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String of Pearls Flower: Everything You Need to Know

The String of Pearls is a beautiful plant with strange leaves that can boost the decorative charm of your household. There is something more it has to offer; precious flowers.

As the foliage is already a treat to the eyes, the addition of the flower to it is a cherry on top of the cake.

And I am not done with hurling praises yet. The flowers smell like cinnamon which is sure to lighten your mood.

Generally, The String of Pearls has difficulty flowering indoors, but it blooms in the summer when it does. It produces white flowers with stamens and anthers. The bloom has a sweet cinnamon scent.

String of Pearls Flower
The string of Pearls Flower (Source: Flickr)

A String of Pearls is an ornamental plant famous among plant enthusiasts worldwide.

Please read this article further to learn more about this exotic plant’s flower.

How Often does the String of Pearls Flower?

The String of Pearls is a creeping indoor plant with a strange set of leaves. Their foliage is enough to grab your attention.

On top of that, the String of Pearls is not a miser when blooming. If the conditions are right, it will reward your eyes with enthralling flowers.

The String of Pearls flowers during summer and is a perennial plant. The plant’s flower lasts for around a month.

Beautiful blooms of String of Pearls
Beautiful blooms of String of Pearls (Source:

Whether or not you should allow the plant to flower depends entirely upon you. The blooms add beauty to the beautiful foliage of the plant.

You cannot bring a young String of Pearls and expect it to bloom for you. Succulents need to be at least four to six years old to flower.

Here is a piece of good news; taking care of the bloom is comparatively easier if you fulfill the required conditions.

Although the plant can bloom inside your home, you will face considerable difficulty in making it bloom indoors than outdoors.

The String of Pearls Flower Overview

Let’s look at the basic overview of the String of Pearls flower.

StructureDisc shaped flowers with anther and stamen
SizeAbout half inch
ColorWhite flower with red stamen and yellow anthers
FragranceCinnamon smell
ToxicityToxic to pets and humans
LifespanAbout a month
FruitsSmall seeds obtained after the flowers dry out
Blooming SeasonSummer

If you are out to buy a String of Pearls, remember that only one color of String of Pearls is available on the market.

String of Pearls Flowers
String of Pearls Flowers (Source: Flickr)

There are images of blue and purple Strings of Pearls circulating on the internet. Some photoshopped image on the internet will not fool you, will it?

Although, the String of Pearls produces anthocyanin when stressed. This compound may give them a hint of pink or purple.

The flowers are followed by numerous seeds, each with a white cottony pappus that aids in wind dispersal.

The blooms attract insects so that natural pollination can take place. As your String of Pearls flowers, seeds will be produced and dispersed across your garden.

The String of Pearls blooms can also be manually pollinated for further propagation.

To proceed with the cutting, you will need a small pointed paintbrush and gardening gloves.

Gently shake or blow the pollen from your flower to collect it. Apply the paintbrush to the pollen that has been collected.

String of Pearls
String of Pearls (Source: Wikimedia)

How to Make the String of Pearls Plant Flower?

If you have planted your String of Pearls outdoors, you may find it relatively easier to make it bloom.

You might have them indoors, but trust me, making them bloom will take a toll on you.

Nevertheless, we are here to help you do the impossible. Look below for the conditions you need to keep in mind to have a shot at making a String of Pearls flower.

  • Place the plants near windowsills during the winter season to provide them with the required sunlight.
  • The String of Pearls has a better chance of blooming if you put the plant under stress.
  • To make the plant bloom during spring, cut back on watering during winter and move the plant to a cooler area (more than 50°F) throughout the season.
  • Like most succulents, these plants love growing on colder nights but warmer days.
  • If the plants are situated outside, you don’t need to worry much about watering them.
  • Ensure that the pot you have this plant on has a good drainage hole. If you let too much water pool, the plant may not flower.
Proper watering ensures plant's growth
Proper watering ensures plant’s growth (Source:
  • Your String of Pearls will love it if you provide them with a few hours of direct sunlight every day.
  • Provide at least 50% humidity to the plant and grow them in succulent or cactus mix.
  • You need to fertilize the plant once a month with a liquid fertilizer high in phosphorus, diluted to 1/4 of its strength.

When the String of Pearls flowers, it is entirely for reproduction. The plant has another mechanism (discussed above) for showing stress.

Germinating the plant and growing a String of Pearls can be tiring and challenging.

So, people usually choose the more straightforward propagation method.

What Should you do with String of Pearls Flowers?

As it is hard, making the String of Pearls flower is already a huge step toward successful parenting.

After all the care and considerations, can you cut the flower off the plant? I doubt so. They are there for only a month, so why cut them?

The cute white flowers do nothing much to the succulent except take a little amount of nutrients directed towards the foliage.

String of Pearl Flowers
The String of Pearls Flowers (Source: Wisconsin Horticulture)

The only thing that would force you to cut the flowers is the pollen released by the flower. If you are allergic to pollen, you should cut the bud before releasing them.

Other than that, I see no motive behind cutting the flower off the plant.

How to Cut the String of Pearls Flower?

Whatever floats your boat, if you want to cut it, follow the following precise method of cutting the flower.

  • Gear up for the cutting process. Get pruning shears, gardening gloves, and gardening glasses ready.
  • The best time to cut the plant is early in the morning when the plant is fresh with a good night’s sleep and full of moisture.
  • Grab the flower from its very base.
  • Snip off the flower a few centimeters above the base.
  • The String of Pearls generally flower only once a year, so you can also skip deadheading.
  • Ensure you don’t hurt the neighboring stems and leaves in the above process.

If you let the flowers dry out completely, you can obtain seeds from them. But, if you will not germinate the seeds, why will you even need them?

The String of Pearl flowers provides a good decorative boost to your house and also have a sweet cinnamon smell that you will like.

Other than that, this plant doesn’t have many uses.

Health Considerations to Keep in Mind

After its origin in southwest Africa, the String of Pearls has been a famous plant among the plant parents worldwide.

Its strange and unique foliage tends to captivate your heart and mind with its charms.

But no matter the charm, the plant still has a dark side, toxicity, that you would wish the plant did not have.

Veterinarian Examining the Cat
Veterinarian Examining the Cat (Source: Free SVG)

The University of California categorized the plants into four divisions based on their toxicity and effect.

Toxicity Class Details
1. Major ToxicityCause serious illness or death.
2. Minor ToxicityCauses minor illness.
3. OxalatesThe sap or juices of this plant contains calcium oxalates.
4. DermatitisThe juices or saps of these plants cause skin irritation.

Based on the above table, the String of Pearls falls under category 2, and 4.

The String of Pearls has minor toxicity, which can cause symptoms like nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Also, if you or your pet contact the sap, it may cause skin irritation and rashes.

If your pet ingests this plant, they may show symptoms like hypersalivation, diarrhea, vomiting, and tiredness.

Cat with String of Pearls
Cat with String of Pearls can be dangerous (Source: Reddit)

The toxicity of plants supports the fact that the flower can be toxic too. So it is better to keep your pets and kids away from the flower for their safe and prolonged life.

Keep the following numbers bookmarked if your pets or kids ingest the poisonous String of Pearls.

To Wrap It Up

Do not be fazed by the toxicity of the String of Pearls, as most people hang this plant in baskets, and you can do the same.

The toxic effect is nothing in front of this plant’s beauty, and its flowers provide to your household.

So do you have a green thumb?

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