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Timing Matters: When To Pick Cucumbers? [Harvesting Secrets]

Do you want to savor the Cucumbers with refreshing crunchy bites and add a mild sweetness to your salads and pickles? You may need to pick fruits up at the right time. 

Generally, Cucumbers are picked in the immature stage, measuring about 7 to 10 inches long for a salad and 2 to 4 inches for pickling. It usually occurs after 2-3 months of sowing the seeds or a week to two after the appearance of the female flower.

Consider all the factors like shape, size, color, and time before harvesting the Cucumbers. Read the article to clear up any dubious thoughts.

How Often To Pick Cucumbers?

Picking time depends on the ripening and type of Cucumber, as some need to be picked at the raw stage while some after reaching maturity.

But the most prevalent is to pick the Cucumber fruit once every next day or the same day it reaches maturity as leaving the fruit on the vine can make it bitter or home pests.
Three buckets filled with Cucumbers
Dark green Cucumbers might be bitter, so better to pick when pale green.

The Cucumber plant usually completes its lifecycle in 60-80 days from the time you plant the seeds in late April to May to produce flowers.

As prolific producers, you can expect them to yield at least one to two fruits every day till fall, depending on the variety, as bushy one produces less yield than vining.

When To Pick Cucumbers?

Timing matters the most for Cucumbers to let you enjoy its mild sweet flavored fruit.

The best time to pick Cucumber is in the early morning of June to October, as the ripening period differs per the sowing time.

Meanwhile, the two different varieties of Cucumbers hold their own harvesting time.

The pickling Cucumbers are small and bulkier than the slicing ones you need to cut when they reach 2 to 4 inches long.

In contrast, slicing types are sweet and watery that need harvesting after attaining a length of 7 to 10 inches.

Some large types include the Burpless Cucumbers, which demand picking after attaining 10 inches long and 1 to 1.5 inches wide.

Another factor in identifying the Cucumber at its prime is the firm touch. Pick it and add it to your dish if it gives you a tough feel to touch.

Cucumbers with bright yellow color indicate ripening. So better to pick when it shines its pale to dark green color.

How To Pick Cucumbers?

Take certain precautions before you approach to twist the vines of the Cucumber as it can damage the plant part.

Follow the steps to take off the immature Cucumber and store it for future consumption as Cucumbers cease ripening after being picked from the vine.

  • Determine the ripe fruits by looking at their size, color, and firm texture.
  • Wear a gardening glove to protect yourself from the prickly spines of Cucumbers.
  • Take pruning shears or a knife and firmly hold the fruit in your hand to not let it fall on the ground.
A person is holding on the cucumbers
Do not pinch the Cucumbers, as it can pose more damage.
  • Cut about 0.25 to 1 inch (0.64 to 2.5 cm) above the Cucumber.

You can use the collected Cucumbers as soon as you cut them or store them by wrapping them in a plastic bag and place in a refrigerator, but the storage time might differ.

Keep the pickling and slicing Cucumber in the refrigerator for a week and hothouse cucumber for 1-2 days, while pickled Cucumbers can stay for one year.

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Extra Tips!

Do not throw the seed packet as it consists of instructions about the maturity time of the Cucumbers to give a rough idea of the time frame.

Also, restrain from picking the fruit on rainy and wet days as it increases the risk of infection spread.