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Does Lunar Tear Flower Exist In Real Life? Let’s Find Out!

You may have Moon Light Plant, but have you ever heard about Lunar Tear Flower?

Lunar Tear Flower is a white flower with five petals with a bright shine, which may look like Apache Plume or White Lilies. They are essential elements in the video game series “NieR” for granting a reward or helping advance the story.

Read on to learn more about this mysterious flower and know if they exist in real life.

What is a Lunar Tear Flower?

If you are a fan of the NieR game series, an action role-playing game developed by Cavia Inc. in 2010, you would know about the main character’s quest for beautiful flowers.

Known as Lunar Tear in the game world, it is a rare and beautiful white flower that holds importance to Nier (main character).

In the recent NieR: Automata installment, the flower offers a wish, “one’s heart’s deepest desire.”

Lunar Tear Flower
Throughout the games, the Lunar Tear is often associated with themes of hope, memory, loss, and the passage of time.

Therefore, Nier constantly searches for flowers, which involves many steps and challenges.

However, many fans associate it with Drakengard’s flower in Drakengard 3, a role-playing game similar to NieR but with a different theme.

Lunar Tear in NieR is a flower of hope, whereas Drakengard’s flower serves a symbol of death.

How to Identify Lunar Tear Flowers?

Lunar Tear flowers are easy to identify when you encounter them within the game.

The flowers appear as bright lights glowing on the ground from afar, but when you approach them, they appear white.

They are called “lunar tears” because of their glowing white appearance, which may resemble the tear-droppings from the moon.

lunar tear vs real flower
The Lunar Tear has the closest resemblance to Apache Plume, a North American wildflower

Nonetheless, the flower grows out of a long stem with some green leaves at the bottom.

A showy flower head appears at the top with five white petals, and about three stamens appear from the middle.

The flower may appear as an Apache Plume (Fallugia paradox), an American wildflower, for its five pristine-white petals.

The Lunar Tear may sometimes resemble White Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum) and White Lilies (Lilium candidum).

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Lunar Tear Flowers offers many grants and helps associate NieR’s memories to advance the story.

However, many real-life flowers resemble Lunar Tears in terms of appearance and symbols.

Decorating your garden with white blossoms may be a good idea, adding to the overall decor and atmosphere.