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Is Merriwick Flower Real? Everything You Need To Know

The “Good Witch” enthusiasts were left stunned by the untimely cutting of Merriwick flower, many even wondering if these flowers exist.

Merriwick flower is an unusual flowering plant with a striking appearance and unique colors (deep purple and blue) It is considered magical and beautiful, which only blooms for a short period in many decades.

So, is the flower real or fake? Read on to unravel the secret!

What is Merriwick Flower?

The popular Hallmark TV series “Good Witch” caught audiences’ attention, as did the character “Cassie” interest in growing different kinds of herbs and magical plants.

Among them, the most prestigious is the Merriwick flower, which only blooms once in a while and briefly.

The flower appears medium-sized, enclosed with large, delicate petals and a few leaves along the stem. 

The outer petal has a light-green shade with darker insides, and young flower buds appear deep purple or blue.

merriwick flower
The Merriwick flower is rare, considering only one of such flowers exists.

According to a fan page, the blossom was planted about 150 years ago by Elizabeth Merriwick, and whenever it blooms, the town gets filled with magic and blessings.

However, someone prematurely cuts the flower. The incident caught audiences’ curiosity so much that they started pouring in their thoughts on who did it.

When the flower blooms, it opens up with many petals with brighter hues, giving an accurate impression of a sun-loving flower.

Is Merriwick Flower Real or Fake?

To be honest, the Merriwick flower is not real!

Although the snowmakers convinced us to believe the flower exists, it is not real.

It is a fictional flower in the TV show, and there is no actual Merriwick flower in the botanical world.

From what we know, the concept for the flower came in the TV show “Good Witch” in 2015. It is based on a made-for-TV movie, “The Good Witch” that began in 2008.

Does Merriwick Flower Have Lookalikes?

Although a fictional plant, the flower draws from many real-life inspirations, including popular showy flowers.

The rich petals and colors may appear as a combination of English Rose, Chrysanthemum, and Dahlia.

However, its large size resembles an exotic flower, King Protea from South Africa.

merriwick flower lookalikes
The flower appears as a combination of many different flowers.

The Merriwick flower only blooms once every few decades, suggesting something similar to titan arum or the corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanum).

The corpse flower blooms only once in seven to ten years as it takes a lot of energy to produce a flower after it bears fruit.

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The flower likely originated to enhance the storyline’s magical and mystical elements.

Its beauty is mesmerizing and very captivating. And the fact that it only blooms occasionally makes it even more exciting.

To learn more about the magical abilities of the flower, you should better watch the show.