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Sevanthi Flower: Colors, Benefits & Meanings

It won’t be wrong to call the Sevanthi flower “beauty with benefits’ as the incredible blossom with the unique floral arrangement also has potential health benefits to offer.

Generally, the Sevanthi flower is a beautiful flower with symmetric petals and vibrant colors that have symbolic meanings depending on culture. Moreover, this flower has potential health benefits like anti-inflammatory activities, antioxidants, anticancer activities, etc.

So, go through this entire article to know about the Sevanthi flower in detail and the health benefits it offers with true meaning and symbolism.

What Does Sevanthi Flower Look Like?

Sevanthi flower is a large and showy plant native to Asia. You can find this plant in yellow, pink, purple, and red colors.

In the center of the blossom, you can see the visible light green, yellow, or pale color. This middle part contains male and female reproductive parts.

Purple Sevanthi flower
Sevanthi flowers come in different colors, making your garden colorful.

Although many flowers are bigger, you can also find compact and small flowers depending on the variety.

The ruffled and symmetric arrangements of petals make this flower look unique and incredible. The arrangement of the petals may be single or on multiple rows.

Moreover, the slender, hairy stem supports the whole flower. The leaves can be purple or green and have a lobed appearance.

The petals of this flower are delicate and susceptible to several pests and diseases. So, it’s better to apply neem oil to protect these beauties from pests and pathogen issues.

Sevanthi Flower Meaning And Symbolism

The meanings and symbolism of the Sevanthi flower vary according to country. Overall, this flower symbolizes joy, fortune, and happiness.

In Chinese culture, people use this flower as a gift for elderly people. This indicates love and respect. Japanese people adore this flower as a symbol of family.

Moreover, in Australia, this flower is a symbol of fertility and motherhood. People of this country use this flower on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

However, there are several symbolic meanings of the Sevanthi flower according to the flower color.

WhitePurity, innocence, beginnings
Yellow Joy, happiness, optimism
PinkLove, romance, passion
Purple Royalty, luxury, mystery
RedExitement, love, passion

Sevanthi Flower Benefits

Due to its astonishing beauty, the Sevanthi flower is a popular ornamental flower to decorate indoor and outdoor gardens.

Apart from the beauty, this flower can enhance your skin and bone health. You can also gain healthy hair after the use of this magical flower.

Antioxidants: Sevanthi flower has potential antioxidant activities that help to repair cell damage and prevent it from further damage. The compounds in the flower balance the free radicals in your body.

Anti-inflammatory properties: This amazing flower contains compounds like flavonoids, phenols, etc., that help to reduce the inflammation and swelling in your body.

Immune Activity: As this flower is a good source of vitamin C, minerals, and other essential nutrients, consuming it can improve your immune system.

Anti-cancer Activity: Chrysanthemum contains a large amount of beta-carotene that helps to fight against cancerous cells. Moreover, the alkaloids also help to remove dead cells.

Cardiovascular Health: Consuming Sevanthi flower also helps to enhance your heart health, promotes coronary functions, and decreases cholesterol. This flower also helps to lower your blood pressure.

Chrysanthemum is highly beneficial to humans, but the flowers are toxic to your pets. The flower contains pyrethrins that cause diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach upsets in your pets if they are consumed in large amounts.

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How To Use Sevanthi Flower?

Chrysanthemum flower has many advantages, and you can consume this flower as tea, juice, or as a garnish in soups, salads, ice creams, etc.

Moreover, whether you use it in a vase as a cut flower or prepare a garland to worship God on different occasions, this flower will always impress you with its beauty and benefits.