear in clusters over a single, erect stalk.

In the Church Catholics, this flower symbolizes the Virgin Mary and represents chastity and purity of the soul. Thus, it receives the name Madonna Lily.

Also, Azucena flowers hold importance in various artworks of the Middle Ages in representing saints from that era.

Health Considerations To Keep In Mind

Keep your cats away from the Azucena plant, as all parts possess toxins that can trigger acute kidney disorders.

ASPCA has listed Lilium spp. as the most toxic plant for pets and is more damaging to cats than dogs. Even the water containing the Azucena and pollen can be toxic to them.

Initially, the feline shows signs of vomiting, breathing problem, and depression that slowly become life-threatening due to kidney failure.

Even Pet Poison has warned the pet parent about Lilium species like Azucena. So you need to adopt a safe technique to grow Azucena indoors or look for alternatives.

And in case your pet ingests the plant part, contact the nearby veterinarian or the immediate helpline number.

Azucena Flower For Sale

You might be aware that Azucenas flowers are a great addition to your vase and a perfect gift for birthdays, baptisms, and weddings.

So either grow one yourself to save the cost of buying these waxy flowers or bring the bouquet from online sites at a reasonable price.

Here are some famous sites that have kept the Azucena flower for sale.

SitesProduct On Sale
Easy To Grow BulbsBulb
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Additional Tips!

People often confuse Azucena with Tuberoses (Polianthes tuberosa) because of the bloom’s structure and color. But they are entirely different species of different families.

Meanwhile, you can deadhead the Azucena flowers weekly in the blooming season to boost the number of new blooms.

Happy Flowering!