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Scotch Bonnet Vs Pepper X: The Differences and Similarities

Imagine picking up a Scotch bonnet for a small bite and feeling the intense burn in the mouth. Turns out what you ate was not Scotch bonnet but Pepper X.

It is less likely that you would commit a mistake like this, but who knows, on a bad day, everything can go down south.

Scotch Bonnet and Pepper X are two different pepper varieties that have similar colors but different textures and different SHU scores.

Let us find out about the differences in detail below.

Similarities Between Scotch Bonnet and Pepper X

Scotch Bonnet and Pepper X might burn your taste buds differently, but they have a few similarities you must know about. 

Scotch Bonnet Sauce made by Twitter User @NikkiOMay
Scotch Bonnet Sauce made by Twitter User @NikkiOMay

Let us look at the similarities below:

  • The growing conditions both of these varieties need are quite similar. They particularly grow in tropical and subtropical regions.
  • Hot sauces around the world contain one or both of these varieties as a flavor in them.
  • Sometimes, both peppers can have a similar color i.e. red.
  • Despite having differences in the SHU, both of the varieties have a fruity taste, which people love them for.
  • Although there is a difference in the quantity, both of them contain Capsaicin, a compound that is responsible for the spice.

But keep this in mind: Although they have a few similarities, they are not something you should be confused about. 

A bite of Pepper X can take you to hell and back.

Differences Between Scotch Bonnet and Pepper X

Now, we come to a very serious topic to discuss. Yes, there is a load of differences between Scotch Bonnet and Pepper X.

Let us look at the differences in detail below:

Scoville Heat Units

Although both of them are of similar size, the Scoville Heat Units (SHU) differ a lot, trust me.

The first and cute Scotch Bonnet has a SHU of about 100,000 to 350,000, which is not much considering other spicy peppers.

Compared to that, Pepper X, recently named the hottest pepper in the world, has a SHU of about 10 times of a Scotch Bonnet i.e. 3,000,000.

Wow, that’s hot.

Difference in Flavor

Scotch Bonnet has a fruity taste that is similar to the Pepper X, but what comes afterward sets all the differences.

The first pepper, Bonnet, is used to enrich the taste and flavor of dishes around the world.

Pepper X, invented by Ed Currie, was recently crowned the hottest Pepper in the world.
Pepper X, invented by Ed Currie, was recently crowned the hottest Pepper in the world.

Pepper X also has a fruity taste, but the spiciness it provides overpowers the fruity taste and fills your mouth with fire.

Yes, like the ones we see in cartoons, where characters breathe fire after having something spicy.

Use in Kitchen

Both of the varieties are used in the kitchen in various parts of the world, but Pepper X has a limited use.

Scotch Bonnet is used in West African and Caribbean parts of the world in various non-vegetarian dishes to enrich their taste.

However, people do not use Pepper X in their daily lives. Some chili lovers use it to make super hot spicy pastes and dishes.

But again, good luck to them in the toilet the next day!

The Outer Look

The Scotch Bonnet got its name from its resemblance to the Scottish tam o’ shanter bonnet. However, some people also compare its shape to a lantern.

It is short, has a wrinkled appearance, and comes in various colors like orange, yellow and red.

The Pepper X, on the other hand, has an “old look” to it. It is lumpy, wrinkled and has a pointy end that looks sweet.

It is a bright red color.

In conclusion, Spicy Bonnet is usually a food taste enhancer, while Pepper X is a test of strength in many groups.

Editor’s Note

If you are a lover of spicy and want to check your spice tolerance, you should, at least once in your life, try the Pepper X.

However, if you just don’t want to kill your taste buds and want to enhance the taste of your dishes, go for the Scotch Bonnet.

Choose wisely!