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Top 8 Best Plant Spray Bottle for Misting [2023 Updated]

Although deep soil watering is essential for plant upkeeping, most houseplants benefit more from occasional misting and refreshing hydration.

The best metal, plastic, or glass Plant Spray Bottle should have an adjustable nozzle to allow fine misting and foliar spray for spraying plant food, with enough storage capacity to hydrate multiple plants in one go.

Let’s look closer at different Plant Spray Bottles for your houseplants, where to buy them, and what types of plants enjoy misting more!

Benefits of Spraying Houseplants With Water

Misting the houseplant, vegetables, and fruit tree leaves helps boost their ambient humidity.

Spraying the leaves and watering the soil will encourage foliage growth by preventing transpiration in an arid climate.

Image represents misted leaves
Misting and eventually maintaining humidity is crucial for plants’ growth and well-being.

Moreover, it may prevent the risk of overwatering succulent plants that are very water-sensitive.

Let us look at some benefits of spritzing indoor plants with water.

1. Boosts Humidity Level

Most houseplants are tropical or sub-tropical plants that benefit from regular misting.

They need at least 40% indoor humidity to ensure healthier foliage.

However, the air in our homes tends to be drier, making the plant leaves dry.

So, misting the leaves will help cheer up the humidity levels.

2. Repels Insects, Pathogenic Spores & Pests

Fine misting makes it impossible for bugs, pests, their eggs, and pathogenic spores to enter or stay on the plant parts, creating a thin barrier.

However, misting the leaves when the insects are present will trap them, so you can wipe them off using a cloth.

3. Cleanses Indoor Air

Misting the plant may help remove or subside impurities found in the air, like dust, pollen, and chemicals.

These impurities will rest on the plant leaves and stem, creating a thick residue that prevents the leaves from getting enough sunlight.

It also works as a cost-friendly option for air cleaners installed in homes.

4. Keeps the Surrounding Cooler

Tropical plants that dislike arid climates would benefit from cool air produced by regular misting.

Misting will help keep the surrounding air cooler than the outside temperature by removing all the heat.

Is It Better To Spray Water On Plants?

The dry air combined with bright sunlight may quickly dehydrate the leaves with excessive transpiration.

Therefore, occasionally misting the plants will help prevent water loss and keep them looking healthy.

Usually, tropical and many non-tropical plants like to be misted, but occasional misting may damage succulents.

During spring and summer, you may mist your indoor plants daily by considering the surrounding moisture levels.

However, you may want to mist your indoor plants weekly during winter and dry days in the fall.

But, be careful about regularly misting your plants, as steady misting may weaken and damage them.

Additionally, it may also encourage mold growth and attract pests.

What Indoor Plants Like To Be Misted? [And What Don’t?]

Some plants require minimal watering because their thick, fleshy leaves retain more water.

Regular misting can kill succulents and other plants that store lots of water in their stems, leaves, or roots.

However, tropical, sub-tropical, and most flowering plants need regular misting to cope with the transpirational water loss during heat stretches.

Misting Loving PlantsMisting Disliking Plants
PhilodendronAfrican Violets
Arrowhead PlantBromeliads
OrchidsJade Plant
Lucky BambooEcheveria Elegans
Zebra PlantBurro's tail
Spider PlantFasciated Haworthia
Triangle FicusAloe Vera

Excess humidity and moist conditions can lead to root rot and moldy leaves or soil, even in non-succulents.

What to Consider Before Buying a Plant Bottle Sprayer?

You should look at the following essential features when shopping for the best plant mister.

1. Sprayer Material

Best plant sprayers come in plastic, metal, or glass.

Plastic sprayers are the most affordable among the three options.

Metal or glass misters are classic plant misters adding to the decor.

Hence, choose metal or glass misters if you want something displayed in your home.

2. Sprayer Capacity

You can find plant sprayers in a wide range of capacities.

Small sprayers may hold up to 10 ounces (Oz.) of water to mist 2 plants lightly.

Most plastic sprayers come with 16 ounces capacity that will be enough to wet a couple of small plants.

3. Ease of Use

Look for sprayers that are easy to use for a longer time.

You would not want to hurt your hands trying to squeeze tight triggers.

Instead, use misters with a compression unit that emits steady water without squeezing too tightly.

Top 8 Best Plant Spray Bottles for Watering Plants [Updated 2023]

Here is the list of 8 plant spray bottles for watering houseplants.

1. Bar5F Plastic Plant Spray Bottle

It has a large, comfortable-to-hold trigger for easy hold and a rotatable nozzle head to adjust the spray pattern from a broad fan to a narrow stream.

Bar5F Spray
Bar5F Spray

It boasts an impact-resistant plastic and a leak-free connection between the bottle and nozzle that will last longer.

Compatible with all chemical substances, including bleach, vinegar, or rubbing alcohol.

Product Specification

Capacity16 ounces
Size10.75" x 2.75" in diameters
Where to Buy?Amazon,Walmart


  • Reasonably low price
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • 16 Oz. offer adequate storage capacity


  • Releases a high-velocity spray instead of acceptable misting

2. Beautify Beauties Hair Spray Bottle

Engineered with robust pre-compression technology, it dispenses a stream of sustained mist that lasts 1.2 seconds.

Beautify Water Spray
Beautify Water Spray

Moreover, it offers 98% water evacuation to utilize even the last drop of liquid.

The ergonomically designed trigger requires less pumping than conventional triggers to prevent hand fatigue.

The design also boasts Total Air Isolation to keep the liquid inside contamination free.

Product Specification

Capacity 9.92 ounces
Size9" x 3" in diameters
Where to Buy?Amazon,Beautify beauties,Walmart


  • Offers continuous, fine mist
  • Lightweight and easy to hands
  • Works upside-down or sideways


  • 9.92 Oz. capacity offers less liquid storage

3. Sustainable Village AG15907 Blumat Plant Spray Mister

Sustainable Village Blumat is an elegant plant mister designed from durable stainless steel and polished copper finish.

This fine mister works perfectly for misting succulents, hanging air plants, mosses, and terrariums.

Sustainable Water Sprayer
Sustainable Water Sprayer

The durable steel body lasts longer than cheap plastic bottles, and the small loop handle with fingers makes it easier to hold for a prolonged duration.

Product Specification

MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity9.6 ounces
Size7" x 4" in diameters
ColorBrass, Nickel, and Copper
Where to Buy?Amazon,Sustainable Village


  • Elegant design
  • Creates a fine mist for small plants


  • Less water storage capacity
  • Must be partially full to work properly
  • Slightly pricier than other plant misters

4. ACG-INC Electric Plant Mister Spray Bottle

A futuristic plant mister, ACG-INC, runs an electric trigger to create a uniform spray.

Unlike your regular plant mister, it holds up to 34 Oz. of liquid lasting for multiple plants.

ACG Water Sprayer
ACG Water Sprayer

One battery provides at least 8 hours of continuous use, and a single trigger press releases mist up to 2 seconds.

Product Specification

Capacity34 ounces
Size10" x 4" in diameters
ColorChrome metal
Where to Buy?Supply Leader


  • Futuristic electric design
  • The chrome metal cover gives it a modern look
  • Creates various misting patterns for different small plants
  • High water storage capacity


  • Slightly expensive
  • Requires replacing batteries

5. Driew Plant Mister Spray Bottle

The transparent design makes it easier to assess the amount of liquid inside.

Driew Water Spray
Driew Water Spray

Moreover, the leak-proof design with a safety bottle and threaded neck prevents air bubbles and helps in creating an even mist.

Product Specification

MaterialEco-friendly Plastic
Capacity10 ounces
Size7.2" x 2.4" in diameters
Where to Buy?Amazon,Walmart


  • Made of PET & PP, BPA-free material
  • Leak-proof design
  • Applicable for multiple-uses


  • Small water storage capacity

6. LiBa Amber Glass Spray Bottle

Liba Refillable Plant Spray Bottle is made from durable glass that withstands wear and tear.

It is made from BPA-free material and premium-grade dark amber glass to ensure purity and protection from ultraviolet light.

Liba Amerbglass Spray
Liba Amerbglass Spray

The adjustable spray nozzle allows for three different modes – off, complete, and targeted jet spray.

You can adjust the spray mode to mist different kinds of plants.

Product Specification

MaterialEco-friendly Amber glass
Capacity16 ounces
Size8.5" x 2" in diameters
Where to Buy?Amazon,Walmart,Ubuy


  • Made of eco-friendly amber glass
  • UV protection and leak-free design
  • High storage capacity


  • Slightly expensive

7. Scotts Multi-Use Sprayer

Scott’s sprayer has a 12-inch extra arm to spray overhanging plants and hard-to-reach places.

Scotts water sprayer
Scott’s water sprayer

It works through a compression pump that exerts highly pressured water.

Use its 1-gallon water capacity for continuous, even application across many plants.

Product Specification

Capacity1 Gallon
Size16.6" x 7.75" in diameters
Where to Buy?Amazon


  • High water storage capacity
  • 12-inch nozzle for hard-to-reach places
  • Continuous spray design


  • Requires use of both hand

8. HDX Handheld Sprayer

The 56-ounce sprayer of HDX is applicable for misting many houseplants in one go.

HDX water spray
HDX water spray

The translucent plastic tank lets you track the water level.

Make use of a pressurized, leak-free thumb trigger for continuous stream application.

The adjustable nozzle allows multiple spray modes for different kinds of plants.

Product Specification

Capacity32 Ounces
Size12.2" x 4.1" in diameters
Where to Buy?Amazon,Wilmar


  • High water storage capacity
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Continuous spray design


  • Unsuitable for display
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How Often do you Need to Mist Your Plants?

The frequency of misting plants will largely depend on the plant species, growing environment, weather, and watering schedule.

A good indicator your plant would benefit from misting is when,

  • The plant leaves start turning crispy
  • The weather starts turning warmer, over 75°F
  • The air humidity level drops below 30%
  • The plant is left dry for a few days during spring and summer
  • The plant has frequent watering needs

However, growing in a naturally humid environment will offset the risk of dried plants, reducing the need for misting.

A horticulturist says, “If you notice some of your foliage is getting crisp in your space. I would consider misting more frequently throughout the day.”

To determine how your houseplants respond to misting, try experimenting with misting a plant once every few days.

Looking at the condition of the leaves, you would know whether the plant needs more or less frequent misting.

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Learn more about your houseplants, watering requirements, and weather conditions to know whether your plant will enjoy regular misting.

Get a perfect plant sprayer with an appropriate storage capacity (Oz.) so you do not miss out on misting your houseplants for even foliage growth.

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