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What Flower Are You? You Will Be Surprised [Take The Test]

Most of us already might have a favorite flower list, but you may be unaware of what attracts you to the flora!

Well, the saying, “Like attracts Like,” could be the clarification where the one matching your trait might be the reason for you to relish the beauty in the garden or vase.

So stay with the article to understand the best personality-matching flowers for you.

10 Flowers That Best Describe Who You Are 

Plants and flowers also mimic some human natures to survive and for other reasons. So, it is fun to know what flowers parallel you through the list below.

1. Lavender Flower (Calm & Optimist)

The ability of Lavender to grow in the full sun and produce purple blooms signifies its tolerance capability and obstacle-overcoming power.

lavender flower
Lavender flowers also symbolize purity, devotion, and love.

You are a Lavender if you always hold the same compassion and embrace problems silently by remaining calm and positive.

Also, you equal Lavender if you are generous enough to invest your time in healing and helping others without being selfish, mainly the less fortunate ones of the community.

2. Sunflower (Warm & Energetic)

You are a Sunflower if you are a hard worker who tries best to win the seniors’ praise and appreciation.

Sunflowers always beam positivity around them, even during the most difficult times.

So you align with the Sunflower who radiates cheerfulness and rekindle someone’s life with excitement and happiness by being approachable and comforting.

Also, if you have s strong aesthetic sense and love to dress yourself to keep up with fashion, you are surely a Sunflower.

3. Forget-me-not (Faithful & Practical)

The trait represented by Forget-me-not is practicality and attention to detail, shown off by the delicate and small bluish flower.

So you are a Forget-me-not if you are full of diligence and put the delicate appearance as a mask to cover the toughness and resilience inside you.

This shows that you are devoted to your friends and loved ones and cherish the long-lasting memories as an inspiration.

4. White Carnation (Innocent & Ambitious)

The soothing white color of Carnation is already enough to idealize an innocent person who is pure and has nothing to do with the greedy world.

A strongly motivated person who dreams of achieving power and success without harboring evil thoughts also deserves white Carnation.

Also, you are similar to white Carnation if you are calm and ready to help others without expecting anything in return.

5. Chocolate Cosmos Flower (Flexible & Idealist)

Given the rarity of the Chocolate Cosmos Flower, a person resembling the flora is even rarer to identify.

Chocolate Cosmos
Chocolate Cosmos figuratively indicates perfect harmony and order.

A person resembling the Chocolate Cosmos has an idealistic mindset that thrives on improving the world, yet they are open to new ideas and opinions.

Meanwhile, you are a Chocolate Cosmos if you value beauty, virtue, morality, and compassion.

6. White Gardenia (Empathetic & Gentle)

As gentle as the Gardenia flower, easily bruised by the external factor, the person resembling the flower sympathizes with people’s pain and grief and takes the pain upon himself/ herself.

You are empathic, fun-loving, and the most delightful people to be around who work to create a harmonious environment around them.

Needless to say, you are a secret lover who thinks about the feeling of the person in the front and find joy even if it goes against your interest.

7. Geranium (Confident & Realist)

Geranium is for a born leader with enough confidence and authority to complete the work by putting in all the effort possible.

You are a Geranium if you are practical enough to overcome obstacles and thrive in sterile environments, just like the plant does to give out the resilient flower.

Also, you are protective and act as a shield for your underlings, similar to the outward-facing flower of the Geranium.

8. Lily (Dignified & Committed)

Sticking to the principle rather than the temporary pleasure of getting your stuff done is a trait of a person resembling Lily.

You are a challenge lover who gives off charisma while easily tackling any situation, thanks to your ability to handle pressure.

Meanwhile, you are under-appreciated for your work but are not shy about bragging about your accomplishments.

9. Rose Flower (Romantic & Perfectionist)

Roses have always gained fame as the Romantic Flower. So you are a Rose if you are a hopeless lover driven by your heart.

You are more into classic movies or music and love to take inspiration from poems and songs.

Not to leave out, you are a strong self-defender who does not like showing your weakness to the world and tries to achieve things perfectly.

Because of this, you are anxious and have trust issues, but you wish to see the best of the people and have an inspiring trait.

10. Daffodil (Free-Spirited & Organized)

Are you compassionate, independent, and artistic? Well, go for Daffodils as your close relative.

You are a Daffodil flower if you believe in hard work and can multi-task by remaining true to your virtue.

Daffodil flower
The Daffodil flower also represents rebirth and new beginnings.

Also, if you are a good host who loves to hold parties by bringing all the family and friends together and making them feel special, without any doubt, you are a Daffodil. 

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Growing and catering for the floral friend can be a pill for your psychological distress, while you may even start caring for the plant more as a gesture of loving yourself.

So, now have a cuspid smile and explore more about you with plants or flowers’ attributes.