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5+ List Of Angel Wing Begonia Varieties

Enjoy the arrowhead flowers of Angel Wing Begonia to your heart’s content by including more intriguing and eye-catching varieties.

Generally, the Angel Wing Begonia varieties list includes cultivars with either dark green serrated leaves or smooth leaves with silver or pink dots. Some are Silver Wings, Splish Splash, Charles Jaros, Looking Glass, and Anna Christine.

For further description of the features of all Angel Wing Begonia varieties, scroll down and choose the best for your indoors.

What Is Angel Wing Begonia? [Overview]

Among different types of Begonias, Angel Wing Begonia is a perennial hybrid produced from the cross between Begonia coccinea and Begonia aconitifolia.

Angel Wing Begonia is a tropical tender perennial famous for its spotted wing-shaped to triangular leaves. Meanwhile, it stays in upright thick stems.

The thick upright stem made Angel Wing Begonia hold the name “cane Begonia” which can grow up to 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

Some other general overview of Angel Wing Begonia is as follows.

Scientific NameBegonia coccinea 'Angel Wings'
Common NameAngel Wing Begonia
OriginCross between Begonia coccinea and Begonia aconitifolia
USDA Zone10 and 11
Plant TypePerennial Shrub
Plant SizeHeight: 1 to 5 feet

Spread: 1 to 2 feet
Flower FeatureShowy clustered flowers in red to burgundy, white, orange hue that lacks true petals
Bloom TimeSummer to early fall
Leaf FeatureAssymetrical, wing-shaped leaves with silver dots.
ToxicityToxic to pets

Angel Wing Begonia Varieties

Even if Angel Wing is a hybrid variety, more than 20 hybrids lie under it with a similar growing requirement but varying leaf features.

Some of them are as follows.

1. Splish Splash

The Splish Splash variety of Angel Wing gets its name from the white splashes present in large deep green foliage.

Meanwhile, you can notice red to purple undersides on the Splish Splash leaf, producing a pendulous cluster of blooms. The bloom color comes in a shade of pink and magenta.

For this, provide the Splish Splash Begonia with bright indirect light that stays shady most of the time. And maintain consistent watering to avoid overwatering.

Moreover, with optimum care, you can enjoy the Splish Splash of up to 2 to 3 feet in height, which requires regular pruning. For that, use a sterilized pruner or shears.

2. Anna Christine

The second most famous among Angel Wing Begonia varieties is Anna Christine which grows slightly smaller than Angel Wing. It gradually attains a height of 4 feet.

Meanwhile, the intriguing feature of Anna Christine is its smooth green leaves that grow on cane-like stems. Here, nodes on the stem are arranged evenly.

Also, the cultivar gives a cluster of pendulous red flowers from early spring to late summer.

Remember to provide it with warmth and high humidity if you wish to see the leaves unfurl on time. 

3. Cracklin Rosie

Another upright variety of Angel Wing Begonia that has the stage as the most beautiful Begonia is the Cracklin Rosie.

The Cracklin Rosie is famous for its unique foliage. It has wavy oval dark bronze leaves with heavily covered small pink dots over the entire surface.
The dotted leaves of Cracklin Rosie Begonia
Cracklin Rosie is from the 1970s and is famous for being pest- and disease-resistant.

And when light falls on the leaves, the contrast of the red background and pink dots gives the plant a haunting look.

Moreover, with optimum growing conditions, the Cracklin Rosie attains a height of 3.5 feet.

As for the flowers, you might need patience as it rarely blooms to give pink flower clusters. So the foliage is its attractive quality.

Fun Fact: The Cracklin Rosie was named after Neil Dianond’s song ‘Cracklin’ Rosie.’ It was given by the hybridizer Walter Dworkin.

4. Charles Jaros

The Charles Jaros falls under the rhizomatous Begonia list with underground rhizome structures that you can use for propagation.

Meanwhile, Charles Jaros is a compact perennial Angel Wing Begonia variety that hardly attains a height of 2 feet.

It gives out showy pink flower clusters over the erect cane stems and has lobed pale green leaves with white patches at the tip end.

Moreover, the care need of Charles Jaros is the same as Angel Wing, requiring consistent moist soil and humidity of around 50% or more. You can do it by using pebble trays.

5. Lucerna

People knew Lucerna as ‘Corallina de Lucerna’ because of the city of origin, Lucerne, Switzerland.

Also, the Latin meaning of Lucerna is ‘lamp,’ referring to the bright flowers of the Begonia that shine depending on the light. Thus, Lucerna Begonia is famous for its large clustered rosy red to pink flowers.
The silver dotted leaves of Lucerna Angel Wing Begonia
Lucerna Begonia is a hybridized variety created in 1892.

Moreover, they are a fast grower that gives green large leaves with tiny silver dots on the upper surface. And it has a reddish bottom.

Meanwhile, the Lucerna Begonia can attain a height of 6 feet in its natural habitat. But indoors, it can grow up to 1.5 to 2 feet tall.

Remember to provide indirect light with partial shade and a warm temperature between 50 and 75ºF.

Some Other Varieties of Angel Wing Begonia

The Angel Wing Begonia varieties list does not end with just five members. There are more fascinating cultivars that can be a great addition.

Some of the eye-catchers other than the varieties mentioned above are:

Angel Wing Begonia varieties

Variety NameFeatures
Super CascadeLarge and showy double blooms
Apricot ShadesPendant orange to gold flower with deep green foliage
Esther AlbertineLarge cane having ruffled leaves with silver spots that gives red flower
Looking GlassSilver leaves with olive green veins that gives rise to bright pink flower
MedoraSmall elliptical leaves with silver spots and gives clusters of bright pink flowers
Million Kisses EleganceProduces bulk of white blossoms over serrated arrow-shaped leaves
Silver WingsSilver spots are present on the light green leaf

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Benefits You Can Enjoy!

The cascading foliage of Angel Wing Begonia makes it an excellent addition to any indoor hanging basket or vertical garden.

Moreover, the concoction made from flowers may aid in treating blood circulation and eliminate toxins from the body.

However, consult a doctor before consuming it, as it can cause allergies.