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Is Inuyasha Flower Real? Everything You Need To Know

Recently, a Manga series Inuyasha is so popular among anime lovers that they are eager to know if the flower in the series really exists. 

Generally, the Inuyasha flower is not a real flower but a fictional object from an anime series, Inuyasha, adapted from Manga. This blossom has thin, bright red petals that make it look just like the body of a spider.

So, go through this entire article to know the secrets behind the amazing Inuyasha flowers and the hidden meanings and symbolism.

What Does Inuyasha Flower Look Like?

The Inuyasha flower is an amazing flower with bright red petals, and individual petals are narrow and look like burning fires.

Moreover, the stamens and the thin petals make the Inuyasha blossom look just like the body of a spider. The central part of the flower resembles a spider’s body, and the petals look like the legs.

Red spider Lily and Inuyasha flower
Inuyasha blossom is an inspiration from real flowers.

Additionally, the long, slender stem supports the whole flower and grows at a length of about 2 feet. The leaves are also long and narrow and appear dark green.

The flower bears bloom in fall and has a sweet, pleasant smell. This amazing flower, with a striking appearance, prefers to grow in damp and shady locations.

When you touch the flower, you can feel a very smooth and silky texture. The stamens have a similar texture but are slightly thicker than the petals.

Is Inuyasha Flower Real?

The Inuyasha flower is not a real flower but a fictional object, just like the Vivisteria flower from the anime series Inuyasha adopted from Manga.

The flower blooms upon the dead body in this series. In reality, no flower exists that blooms on the body of a person who just dies.

In the series, the character called Kikyō often picks the flower. Kikyō died in the fall, and at the same time, the flower blooms. 

So, it’s unusual for the real flower to have such powers. Flowering plants flourish in compost, but not like what the series shows you.

Thus, as there are no real flowers that bear the power like the Inuyasha flower, it is not a real flower. Also, there is no scientific evidence to prove the existence of such flowers.

Inuyasha Flower Meaning And Symbolism

As the Inuyasha flowers bloom after Kikyō dies, the flowers represent death. Also, this flower has a symbolic meaning of reincarnation.

Moreover, the bloom also indicates love and passion as Kikyō plucks the flowers in love with Inuyasha.

Similarly, the series also shows the tragic nature of the relationship of Kikyō with Inuyasha. This also symbolizes tragedy.

As the flower is extremely incredible, it also represents the symbol of beauty. The blooming of the flower also indicates hope.

Overall, this amazing flower represents the cyclic nature of life, where there is a rebirth after a loss.

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Inuyasha Blossom Lookalikes!

In the Inuyasha series, the power of the Inuyasha flower does not match with any extraordinary flowers in the real world.

However, a real blossom named Red Spider Lily bears the exact same appearance as the Inuyasha flowers.

Similar to the flowers in the Inuyasha series, Red Spider Lily bears long, slender petals that look just like the body and legs of the spider.

Probably, the writers of the series were inspired by the Red Spider Lily and created the Inuyasha blossom.