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Is Wumpa Fruit Real or Fake? Facts About Unique Fruit

Many times, video game edibles catch peoples’ attention; one of them is Wumpa fruit, which looks just like a tropical fruit.

Wumpa fruit is a recurring item in the game Crash Bandicoot and the main character’s favorite food, which looks like an apple and mango with purple inside. In Japanese, it translates to リンゴ or Ringo (apple).

Let us find out what exactly is this exotic fruit and what it does.

What is a Wumpa Fruit?

Old gamers would know about Crash Bandicoot because this video game was very popular in the 90s and 2000s.

One of the recent sightings within the game is Wumpa fruit, which Crash Bandicoot (the main character) must collect.

As a matter of fact, Wumpa fruit is not real and is only based on the appearance and nutrition of natural fruit.

wumpa fruit
The fruits sometimes pop up in clusters or are scattered throughout the game levels.

Like natural fruits, the in-game fruit serves vital functions in the game.

  • Increase Health: Eating the fruit replenishes Crash Bandicoot’s health to help them continue fighting with the enemies and take damage.
  • Earn Extra Lives: Collecting 100 fruits accounts for earning one extra life, just like earning 100 coins would get Mario one.
  • Earn Power-Ups: Collecting a specific number of fruits can activate special abilities for Crash.

How to Identify Wumpa Fruit?

Although never clarified by the makers, the fruit’s appearance is based on two different fruits: mango (tropical) and apple (temperate).

The fruit displays three leaves attached to the stem with an enlarged fruiting in a mix of shades from red, yellow, and green.

At first, the semi-circular appearance makes it look like an apple. But a closer inspection will reveal it is more of a mango.

Wumpa fruit closely resembles mango and apple.

However, the fruit has purple insides, which do not resemble either mango or apple.

A Redditor recently posted a real-life Wumpa fruit, which happens to be an orange.

Nonetheless, the fruit’s purpose remains similar to its real-life counterparts: to boost nutrition and the number of calories (health and score) and increase immunity (defense against enemies).

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Although a video game, eating the Wumpa fruits’ highlights the importance of consuming fruits regularly.

Like the Crash Bandicoot, you can also improve your lifestyle by regularly eating nutritious fruits.