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Wildfire Black Gum Tree Pros And Cons: Should You Grow It?

Wildfire Black Gum tree look stunning on your lawn due to their incredible red leaves just like a fire but you need to know the pros and cons before planting them.

Generally, Wildfire Black Gum trees bear pros like low maintenance, longer lifespan, erosion control, etc., but also have cons like messy fruits, leaf fall, shallow roots, and many more. 

Wildfire Black Gum trees(Nyssa sylvatica) are beneficial trees that provide habitat to many important wildlife.

So, before adding Wildfire Black Gum tree to your landscape, make sure you go through this full article and know its pros and cons.

How Fast Do Wildfire Black Gum Trees Grow?

Basically, Wildfire Black Gum trees do not grow too fast but have a slow to moderate growing rate.

During the first five years, the plant can grow about 1-2 feet tall yearly. After that, the growth rate starts to slow down.

Wild Fire Black Gum trees with red leaves
Wildfire Black Gum trees grow faster when young and slowly when mature.

In 5-10 years, Wildfire Black Gum trees grow about 1-1.5 feet tall. After 30 years, the tree grows only 0.1-0.5 feet per year.

However, the growth rate varies and becomes faster in favorable environments. The factors affecting a tree’s growth may be soil, temperature, moisture, sunlight, etc.

If you own this tree, it’s important to understand that the growth rate decreases gradually. 

Are Wildfire Black Gum Trees Good?

Wildfire Black Gum Trees are hardy trees famous for their attractive red foliage capable of beautifying any outdoor space.

Whether the tree is good for you depends on your personal preferences as it has advantages and disadvantages.

Pros Of Wildfire Black Gum Trees 

Due to the tree’s beauty, you can renovate your garden with minimal maintenance. Moreover, the tree attracts different pollinators making your lawn more attractive.

  • Wildfire Black Gum Tree is easy to establish and supports wildlife.
  • The tree helps to stabilize the soil and controls erosion.
  • You can grow the tree on any soil type easily.
  • Due to the longer lifespan means you can enjoy the tree for years after you plant it.
  • During hot summer, the tree provides shade and a cool environment.

Cons Of Wildfire Black Gum Trees 

Although you can have several benefits from planting this beautiful tree, this slow grower also has potential drawbacks.

  • After the tree bears fruits, it becomes messy all around them.
  • Moreover, the broken, sticky fruits attract unwanted insects and wild animals.
  • The tree won’t grow in an environment that does not receive sunlight.
  • The shallow root system creates problems if you plant trees near buildings, pavements, etc.
  • As the tree is deciduous, the leaves fall in the autumn making your garden dirty.
  • Wildfire Black Gum Trees are susceptible to the diseases like leaf spot and canker.

Tips To Care Wildfire Black Gum Trees

Plant Wildfire Black Gum trees on moist and well-draining soil, providing them with full to partial sunlight.

Moreover, ensure you have enough space, as it needs ample space to grow and spread properly.

  • Water the tree deeply during the first five years when the soil feels 2 inches dry.
  • Use organic mulch around the base of the tree but keep the mulch away from the root to prevent root rot.
  • Prune any damaged leaves or branches as soon as you notice any diseases.
  • Use pesticides, fungicides, or neem oil to avoid diseases or pest invasion.
  • During the earlier stage, protect the tree from any physical damage using a barrier around it.

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More Tips!

Only plant the Wildfire Black Gum Trees if they are native to your region because they can coexist and grow well in the native regions.

Moreover, clean the fallen leaves as they will encourage diseases to spread, causing the significant leaf fall.