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Yellow Stainer Vs Field Mushroom: No More Confusion NOW

While comparing two Agaricus varieties (Yellow Stainer vs Field Mushroom), both appear similar. However, they share dark differences that set them wide apart.

Generally, Yellow Stainer and Field Mushrooms share similar groups, families, genera, and appearances. However, both varieties have common differences in cap color, gills, odor, edibility, habitat, and many more.

When you taste Yellow Stainer, you can feel an unpleasant, bitter taste. Meanwhile, Field Mushroom has a light and delicious taste when cooked.

So, read this article till the end to know the similarities and potential differences between Yellow Stainer and Field Mushroom.

Yellow Stainer And Field Mushroom [Similarities]

Yellow Stainer and Field Mushrooms are the members of the group Basidiomycetes belonging to the family Agaricaceae.

Yellow Stainer on teh left and Field Mushroom on the right
Yellow Stainer leaves yellow stains upon scratches, but Field Mushroom doesn’t.

Not only this, the similar appearance and common genus can cause confusion in anyone.

  • Both varieties have white color and bear smooth, rounded caps.
  • Moreover, the cap size in both varieties is similar i.e. 2-4 inches.
  • You can see both mushrooms growing in the grassy areas and meadows.
  • The stem is long and slender with an annulus ring.
  • Gills lie just below the caps and look close but freely separated.
  • Both varieties have flower-like apparences.

Yellow Stainer Vs Field Mushroom [Differences]

Field Mushrooms are widely available in groceries and supermarkets, but people do not cultivate Yellow Stainers.

Moreover, the spore prints of Yellow Stainers are grey, whereas Field Mushrooms give out brown spore prints.

Features Yellow StainerField Mushroom
CapWhite, turns yellow when injuredWhite, doesn't turn yellow
GillsWhite when young and turns grey upon maturityPinkish when young and turns dark brown when mature
OdorSmells terrible just like petrol or inkMild and almond-like, nutty smell
Edibility and ToxicityToxic, causes stomach upset upon consumptionEdible, used to make culinary dishes
Habitat Arises in disturbed soilGrows well in uninterrupted grassland

Yellow Stainer Vs Field Mushroom: Culinary Uses

Yellow Stainer and Filed Mushroom have vast differences in culinary uses due to toxicity.

Field Mushroom is an edible variety loaded with vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Moreover, they are popular in most restaurants and home cooking due to their delicious taste. 

You can saute, pickle, roast or simply use them as a vegetable, Field Mushrooms can make your dinner memorable.

In contrast, Yellow Stainer is not edible and can cause stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting and many more.

The toxicity is due to the phenolic compounds present in Yellow Stainer.

Moreover, never feed Yellow Stainer to pets and the result can also lead to death. In case of accidental consumption contact: 

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Yellow Stainer Vs Field Mushroom: Difference In Annulus!

To avoid toxic mushroom consumption due to confusion in appearance, you have to look closely at the stems of both Mushrooms.

Yellow Stainer bears complete or partial annulus on the upper portion of the stem. Meanwhile, Field Mushroom may or may not contain annulus.

However, instead of an annulus, you can see the ring-like structure called an annulus ring on the stem.