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Is Wolfsbane Flower Illegal? Should You Grow It Or Not?

Think twice before growing the Wolfsbane flower, or you may last in jail as the plant may be illegal in several countries and states.

Generally, Wolfsbane flower is illegal to sell or distribute but legal to possess and grow in some states in the US. However, some states have strictly prohibited growing, selling, and possessing this poisonous plant. So, the legality of Wolfsbane flowers varies from country to country. 

Wolfsbane, also known as Monkshood, can easily grow in USDA zones 3-8 and prefers full sunlight to bloom.

So, go through this article to know the states and countries where Wolfsbane is illegal and the reason behind the prohibition.

What Does Wolfsbane Flower Look Like?

Wolfsbane flowers have appealing colors and unique shapes, and the structure and color may vary depending on the varieties.

Basically,  the flowers look just like a hood in which the upper part encloses the lower floral parts.

Moreover, the color of the flowers can be blue, purple, or white, according to the species.

Apart from the vibrant colors, the clustered arrangements of the flowers give this plant a heavy and unique look.

Wolfsbane Flower with blue petals
Wolfsbane is also called monkshood due to its hood-like appearance. 

Besides flowers, Wolfsbane bears dark green lobed leaves with a beautiful alternate arrangement. The leaves and flowers are attached to the tall, upright stems. 

Usually, the flowers are small in size, about 0.8 inches, and the plant can grow up to 5 feet tall.

Is Wolfsbane Flower Illegal?

Wolfsbane’s legality depends on the country’s or state’s laws and where the plant grows.

In some countries, it’s legal to possess Wolfsbane, but it’s illegal to sell or possess it. However, the Wolfsbane flower is illegal to possess, grow, or sell in some countries or states.

Wolfsbane is illegal in countries like Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Moreover, in some countries, it’s illegal to sell, but it can be legal to grow and possess this plant.

Wolfsbane is legal to possess in some states of the US, like Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Missouri, Nevada, Louisiana, and many more.

But, you cannot sell or distribute the plant if you are from these states. You can only grow this plant for your personal use.

However, the Wolfsbane flower is illegal to grow, sell, or possess in states like California, Hawaii, Lowa, Indiana, Michigan, Montana, Washington, and others.

Why Is Wolfsbane Flower Illegal?

One of the major reasons why Wolfsbane Flower is illegal is due to the plant’s toxic traits.

This plant contains Aconitine, which is highly poisonous to humans and animals. Even a small amount can be fatal if you ingest it.

Besides the poisonous compound, there has been high abuse of Wolfsbane as people used this plant for witchcraft and folk magic.

Additionally, Wolfsbane also looks similar to other medicinal plants and can confuse people, leading to serious health problems.

Thus, Wolfsbane is a poisonous plant with high abuse, and there is no evidence of the medicinal value of this plant.

So, Wolfsbane flowers are illegal as they contain many disadvantages rather than known benefits.

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History Of Wolfsbane Use!

In ancient times, Romans used Wolfsbane to treat gout and heart diseases. Also, Greek people used to poison their weapons to kill animals and enemies.

Besides, many ancient people also used this plant as a painkiller, sleep inducer, and respiratory medicine. However, due to their toxic traits, their use is prohibited.