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Parrot Flower Vs Bird Of Paradise: Things You Need To Know

Parrot flower and Bird of Paradise can confuse you with their surprisingly similar appearance, but knowing one vs. another is vital if you want to add them to your tropical garden.

Generally, the Parrot flower and Bird of Paradise are flowering plants bearing blooms shaped like a bird. However, both are different in plant size, flower color, flower shape, bloom time, native region, family, and many more.

Both Parrot Flower(Heliconia) and Bird of Paradise(Strelitzia) can be excellent choices if you want to decorate your garden with a tropical touch.

So, go through this article to know the potential difference between two tropical flowers, Bird of Paradise and Parrot Flower.

Parrot Flower And Bird Of Paradise [Similarties]

Both Parrot Flower and Bird of Paradise are tropical plants that thrive in USDA zone 9-11.

Parrot Flower on the left vs Bird of Paradise on the right
Both Parrot Flower and Bird of Paradise look like a bird.

These low-maintenance plants are popular for their colorful blossoms and bear visually appealing flowers with a unique appearance.

  • Both plants grow well in warm and humid conditions.
  • You can see flowers of both plants appearing like parts of a bird at first glance.
  • Both flowering plants can be perfect ornamental additions to your garden.
  • Moreover, both need full sun and partial shade to grow and bloom well.
  • The blooming period of both plants is long. You can enjoy the blossoms for months.
  • Moreover, you can use both plants as cut flowers to decorate your living spaces and as gifts on occasion.
  • Blossoms of both plants are capable of attracting external pollinators and wildlife. This makes your garden full of life.
  • Both flowers are susceptible to pests like spider mites, battles, etc., and fungal pathogens.
  • You can propagate both flowers by seed and division.

Use suitable pesticides, fungicides, or neem oil if you notice any pest or pathogenic invasion on your flowers.

Parrot Flower Vs. Bird Of Paradise [Differences]

Although both the Parrot flower and the Bird of Paradise are Angiosperms, both are from different families.

The Parrot flower belongs to the family Heliconiaceae, whereas Bird of Paradise is from the family Strelitziaceae.

FeaturesParrot FlowerBird of Paradise
Native RegionCentral America and South AmericaSouth Africa
Plant Size1-5 feet3-10 feet
LeavesSimple leaves with reticulate venationLarge leaves resembling Banana
Flower ColorRed, Green, Yellow, OrangeOrange, Blue
Flower ShapeLike a Parrot's bodyLike a flying bird
Bloom TimeFor a whole yearSummer to fall
HabitGrows in clustersGrows upright
Flowering RequirementBlooms easily indoorsNeeds open and sunny location to bloom properly
NatureHerbaceous annualWoody perennial

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Parrot Flower Vs. Bird of Paradise: Which One Is Best?

Choosing between Parrot Flower and Bird of Paradise depends upon your personal preference and your landscaping choices.

However, if you have less garden space or no space at all, the Parrot flower is beat as it occupies very little space. You can even grow it in containers.

In contrast, Bird of Paradise can be suitable for those who own a large and open garden area.