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Is Rapunzel Flower Real? Everything You Need To Know

If you are curious about how the hair of Rapunzel is so beautiful and long, you will be surprised to know that the secret is only a flower.

Generally, the Rapunzel flower is not a real flower but an imaginary interpretation from the Disney movie Tangled. The golden flower has an illuminating ability with a power to heal wounds and provide youth and beauty to anyone who sings the magical enchanting songs.

So, go through this interesting article to know every little detail about the Rapunzel flower and its look-alikes with true symbolic meanings.

What Does Rapunzel Flower Look Like?

The Rapunzel flower is an incredible flower with golden yellow petals. The stamens embedded under the petals give a shiny look to the flower.

The flower contains five petals, and the petals give a wavy appearance to the flower by curling their tips outwards.

Rapunzel flower and rampion bellflower
Rapunzel blossom is an inspiration from Rampion Bellflower.

On the first look, the Rapunzel flowers look just like a princess’s dress. The appearance of the flower also mimics a trumpet or bell.

One of the major qualities of the flower is its luminescent abilities that can also give light in darkness.

Moreover, the flower also has magical properties to heal wounds and provide youth and beauty to anyone who sings the magical enchanting songs.

Is Rapunzel Flower Real?

Basically, the Rapunzel flower is not a real flower but a fictional object, just like the Vivisteria Flower from the Disney movie Tangled.

In the movie, the flower and its power are the main reason for the villain of the movie, the witch, who kidnaps Rapunzel, the main character.

The witch gets back to her youth every time she sings an enchanting song in front of the flower. However, the king once plucks the flower and gives it to the queen to heal her from sickness.

When the queen ate the flower, she got well and gave birth to a girl who had magical golden hair due to the flower. So, to get the youth back, Witch kidnaps the princess and locks her in a tall house.

So, it’s unusual for a flower to be magical and give back youth to people. Also, no flower in real life responds to the song.

Even though some flowers bless you with healing properties, no flower heals people magically and instantly. Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence about the existence of golden illuminating flowers.

However, you can still find the exact same flower, and it is Campanula rapunculus, native to Europe and North Africa.

Like the flower in Tangled, the real Rapunzel flower also has bell-shaped petals, but they are neither golden nor illuminating. Instead, the color of the flower is blue or white, depending on the varieties.

Rapunzel Flower Meaning & Symbolism

The appealing Rapunzel flower has different symbolic meanings due to the magical golden blossoms.

Abilities of the flower to treat sickness and provide youth and beauty is the symbol of healing and rejuvenation.

Additionally, the golden color of the flower represents beauty. The illumination abilities also indicate enlightenment.

Based on the story where the princess faces difficulties inside the house due to the magical powers of the flower, it represents isolation and imprisonment.

Moreover, the flower is also a symbol of hope, as the princess wishes to escape the prison every day.

Overall, the flower gives a clear meaning about the cycle of life, i.e. birth, death, and rebirth.

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Know More About Rapunzel Flower In Real Life!

The flower that looks like the Rapunzel flower is called the Rampion Bellflower, which was once a popular crop in the Middle Ages in Europe.

All parts of this flower, including petals, leaves, and roots, are edible. The shape of the leaves looks like spinach.

Although this plant is a vegetable crop, you can also use it as an ornamental plant to enhance the aesthetic of your garden.