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Why are Lady Slippers Illegal? What are the Punishments?

Lady Slippers bears visually appealing blossoms, but don’t make the mistake of picking it up as it’s illegal. Picking a single flower will cost you a severe punishment.

Generally, Lady Slippers are illegal in many countries and states as it is an endangered plant with a very small population. Picking this plant can cause habitat loss and decrease the plant’s population.

Lady Slippers, or Slipper Orchid, bears a unique flower structure, just like a slipper or shoe. 

So, read this complete article if you are interested in this alluring plant and want to pick it up for some reason.

Where do Lady Slippers Grow?

Basically, Lady Slippers love to grow in USDA zones 2-5. This amazing plant can tolerate cold temperatures up to -20°F.

In the US, you can find these Orchids growing best in the Eastern states and rocky mountains of North America.

Moreover, this plant also grows in other countries like Europe, Asia, Japan, Canada, etc.

Slipper Orchid with purple flowers
Slipper Orchid need moist and shaded places.

Furthermore, Slipper Orchid prefers to grow in moist soil and shady locations. You can find them in wet meadows, dense forests, and woodlands.

As this beautiful plant demands indirect light, you must use sheer curtains if you place it in the window receiving direct sunlight.

Also, ensure to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged to prevent it from root rot.

Is It Illegal to Pick Lady Slippers?

Generally, Lady Slippers is illegal in many countries and states. You cannot pick this plant in forests, public places, and national parks.

It is illegal to pick, damage, or disturb Lady Slippers in states like Federal, New York, and Minnesota.

However, in the states like Maine and New Hampshire, picking this plant is legal, but the activity is not encouraged.

Similarly, in countries like Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, etc., it’s totally illegal to pick Slipper Orchids.

Additionally, in the states like Vermont, Quebec, and Ontario, you can only pick Lady slippers if you have a permit.

However, you can pick this Orchid anywhere with a special permit for educational purposes and scientific research.

Why are Lady Slippers Illegal?

The major reason why Lady Slippers is illegal in most countries and states is because this Orchid comes under the endangered category.

Moreover, due to complex growing conditions, the population of this Orchid is lower than other plants. Picking up and disturbing this plant hinders reproduction.

Additionally, when you pick the plant, you destroy the entire habitat of the particular plant. Lady Slippers cannot grow back after a habitat loss.

Due to the medicinal properties like antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and sedative values, overpicking this blossom has also decreased the plant’s population.

Thus, Lady Slippers are illegal in most regions of the world to prevent excessive habitat loss and illegal trade.

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Punishments for Picking Lady Slippers!

In many countries like the United States, you have to pay compensation of about $ 5,000 as a punishment after picking one Slipper Orchid.

Similarly, in some countries like the UK, you may face a punishment of about three years of imprisonment after a habitat destruction of Lady Slippers.

However, you can be free in some countries after replanting a new Orchid plant.