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Is Orange Totsiyaa a Real Plant? All About Wild Species

There is a lot of talk about Orange Totsiyaa on the internet, a bright orange flower with magical powers, but the question remains: Is it real?

Orange Totsiyaa is an imaginary flower from the movie Prey (2022), which can magically heal open wounds when applied and drastically lower the body temperature when ingested. It also helps avoid detection from heat-reading predators.

Interestingly, it shares appearance and medicinal benefits with a natural wildflower!

Continue reading to learn more about Orange Totsiyaa and its real-life flower.

What is the Orange Tosiyaa Plant?

If you are a movie-lover who admires the Predator movie series, then you would know about its otherworldly beings.

One is the Orange Totsiyaa plant, a natural wildflower found on Earth with magical healing properties.

According to a fan page, Orange Totsiyaa, or orange flower, is an imaginary wildflower with bright orange petals and significant medicinal benefits found growing in the forests.

In the movie Prey (2022), the latest from the Predator series, the character, Naru, from the Comanche (Native) tribe, applies and consumes the flower a few times.

orange totsiyaa real plant
Totsiyaa in the Comanche language refers to a flower; hence, the fans named it Orange Totsiyaa.

To our surprise, when applied to open wounds, the mashed flower helps it heal faster. Similarly, eating the flower helps reduce the body temperature to reduce the effects of physical damage or injuries.

Moreover, Naru eats the flower as a defense mechanism to pass off as a dead body against the Predator (Yautja), who seeks prey with their heat signal.

In fact, it plays a pivotal role in overcoming the Predator. Therefore, the flower has shown immense benefits in the time of need.

Is Orange Totsiyaa a Real Plant?

As previously mentioned, the Orange Totsiyaa plant shown in Prey is not real.

It is used as a plot device to continue the character’s journey against the fight with the Predator. Hence, we can declare that no such plant with magical properties exists in the wild.

However, a plant closely resembling Orange Totsiyaa does exist and contains many different purposes.

Natural Plant that Resembles Orange Totsiyaa

With its bright orange flower head on a green stem, Calendula plants look like Orange Totsiyaa.

An ever-growing plant from the daisy family, Calendula is native to Asia, Europe, and the Mediterranean and displays a showy flower head with bright orange to yellow petals.

Orange Totsiyaa reaches about 3 feet in height and blooms every summer with bright flowers.

In fact, it is a sacred flower used for many Hindu religious purposes in India. For centuries, the dried petals have been used in ointments to treat burns, bruises, infections, and cuts.

The flower has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help heal wounds and fight infections.

During the American Civil War, the physicians carried dried calendula in the battle to treat bleeding and open wounds.

Moreover, it serves as a culinary herb and cosmetics in Medieval Greek, Roman, Arab, and Indian societies.

Therefore, Calendulas are real-life counterparts of Orange Totsiyaa with similar benefits minus magical body temperature change.

Like Calendula, another orange flower, Marigold also somewhat resembles Orange Totsiyaa.

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There are many inspirations you can take away from this imaginary plant.

It may not be an actual plant, but its story tells about the struggles of Native American tribes for survival against wild animals.

Like Naru, who uses the magical power of a flower to cure her wounds and defeat enemies, you can use medicinal plants for their significant therapeutic benefits.