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Where Is Ginger Root Grown? [Know The Best Place To Plant]

The ginger root grown in your garden is actually an underground modified stem having small spots or eyes that can sprout new aerial stems with warmth, humidity, and nutrients.

Generally, Ginger is a tropical plant, and its roots will grow in USDA zones above 9, having a warm and humid climate. Moreover, Ginger roots do best in places with well-draining, fertile soil, 5-6 hours of indirect sunlight, and 70-90°F temperature.

Belonging to the Gingiberaceae family, the Ginger grows at 3-4 feet tall with lance-shaped leaves and aromatic roots.

People from most countries usually grow Ginger for their roots to use them as an essential spice in different recipes for taste enhancement.

Where Is Ginger Root Grown In USA?

Ginger roots are native to Southeast Asia and commercially grown in the countries like India, China, Nepal, Africa, America, and Australia.

In the USA, the entire Hawaii produces ginger roots, including other places like California, Texas, Arizona, etc., all year round.

These places have tropical climates suitable for ginger production, as Ginger roots only grow in USDA zones above 9.

Handful of ginger plants with roots
To grow ginger roots outdoors, you must live above USDA zone 9.

Normally, Ginger roots cannot grow in USDA zone 8 or below. But you can still grow them indoors in containers protecting them from frost.

In colder zones, people import or buy ginger roots from other states or grow them in special greenhouses or indoor hydroponic systems.

Where Does Ginger Root Grow?

Native to Tropical and subtropical regions, the Ginger plant loves to grow in hot and humid conditions with temperatures of about 70-90°F.

Moreover, its fleshy roots grow best in well-draining, nutrient-rich soil with pH 6-7. Soil rich in organic matter produces healthy roots.

Also, ensure to provide them with 5-6 hours of dappled sunlight, as high sun exposure harms the foliage, resulting in yellow leaves.

For healthy and fleshy ginger roots, you must grow them in moist soil, but if the soil becomes waterlogged, the plant may face root rot.

Under the proper growing conditions and warm climate, Ginger takes about 10 months to become mature, producing edible roots.

How To Grow Ginger From Root?

You can easily grow Ginger you bought from the store. But ensure to plant them in early spring if you are from colder zones.

Also, you must soak them overnight before planting.

The sellers might spray growth inhibitors to keep long-lasting roots and avoid sprouting. Soaking them in water will enhance the sprouts.

You can plant those roots anytime outdoors in the garden bed in a warm and humid climate. But, choose to grow Ginger roots in a container if you belong to colder zones.

  • Choose a terracotta container with enough drainage holes and fill it with well-draining soil.
  • Select a location with indirect sunlight, and prepare a garden bed outdoors.
  • Fill the potting soil or garden bed with organic compost to make it fertile.
  • Plant one Ginger root in a single pot and maintain about 12 inches of spacing for garden beds.
  • Water the Ginger root you planted immediately and keep the soil moist.
  • Remember not to keep the soil waterlogged and water only when the top 2 inches feel dry.
  • Your Ginger roots will be ready to harvest with proper care within 8-10 months.

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When To Harvest Ginger Roots?

Once the Ginger plant reaches maturity, the leaves become yellow and die back, indicating to harvest the roots.

Dig the roots carefully to harvest them, leaving some roots to continue growing. Once you start growing Ginger roots, they will bless you with fleshy roots for years.