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Will Cantaloupe Ripen On The Counter? [Queries Solved]

Even with several efforts, gardeners often find it impossible to ripen an immature Cantaloupe on a counter post-harvest. The reason lies in the nature of the plant and fruit.

Generally, Cantaloupe is a climacteric fruit containing ethylene that can ripen on the room temperature counter, but the sweetness won’t increase. To ripen Cantaloupe faster, place it in a paper bag along with apple and banana and leave it for 1-2 days.

However, the fruit must be fully mature for ethylene production, which means premature fruit won’t continue ripening.

So, go through this entire article to know whether the unripe Cantaloupe will ripen on the counter and the fastest way to make it ripe.

Can You Ripen A Cantaloupe On a Counter?

Climacteric fruits like Cantaloupe become softer in texture even after you pick half-ripen fruit from the vine.

It’s because climacteric fruits contain ethylene gas, making them ripe on the counter without any attached vine. 

Five Cantaloupes on counter
Cantaloupes can ripen on the counter at room temperature, but the sweetness won’t increase.

Moreover, the Cantaloupe will only be softer or change in color, so it’s better to pick up your Cantaloupe only after it ripens.

However, you can’t expect your unripe Cantaloupe to become sweeter as the fruit stops developing sugar after you remove it.

Unlike climacteric, non-climacteric fruits like watermelon, pineapple, etc., won’t ripe further, so you must harvest them only after ripening.

Also, cutting unripe Cantaloupe open won’t ripe further, even if it contains ethylene. Instead, the fruit will turn hard and tasteless.

How To Make Cantaloupe Ripen Faster?

Although you can’t increase the sweetness of Cantaloupe on a counter, the hard fruit can still be pulpy and yellower.

However, the fully unripe melon will not ripen after you take it off the vine. Thus, try ripening the fruit that is only slightly unripe.

  • Place the Cantaloupe you want to ripen into a brown paper bag.
  • Never make the mistake of using a plastic bag, as it blocks air circulation.
  • Inside the same bag put climacteric fruits like banana, apple or mango.
  • Using Such fruits will increase ethylene gas production for fast ripening.
  • Leave the Cantaloupe at room temperature for 1-2 days or until it ripens.
  • Avoid high moisture areas and never place the fruits on drafts and air conditioners.

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How To Know If Cantaloupe Is Ripe?

To determine the Cantaloupe’s ripeness, check the stem rind’s color. The fruit isn’t ripe if the rind is green instead of golden or yellow.

Moreover, the fruit will be yellower and soft to the touch, and the rind will smell sweeter. Also, the netting will be thicker and coarse.