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Austin Butler’s Garden Goals: A Hidden Oasis

From bagging BAFTA to the Golden Globes Award, a skyrocketing career, a beautiful home, and a heavenly garden, Austin Rober Butler in 2023 has it all in his fortune, which most aspiring actors long for. 

Not only has the 31 years old American Actor embodied the spirit of the musical legend Elvis Presley, but Austin’s general preference is astoundingly similar to the King of rock and roll.

And by that, we mean his garden as well.

Exploring the Garden of Austin Butler

Austin Butler and his then-love interest Vanessa Hudgens, an American actress/singer, took their relationship to the next level as they bought a Georgian Colonia home in 2018 after 5 long years of house hunting.

The former couple’s one-time dream home, the $5 Million Loz Feliz Mansion, has 3 bedrooms and four bathrooms with a separate one-bed and bath guesthouse attached to a two-car garage.

Umm, but was that deal sealer for the home? Not really, though.

The couple drew more towards the trailing ivy that covered the walls, several olive trees, and other green elements that made the mansion more of a cozy getaway with French vibes.

Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens posing for photograph in front of their home.
If only the good time had lasted, Austin and Vanessa would still be posing in front of the ivy walls.

You’ll get to notice a large lawn covered with seasonal grass, perfectly highlighting the double fountain at the center. 

And as you move along, the interior is no different. The plain white walls are gorgeously complimented by tropical plants like some monsteras, anthurium, Philodendron Rojo Congo.

Walk down the big old oak door in the living room, and you’ll be welcomed by a medieval-inspired garden with a deep-blue pool and every plant you could grow in the Californian climate. 

However, what’s most common in his garden is the big terracotta pots holding plumerias, succulents like a string of bananas, string of hearts, and sago palm throughout the backyard. 

Starting from the entrance, the walls are quite high, lined up by hedges for privacy.

And yes, the hedges served their purpose, keeping the paparazzi at bay until Vanessa opened the door for Architecture Digest long after Austin and she parted their ways.

When you think you have reached a dead end, the backyard surprises you with an extended garden. This garden will serve delicious avocado, grapefruit, lemon, lime, kumquat, and tangerine whenever basking in the LA sun.

No wonder he seemed sad, leaving behind his after breaking his ties with Vanessa in 2020.

Create an Austin Butler Like Garden

Austin’s onscreen representation of Elvis took him two long years of offscreen homework. That clearly explains how invested he is in anything he does. So why would his garden be any different?

To have the same Georgian Colonial theme, the best you could do is hire a professional landscape designer. 

But like Austin quotes, “I think it’s important to have a dream and to follow your heart,” if you wish to take all the matters into your hands, here’s how you do it.

  • Look around your neighborhood, observe the variety of plants grown, and note them down. This will allow you to select the plant per location and climatic conditions.
  • Plant plenty of trees around the corners of the property, and by plenty, I mean in every possible space. This will let you mimic the outlook of Austin’s L.A. home.
  • Searching for easy-to-care alternatives when getting the exact plants like Austin’s becomes difficult. For instance, climbing hydrangeas, areca palm, a string of pearls, jade, and pothos do well in L.A.
  • If you have pollen allergies and special needs, keep an eye on what you bring in. Ensure you get little to no flower plants like bamboo palm, sweetheart plant, and Gerbera daisy.
  • Go for a classic terracotta pot or muted color pots to maintain the aesthetics of your home. 

Patience is the key to growing an enormous garden with big old trees like Austin Butler.

From Editorial Team

The key to creating a garden like Austin’s is having equal anticipation, love, and care for your plants as much as you do for his upcoming project, Dune: Part Two.

It’s not that difficult, with some local plants, a regular watering regime, adequate light and temperature, and there you have your own Austin-inspired home garden.