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8 Untold Areca Palm Benefits

Areca Palm is a widely popular Palm tree species for its beautiful foliage and benefits as an indoor plant.

The functions and benefits of this plant are so many that they have been in use since ancient times in Ayurveda.

Generally, the Areca Palm plant acts as an excellent air purifier and provides tons of fresh oxygen. Furthermore, it offers a tropical vibrance to your space while offering feng shui energies at a very low maintenance and care needs.
Areca palm in a concrete pot with stone textured design with few colorful plant pots around.
Areca Palm is an excellent natural air purifier.

Regardless of gardeners’ experience level, Areca Palm selflessly offers its benefits and easily grows without any complaints.

Therefore, continue reading to unveil the benefits of owning the Areca Palm plant in your place and how to provide care for them.

Is Areca Palm Good for Indoors?

Areca Palm is a splendid tropical plant from eastern Madagascar that can flawlessly complement interior decor.

Alongside its shimmering silver-green foliage, the Areca Palm is a natural air purifier. Amazing right?

Meanwhile, Areca Palm gracefully adapts and thrives under average indoor conditions.

Areca palm plant on a tool with orange legs along with other plant in the corner of a beige-colored room.
Areca palm produces tons of oxygens much faster as it is also one of the C4 plants.

Areca Palm also does not have intensive care demands and is a competitively low-maintenance plant, making it an excellent indoor plant.

Although to obtain vicious-looking Areca Palm, you shall consider planting them outdoors where they can go wild.

That said, to enjoy its tropical beauty to its fullest, you shall provide them with consistently warm conditions.

Unlike other houseplants, Areca Palm can tolerate trimming regardless of the time of the year. So, you can fashion Areca Palm as per need.

Pro Tip: Since the fully grown Areca Palm can cost a fortune, I suggest you procure this plant while it is small. 

8 Untold Benefits of the Areca Palm

Do you know Areca Palm is one of the endangered species in its native land Madagascar due to the loss of its natural habitat?

In addition to its alluring beauty, the Areca Palm offers humankind many off-the-chart benefits.

Therefore, let us jump straight into the benefits of Areca Palm without further ado, shall we?

1. Areca Palm Purifies Air 

If you already have got Areca Palm smiling indoors, congratulations! There is good news for you.

Not only is Areca Palm enhancing the ambiance of your space, but it is also taking care of harmful chemicals in the air for you.

According to the research, the Areca Palm plant is an excellent, effective air purifier for your home.

The research continues by explaining how the Areca Palm absorbs dangerous, volatile chemical pollutants like acetone, toluene, and xylene.

Long-term exposure to such VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds) can cause mild to serious health problems like headaches, respiratory problems, anemia, etc.

Therefore, absorbing all these toxic chemicals, Areca Palm gives you fresh, non-toxic air.

2. More Oxygen Supply to the Surrounding

Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens) has large foliage leaves that are almost 40 to 60 pairs in a pinnate.

As a fellow member of the Palm species, the Areca Palm is also a C4 plant meaning it has an improved photosynthesis rate.

And each of the fully mature Areca Palm leaves can grow up to almost 2 meters long.

An improved photosynthesis rate with multiple larger leaves means more fresh oxygen yield. 

Furthermore, a paper published in Scientific research publishing states that Areca Palm converts tons of CO2 to O2 during the daytime.

It also stated four shoulder-high Areca Palm plants could provide enough oxygen for a person during daylight.

3. Areca Palm is a Low Maintenance Plant

Having a delicate indoor plant with intensive care in this modern, busy lifestyle could be a drag.

But growing Areca Palm is comparatively easy and can thrive with minimal maintenance.

Areca Palm in a pation with many other houseplants.
Areca Palm has minimal care requirements and will grow without much hustle.

This tropical plant with a moderate growth rate will grow without problem if you place them properly.

With gentle care, one can get fine-textured, beautiful leaves giving a tropical ambiance.

For your ease, I have included the basic care needs of Areca Palm for optimal growth.

Care RequirementsOptimum Conditions
LightBright indirect light of 6 hours per day
WaterOnce every 1-2 weeks in the summer
Once every 2-3 weeks in the winter
Temperature75-85°F during daytime and above 65°F at night.
HumidityAt least 40% relative humidity
SoilWell-draining, nutrient-rich potting soil with a pH of 6.1-6.5.
FertilizerMonthly nitrous liquid fertilizer with N-P-K ratio of 3-1-2.
RepottingOnce every two to three years after the plant outgrows the pot
PruningOccasional trimming of the fronds to promote uniform light distribution.

4. Mental Well-Being and Reduces Stress

Today the world is approaching green, eco-friendly buildings as it simultaneously encourages the betterment of the environment and individuals.

Similarly, research states that the presence of indoor plants in one space helps to reduce psychological stress.

Furthermore, another research paper described indoor plants making the occupant feel much calmer with higher productivity.

Therefore, adding Areca Palm to your collection as a decorator will help alleviate stress.

Do you know a survey on biophilic design showed that adding plants significantly increased well-being and creativity?

5. Adds Aesthetic Appeal

Undoubtedly houseplants have become a trending element to elevate interior decor.

And there comes the Areca Palm, which has gorgeous leaves that give off a butterfly resemblance. 

The tropical vibe from Areca Palms’ leaves that curve upwards with yellow midribs will dazzle your room.

Top angle view of a medium size Areca Palm in greyish-black pot, placed in between a couch and a side table.
Indoor Areca Palm can grow up to 8 feet tall indoors with appropriate care and maintenance.

Furthermore, unlike Coconut Palm, the Areca Palm can grow up to 10 feet with bushy green foliage in suitable indoor conditions.

Therefore, try to place them strategically in such a way they flaunt their beauty and receive the optimal care they need.

6. Provides Medicinal Benefits

In addition to flaunting its beauty, the Areca Palm also bears many medicinal properties that have been used since ancient times.

Many studies on Areca Palm have claimed a wide range of therapeutic and pharmacological characteristics.

According to one research article, Areca Palm leaf extract showed effective antiulcerogenic and wound-healing properties.

The extract can be used to treat wounds, burns, skin surgery, and ulcers.

Several studies have shown that Areca Palm fruit contains many major bioactive constituents beneficial for treating and curing many diseases such as Diabetes, Cardiac diseases, liver diseases, ulcer preventive, tumors, hyperlipidemia, etc.

  • Yellow or black fruit of Areca Palm trees consists of polyphenols known for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Areca Palm plant possesses anti-cancer activities due to isovitexin, flavonoids, tannins, lignans, etc.
  • Silver nanoparticles synthesized from Areca Palm leaves also showed significant antibacterial activity.
  • Administration of Ethanolic extract of Areca Palm effectively improved liver health and function.
  • Alkaloids found in the Areca Palm fruit, including (Arecoline, arecaidine, guvacoline, guvacine, isoguvacine, arecolidine, and homo-arecoline), are used for treating CNS diseases like depression and schizophrenia.

7. Improves Air Humidity

Having the right plants can add moisture or humidity to the surroundings. On the other hand, water in the air has numerous health benefits.

Moisture in the air helps relieve dry skin and lips, prevent dry throats, ease dry sinuses and nasal irritation, avoid nosebleeds, and lower the risk of infections and allergies.

Areca Palms prefer moist soil and don’t mind being overwatered on occasion.

As a result, this kind of plant has a higher rate of evapotranspiration, which helps moisten the room’s air.

Do you know Areca Palm has been accoladed with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit?

8. Promotes Feng Shui Significance

Based on Chinese geomancy, feng shui suggests that the plants in the home can attract joyful and prosperous energy.

There is a belief that indoor plants in a home positively impact the psychological climate and human health.

feng sui chart on board
Areca Palm plant offers Feng shui when kept in a proper location.

Feng shui claims that the Areca Palm attracts positive, pleasant energy and spreads it around the place.

Furthermore, it is also believed that the Areca Palm brings luck, peace, and prosperity to the family.

Therefore, escape the melancholy and negative emotions by keeping Areca Palm in a proper location as per the feng shui chart.

Health Considerations to Keep in Mind

Although there are Palm species that are toxic to pets and humans, Areca Palm is an exception.

The Areca Palm is non-toxic to humans and does not cause disease or allergies regarding human and pet health within the home.

Furthermore, even if this plant is consumed or digested, the ASPCA states that it is not dangerous to your dogs, cats, and horses.

However, accidental consumption of Areca leaves can cause an upset stomach and minor digestive problems.

Therefore, you better keep the Areca Palm beyond your pets and children’s reach to stay safe.

Here are a few hotlines that can help and provide information if you feel an emergency.

Where to Buy the Areca Palm?

If you haven’t got an Areca Palm tree already, it is time for you to get one, don’t you think? After all, these benefits of Areca Palm surely hypnotize you to buy one.

I have listed some of the online stores with Areca Palm for sale here.

Garden GoodsWithin 3 working days
A Quality PlantShips within 1-2 Days
Amazon (for seed)Shipping within 4 to 5 days
Plantz Ships within 2 days
Fast Growing TreesShips in 1-2 Days

From Editorial Team

The Areca Palm is an ideal houseplant offering many benefits like detoxifying air, decoration, and medicinal uses.

Although growing this beneficial Areca Palm is not tricky, keep an eye on lighting and soil moisture needs.

Happy Gardening!!!

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