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10 Amazing Philodendron Benefits That You can Sack Easily

Did you know that witch doctors among the Kubeo tribe treated ill patients using the medical benefits of Philodendron and would also use the spathe juice to dye their hands?

These plants boast coppery, red, or purplish leaves and parallel leaf veins, offering various benefits.

Generally, Philodendron helps to purify the air, balances humidity levels, reduce stress, promotes quality sleep, and acts as natural soundproofing. Additionally, its low-maintenance nature, ability to grow in water and better adaptability make it easy to grow for newbies and leverage the gardener’s lifestyle.
Splashy green Philodendron leaves
Splashy green Philodendron leaves can soothe the eyes.

Besides, Philodendrons are an excellent addition to houseplant that adds a tropical accent to your space.

From the hardy stems bearing large-leafed varieties to the vining varieties, all make a beautiful collection, whether variegated or non-variegated.

Let’s learn what more you can sack from the Philodendron.

10 Amazing Philodendron Benefits

Philodendron offers a velvety texture, iridescent foliage, greenish-brown stems, and white or yellowish-white flowers.

Scroll down to learn what parts of the Philodendrons are great for.

1. Purify Air

Modern rooms are transplanted with various electronic gadgets to maintain the room temperature ideal.

Such heating and cooling devices lock the air within the space, creating the feeling of suffocation or deprivation of fresh air.

Philodendron plowmanii kept indoors
You can place Philodendron in your bedroom as it purifies the air.

As an indoor plant, Philodendron helps improve indoor air quality.

According to NASA’s clean air study, the heart leaf Philodendron helps to remove toxins like trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene from the indoor air.

Besides, the large-leafed Philodendron benefits by trapping dust and several other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), making the air clean and fresh.

Similarly, the large leaf of Philodendron also helps block toxic EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields) radio waves.

2. Help Reduce Stress

Plants immensely impact humans’ mental well-being, helping suppress autonomic nervous system activity and calming our nerves.

So, you can use splashy green plants like Philodendron to soothe your eyes and nerves.

According to the Chungnam National University, indoor plants reduce psychological and physiological stress, suppressing sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure.

Furthermore, reduced nervous system activity promotes a comfortable, soothed, and natural feeling.

Houseplants help reduce stress levels.

To leverage the maximum benefits from Philodendron, place it in your bedroom or workplace where you usually spend your time.

Sneak a peek at your Philodendron regularly and increase your interactions with it.

3. Treat Insomnia

If you are having trouble sleeping, introducing indoor plants such as Philodendron can benefit you by aiding restful sleep.

Philodendron has stress reduction and mental health benefits, which promotes stress-free sleep.

In 2019, a group of Chinese scientists concluded an experiment among astronauts to check whether plant aids in inducing sleep in space.

It showed that plants promote quality sleep by reducing stress and regulating the central nervous system.

bedroom filled up with houseplants
Introducing Philodendron in your bedroom can induce quality sleep.

Besides, interaction with plants reduces stress and central nervous activities, which helps in attaining stress-free sleep.

Thus, Philodendrons can filter out toxins and raise humidity levels, allowing you to breathe easily during sleep.

4. Add Aesthetic Value to the Space

Philodendron benefits by illuminating positivity and greenery and adding life to dull space.

Its humongous varieties, from splashy green leaves to tinted variegation, hardy vertical to vining varieties, and unusual patterns boast tropical accents.

Philodendrons are priced for their heart-shaped foliage that extends from 2 – 18 inches, depending on the variety.

Additionally, its foliage features different shades like splashy green, variegated, dark green, and pink, offering you multiple color options for decoration.

kitchen incorporated with plants
Philodendron can instantly jazz up your space.

To attain the cascading effect, add vining Philodendrons like heartleaf Philodendrons to any shelves or hanging baskets.

Similarly, to create a center decor piece that gives a tropical effect, you can grow a large leafed Philodendron that attains a higher height.

To leverage Philodendron’s aesthetic benefits, add a Philodendron birkin on your work table, a Philodendron Giganteum in your bedroom corner, and a Philodendron Dark lord as a centerpiece on a table.

Besides, Philodendron varieties can help you enjoy the warm tropical jungle vibe even in your indoor space.

5. Boost Humidity

Plants release water vapor to the environment through transpiration, humidifying the air around the plant.

An experimental study published at the AIP conference Proceeding on indoor plants showed that the area near green plants exhibits higher air humidity levels, increasing the overall humidity in the room.

So, introducing a broad-leaf Philodendron is an excellent idea to boost indoor humidity and reduce air dryness.

Philodendron indoors
Philodendron boosts indoor humidity naturally.

Besides, Healthline’s resources show that dry air can agitate you with eye irritation, allergies, skin irritation, respiratory problems such as asthma, breathing difficulty, etc.

Bid farewell to such problems simply by adding a Philodendron to your space.

Adding Philodendron to your workspace and bedroom can boost humidity, preventing eye dryness and assisting in easy breathing.

6. Serve as Productivity Booster

Having indoor plants like Philodendron in your workspace can decrease stress and help you focus on your task.

Besides, Philodendron provides a therapeutic effect through their perceived attractiveness while increasing productivity.

Having Philodendron in workspace helps to boost productivity
Having Philodendron in the workspace helps to boost productivity

According to a study, houseplants help reduce systolic blood pressure, lessening the stress level.

And interestingly, they induce productivity by about 15% of workers in the office.

Thus, adding Philodendrons to your working desk reduces stress and helps you stay productive.

7. Philodendron is Low- Maintenance Houseplant

Are you in search of a low-maintenance plant that grows effortlessly? If so, Philodendron is definitely for you.

One of the remarkable features of dark leaf Philodendrons is that they can thrive even in low-light conditions.

Although Philodendrons are tropical plants, they do not belong to high-maintenance plants.

Simply provide primary care like indirect light, adequate water, fertilizer, and well-draining soil. Afterward, you can see them growing effortlessly.

Philodendron is a low-maintenance plant
Philodendron is a low-maintenance plant.

Besides, Philodendrons can be grown in water, which half solves plant problems like humidity, fertilization, watering issues, etc.

All you need to do is place them in a bright lift space, maintain a warm temperature, and change the water once every 4/5 days.

Moreover, Philodendrons do not require frequent pruning or repotting and are resilient against diseases. And these plants grow pretty quickly to give your home a tropical vibe.

These care requirements are easy to complete. Let’s try them out!

Requirements Specifications
Sunlight 4-6 hours of direct sunlight
Watering Once a week in summer and twice or thrice a month in winter
Temperature 65°F- 80°F
Humidity Above 60% of the relative humidity
Soil Well-draining, consistently moist soil with pH 6-6.5
Fertilization Monthly application of balanced fertilizer in growing season
Pruning Any time of year
Repotting once in 2-3 years

8. Offer Feng Shui Significance

Feng Shui uses energy to balance people and their surroundings by placing objects in a particular order in a living space.

The Philodendron’s splashy green leaves are valued in Feng Shui as it symbolizes love and attraction.

Besides, Philodendron boosts Fire element energy, promoting fame and reputation and bringing wealth and abundance.

Philodendron humungous varieties can permeate your space with positive yang energy vibes.

A Bagua Map
A Bagua map helps you get a lucky charm.

In Feng shu philosophy, water produces wood, and the earth guides water through the river banks.

In this case, the Philodendron symbolizes wood, and the soil represents the earth element.

So, growing potted Philodendrons in bathrooms or kitchens balances the presence of water, strengthening relationships and developing your career.

9. Offer Natural Soundproofing

It can be daunting to work with loud noises, so introducing Philodendron to your space might be helpful as it traps external sounds.

A study from a Korean team on noise-reductive characteristics of indoor foliage plants has concluded that plants’ leaves absorb sounds. Their fleshy parts provide dynamic surface area for sound absorption and can act as natural soundproofing.

This study indicates that plants have a significant effect on the reduction of reverberation time in a high-frequency range, which makes plants excellent sound trappers.

Houseplants are also more effective in absorbing sound wavers than paper-based ones.

The broad leaves of philodendron are effective in trapping external sounds
The broad leaves of Philodendrons are effective in trapping external sounds.

So, broad-leafed and large-size plants like Philodendrons can be potentially effective in absorbing sound waves.

10. Philodendron Has a Spiritual Meaning

Besides rendering several health aesthetic benefits, Philodendron offers spiritual meaning and lessons.

If you are growing Philodendron, you might be aware of its adaptive, forgiving, and easily rejuvenating characteristics.

These are the life lessons that Philodendron imparts to us.

Philodendron can be grown in water
Philodendron recreates a whole new life of itself.

Similarly, Philodendron teaches us to be adaptable, thrive, and bloom irrespective of the environment and circumstances.

Philodendron purifies the air, boosts humidity, and spreads greenness and positivity in the environment.

Like Philodendrons, we should spread positivity and liveness in our surroundings and detoxify the sin and selfishness of the world.

Health Considerations to Keep in Mind

We have discussed numerous Philodendron benefits, but it will be unfair not to mention the health hazards it can bring.

Philodendron plants can be poisonous to humans and pets.

According to the ASPCA, Philodendron Pertusum contains tiny calcium oxalate crystals, making them toxic to pets, including dogs, cats and horses.

Philodendron poisoning in humans causes swollen lips and mouth, stomach irritability, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, redness, swelling, and a burning sensation in the eyes.

Likewise, in pets, it causes oral irritation, pain, swelling of the mouth, tongue, and lips, excessive drooling, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing.

Philodendron are toxic to cats
Philodendron is toxic to cats.

You need to take health assistance in case of such complications. Whenever you feel an emergency, you can consult local veterans or call on the following hotlines for pets.

If your dog shows severe symptoms after mistreating Philodendron, you may need to start reading Philodendron toxic to dogs.

Philodendron for Sale

Is it not extraordinary that Philodendron benefits in several ways, even without putting in much effort? If so, why not get yourself a Philodendron?

Here are some portals that sell authentic Philodendrons, along with their specifications.

Places to Buy Delivery Period
AmazonWithin 7-10 days
EtsyBetween 7-10 days
Aroid Sale Your product will likely to reach within 7-8 days
Wall of Plants Within 7 days

Final Thoughts!

Philodendron is a low-maintenance plant with humongous varieties that render several benefits, from relieving stress to controlling noise.

You can leverage its Feng shui benefits by simultaneously growing them in bathrooms and kitchens.

However, their toxicity makes them dangerous to pets and children, so keep them safe from pets and children.

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